Long Island Medium makes surprise visit, comforts grieving parents

Long Island Medium

Theresa Caputo shares some genuine tears with an Orlando couple in tonight’s new episode of Long Island Medium on TLC at 9pmET. Last week’s star–studded premiere of Long Island Medium was the highest rated and most-watched season premiere in four seasons (Jan. 3 marked the midseason premiere of the second half of Season 6).

Long Island MediumIn tonight’s episode (Jan. 10), Theresa surprises a couple from Orlando who share their heartbreaking story. A British woman named Adele tells how her son Warren was in Orlando on a business trip when she got a call from one of his colleagues who expressed concern over his whereabouts. Adele filed a missing person report and recalls thinking that the police better not show up at her house. “But at 6’o’clock that night there was a knock at our door and there was a police officer … he was killed in a hit and run,” Adele shares, sitting next to her equally grief-stricken husband. Theresa asks about the significance of a phone. The answer is shocking and helps the couple find some peace.

The hour-long episode will also continue to follow Theresa and Larry on their vacation in Florida. Theresa also goes on a golfing adventure with Larry, but — as always — there’s an unexpected turn of events when spirit shows up in an unlikely place.

Each episode this season will focus on a special theme, from tragedy in the line of duty and haunted homes to holidays and weddings. Later this season, Theresa salutes heroic police officers and firefighters, as she reads people whose lives were turned upside down in the line of duty – some by the devastating events of September 11th.


  1. Teresa,
    Thank you for your sharing your amazing gift with the rest of the world. All episodes hit me personally like so many other people since I too lost loved ones over the years. I lost a sister and both parents during a course of thirteen years and it’s never easy of dealing with the large void in my life.
    Thank you for reassuring that spirits are around us.

  2. How can I watch the January 11 episode….it had my brother on the episode who passed away Christmas 2004….please I need to see this

    • Hi Theresa
      I came across you on u tube two weeks ago and I’ve put my life on hold ever since I’m living in Kilkenny Southern Ireland and love anything to do with the spiritual world. I was an atheist until I saw my husband die. Just before he passed he sat up with his hands stretched out with this amazing smile on his face and said he had to go. He fell back onto his pillow and died his eyes were wide open and a great big smile on his face

      From then on I’m a believer 100%. I watched one of your shows the other evening and OMG you were doing a group reading and just behind you a woman IDENTICAL TO ME was sitting at a table . Everything about her was me. You were doing a reading for a woman who’s son died in her arms after a shooting and you said to her you had the privilege of being the first person to hold your son after his birth and the last to hold him as he took his last breath.

      I’m or a very identical look alike of me is sitting at a round table where you are standing and you can see me as clear as day I’m on the heavy side with a red scarf on grey hair and reading glasses pushed up onto my head. I can’t explain how I got to sit by you is that possible or chalk it down to “Everyone has a double somewhere” it was an amazing I keep playing that eposodes over and over.

      How I love your show you include your gift to others and make them feel whole again but you also allow us into your personal life which sometimes is hilarious well always hilarious and as for the long suffering Larry well you can tell he loves you so so much. You have two beautiful children your hole family are lovley and I look foward to watching all your shows on Utube.

      Thank you for the hours of entertainment on your shows I’d love to be at your show but that ofcourse is an impossibility for one I’m in IRELAND and two I’m sure you have a waiting list as long as the great Wall of CHINA. There isent such a thing as a reading via Email even then I’m sure the backlog is as long as a waiting list to see you.

      May your success continue and your gift always be with you. Many many greetings from old Ireland lots of love to you and your family

      Love Patricia McAuliffe xxxx

  3. Dearest Teresa, I need to know I’d you could make a visit to my sister Debbie.She just lost her down syndrome daughter Robin to a brain bleed & stroke. Then another clot formed on her artificial valve. She could not breathe on her own. Her husband Mike & herself made the decision to take her off the ventalater because they know that Robin would not want to be on a treakiotomy and be in a long term care facilitie like a vegetable. So they took her off the ventalater on Monday January 4 2016 at 5:45 pm.
    So please Teresa could u go & see her. Herself & I have wanted to see you for years.
    Please contact me.
    I’m extremely concerned about both of them and also myself. She will not even answer her phone. She cut herself off from the family.

  4. I just watched the show where you went to Florida and talked to Adele about her son Warren. I just want you to know, Teresa, that you have know idea how much comfort you bring, I too lost my precious son. My husband and I live in Texas, wish I could go to one of your readings, but please know that you give me much comfort just watching you. Please pray for my son, he was our only child and we miss him so much. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!!!

  5. I love this show and wish that I could have a reading for my mother. But she don’t believe in this as she feels it lets the Devil in.

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