What’s your Greatest Party Story Ever? MTV wants it.

Greatest Party Story Ever Barb Oates

We all have one crazy, perhaps embarrassing, totally unbelievable story that’s happened in our lifetime. MTV is compiling these stories into a fun semi-animated series with one of the longest show titles ever— Greatest Party Story Ever … And Other Epic Tales beginning Thursday, Jan. 14 at 10:30pm ET/PT. MTV is so jazzed about the new series they’ve already committed to a second season.

Greatest Party Story EverMTV execs introduced the series at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour by describing these stories as maybe a ”mortifying romance, unfortunate arrests, naked debauchery, car chases, James Franco, angry bears this show has something for everyone. Each story uses its own style of animation bringing epic tales from real people to life. The results are often embarrassing, sometimes heroic, and always hilarious.”

If you’ve got an insane story and you want to be on your TV, this could be your chance. The format of the show is fun because it is narrated by the actual individual whose story it is, where their story is then depicted in an animated recreation of what went down. Each story has its own unique style of animation, as producers try to match it to the storyteller.

While names may be changed to protect the innocent, the humor in this is that these stories are authentic — these things actually happened to someone. It’s kind of like America’s Funniest Home Videos that were never caught on film but are now being animated.

To create the series producers work with the story originator. “We’d sit with them and talk to them for an hour and just get them to tell us the whole story and then we’d ask questions,” says Jonnie Penn, one of the executive producers and founders of Four Peaks Media, the production company specializing in storytelling for networks. “We try not to coach them. We would have evidence for a lot of the stories to make sure that they’re true, but we wanted them to just speak for themselves and take us wherever their story went.”

So how does James Franco fit into all this? While the title of the series may imply otherwise, these stories aren’t just drunken tales of nights gone wrong.

“One of the stories involved James Franco,” tells Ben Nemtin, co-executive producer. “There was a girl that got dumped by her boyfriend in high school, and she was at home and she was super sad. And her mom said you know that James Franco is doing a photo shoot at your dad’s house. And he [sic] went over to check it out. And he, James Franco, overheard that she had just been dumped. So James went up to the girl and he was like let’s take a photo of us hugging and post it all over social media and tell your boyfriend, ex‑boyfriend to eat his heart out. And so she posted the photo and all her friends the next day were like how did this happen? Do you know James Franco? Are you dating him? And it basically erased this, like, terrible experience that she had of getting dumped in public at her high school.”

As you can imagine, the stories are endless and the casting for this has been somewhat easy for the producers thanks to social media.

“It wasn’t a traditional casting process, because of social media and this generation is so used to sharing online,” says Jordan Barrow, co-executive producer from Den of Thieves, another production company involved in the series. “It seemed like a really natural fit and the timing worked out great. Because once we started digging into it, you’d get referred by your friend who had a great story, who had a great story, and so it was a really easy process and we were inundated with an amazing group of storytellers and with some great stories to share.”


  1. So I went to a friends party his name was Edgar. His house is always the spot to go to for a party. It was a regular night, got drunk and when it was time to go home one of my best friend David were dropping me and my brother Aljon home and it was 4a.m. in the morning and it was a saturday. When we got to my house a conversation came about San Diego and how nice it was. So i was like dude lets go to San Diego right now its not that far it is only a couple hours drive and plus I dont work tomorrow. And David hesitated and his like nah im too tired. My brother Aljon was like dude come on lets go David no balls. And i was like how about Las Vegas?! And David was like no what we going to do there? and i was like we can get lost or whatever.And David was like “dude idnt even have money” I was like ” dude its okay i have money for gas” David was like ” Icant drive all the way there my parents are going to kill me if i take my car all the ay to vegas” I was like i have a better idea lets go to San Francisco!!!! And my brother Aljon was like ” yea dude lets go i never been there” i said “me either Lets go David!!!” Hes like im down but idnt have money and icnt take my car. I told him i got you! Just a reminder that this was on a saturday 4a.m. well technically sunday morning. So i told David Rock, paper, scissors. You win we call it a night, I win we goto SF deal? His like f@*# it lets go. 2 out of 3 boom!!! i won so told my brother go get your phone charger and i told david to drop of his car to his house. So i got my car start it up wait for my brother then we drove to davids house picked him up and the first thing he remembers is his F@#$*ing toothbrush like wtf of all the things he could have brought like snacks. So we put gas on my car and we left the valley at 430am. I took the first shift of driving so i was driving buzz and too thhe darkness and i was driving and all i can see in the freeway was how bright the moon was, while i was driving i was kinda falling asleep but my brother manage to stick with me and kept me awake. i remember driving to SF on the dark freeway and to add on top of that it was foggy as hell on one part. David all knock out. We hit a rest stop we all took a piss. Then i Switched with david on the driving and it was like 7am. i took a nap for like an hour and i got awaken cause david hit a big bump thinking something happen we finally made it to SF around 9am. And first thing we wanted to see was the golden gate bridge. the streets there were really weird alot of bumps and uphills and downhills and one way streets. it was worst than LA but the setting was beautiful. So we got the the Golden gate bridge, took a bunch of selfies. and posted stuff on snapchat saying ” last night i was jus getting wasted and not im here in SF like wtf?!!!” then after golden gate we went to thi n=bomb pizza place called golden boy pizza supposedly the best pizza in SF which it was. Really bomb Pizza. after that we visited the house in the show full house it was different than i expected but yea after that we were like lets home already before it gets late and it was like 3pm on sunday. so we stop by to get gas to get ready back on the way to the valley. got full tank. start driving back. and i remember thati forget to get a souvenir for my gf and so we stopp by a couple of liquor store to ask for any SF tshirt or souvenirs and they had nothing!!! then i found this little swapmeet and i went a store that look ike 99cents but ghetto and there was alot of Asians in SF surprisingly. then i finally found a keychain saying SF so we continue on. And when we started hitting the road to the freeway by car starting shaking like crazy!! i thought my car was going to explode. i thought i had a flat tire so i had to pull over to the side of freeway check and wheels are okay so i start driving again. and when i started driving i hit 40mph plusthe car start shaking again i was like wtf!!! oh no this is bad !!! so we got out of the freeway. and first thing i do was look for a mechanic, realizing that its a sunday, theres no mechanic on a sunday!!! so we were all in panic mode. david talking to his dad on the phone who is a mechanic for advice on what to do. me looking at my car to see what i can do to fix it and my brother talking on the phone to my mom. It was all bad. We were thinking of worst case scenarios thinking of taking uber home or the greyhound bus and that shit was going to be expensive to get home and i have to get back again for my car to get fixed so uber and greyhound bus was out of the picture. I spoke to my mom and my insurance doesnt cover my car outside LA so i thought we were F*#@k . So mymom just told us to get ahotel over night or a motel. she said that you guys are crazy but ima pay for you guys hotel i just want you guys to be safe. so we got a motel 6 2 beds one room. we ask the receptionist if she know a mechanic and she does so that helped alot. we were jus right outside of SF in Oakland. Our motel literally was next to a pierre it was beautiful but we were still stranded no were to go and with little money to get something to eat. ones we were in the motel my brother and david managed to take a good nap and i was jus there watching them snore like if i was in an opera they had a symphony going on a concert with snoring lol. i stepped out walk around the pierre thinking of worst case scenerios of what if my car doesnt get fix and stuff like that. i emailed my professors in school beccause i have class the next day which was a monday and on top of that i have work after school so i also texted my boss saying that i went to a family trip with my family to SF and my car broke down so we cant go home. i went back to the room and finally the 2 finally woke up from a nap and we ordered dominoes pizza for dinner. the delivery guy comes knocking to our door and hand out our pizza. he reached for his pocket and all you see in his hands is stacks and stacks of money like this guy was ballin. all he was trying to do was give us our receipt for the pizza and he couldnt find it on his pocket so he was like F!@#$k it. I took like 3 dumps on that motel. Anyways, the next day we woke up on Monday morning pack everything up and check out and head straight to the mechanic. We got there and mechanic, his name was Jose, he checks my car and worst comes to life. My left driver side SHOCKs was broken and he said that he doesnt know if he can fix it because if the top part of the shocks is broken you can only get the piece on the car dealer. He disassembled my car and checked it while i was crossing my finger. and he said its fixable enough for us to drive back home. thankfully he got it fix. So we got back in the road and i drove all the way home we made it safely. My mom was pissed my dad was jealoous, i didnt missed alot in school except we had a quiz, my boss was mad for missing work because she had no one to cover for me, and my gf was mad for me going without her, also davids parents was mad for me kidnapping him to SF. so that was my greatest crazy party story ever. Sometimes you just have to be Spontaneous! 🙂

  2. Okay so it was like a saturday i think and my best friends mom was having a birthday party for herself and her twin brother. So the party is taking place at my best friends church and while we’re sitting there eating my best friend is like “Hey i heard about this party going on tonight you need to go” and her and i are like two different people because she loves to party and drink and all that and i love… Being at home with my boyfriend and i hate the taste of alcohol so she’s been on this misson ever since we became friends to like get me to a real party and get me drunk. So i was like “ehh i don’t know if i want to you know i don’t really like parties” and she’s like “girl just come” so i ask my boyfriend if he wants to go and he’s like “yeah whatever let’s just go babe” so after her mom’s party we go to my boyfriends best friends house, who is also my best friends cousin, who also lives around the corner from the house that the party was at. We go to his house to chill for a couple hours because the party didn’t start until like 10. So at like 10:30 or 11 we all walk over there me, my best friend, my boyfriend, his best friend, and another friend. And it was freezinggggg. So we get to the party house and it’s hella quiet like you can’t hear music or people or anything so i’m like “this party is def gonna be wack” we get to the back gate and like as soon as we walk in the music is BLASTING and there’s a bunch of people and there’s smoke everywhere like i’m just inhaling weed oxygen it’s bad. So at this point i’m clinging to my boyfriends arm like there’s no tomorrow because i don’t go to parties and this was a ghetto party so i was lowkey scared because i’m a lightskin. So we go inside the garage and it immediately gets hot because there’s so many people in there dancing and stuff like you can’t even turn around without being face to face with someone. Being that this was my first party i decide to just lighten up so i’m like dancing with my boyfriend having fun, Lyric is dancing with this guy but it looked like she was getting raped but whatever. So the party is still going and all of a sudden the music stops, and some guy throws a beer into the big crowd in the middle and it hits this girl. She is going OFF she’s walking around getting in everyone’s face like ” who threw that at me who threw that yall can get these hands who wants this issue?!” And i’m just like ohhh shit so now everyone goes fromt the garage to the backyard because they basically shut the party down because this girl got a beer thrown at her so we’re all kinda standing around just waiting to see what happens and then all of a sudden there’s a bunch of yelling coming from the front yard so everyone runs out and there’s just two girls going at it and one of the girls friends tried to jump in so then they broke the fight up. After that i was done i went to look for Lyric and Nicole cause it was time to go and they’re in the back like talking to these random guys and i’m like yelling at them like “we gotta go let’s go!!” So we get back out to the front ready to leave and i’m making sure everyone we came with is there at this point i’m scareddddd like legitimately shaking but anyways we get to the front and now there’s guys are arguing in the street, and then one of them pulls out a gun. EVERYONE starts running like immediately i’m tryna run one way and my boyfriend pulled me the other way, so we’re gone Lyric is in the lead and i’m right behind her, and all of a sudden i see her start to kinda like stumble mid run and then she just hits. It look like the most painful fall known to mankind like her knees skid on the cement and her upper body kinda just like shoots to the ground. As soon as i saw that i laughed so hard that i was finna fall so i stopped and was standing by her like “Lyric get up we gotta go we finna get shot because of you” everyone we went to the party with has now passed us, and i turn around and one of my boyfriends other friends is running at me full speed and he just rams into the side of my head but keeps running. So i’m standing there ear ringing and stinging and that’s when lyric finally got up and start running again so we’re both running injured and shit. We get to the street and this car stops right in front of us and is like “aye yall need a ride” we all just looked at each other like do we get in who are these people are they finna shoot us? Nicole who is the dumb one out of the group hops in the car immediately and is like “yall come on let’s go” and the passenger turns around and is like bitch not you and kicks her out of the car. So we still running to saftety lol we finally get back to Moses house, lyrics pants is all dirty and ripped and we’re all laughing at her, my ear is red and ringing and my earring is gone. And that’s my crazy party story… The first party i ever went to i almost got shot lol

  3. Fuck everyone elses story. I have a great story. I had no intention of throwing a party and a bunch of people from st. cloud campus showed up. there was a dude dressed as a bobble head football player and i thought nothing of it. till later that night when the bobble head was busted up into a million pieces thrown up into the trees of the apt complex and a drunk friend decided to drive home but made it about a foot from the parking lot into the lawn of the complex into the fire hydrin. we just partied all night pitchers full of kool-aid and booze spilling all over the floor then at 5:30 in the am the landlord knocked on the door and said pack your shit your out and i have never been so scared and packed my shit so fast. i was out within 12 hours but I had a bomb ass party. we stole lawn chairs off of every deck. people were puking on every flight of stairs. we had a busted up football helmet in the trees outside (bobble head outfit) the cig ashtrays tipped all over and a car hung up on a hydrine. I am not a partier but this went down crazy in the books and Im so happy it happened because I have never had something so crazy and sounding like a crazy movie happen in my life.

  4. Here’s a crazy true story. I was young & lived in my van, my van down by the river..ok the river part is just a joke (rip Farley) but I did live in my van. Detroit Mi early 90s, Motley Crue concert @ joe Louis arena, it may have been the Dr Feelgood tour. I not only managed to sneak in the concert, of course I wouldn’t recommend doing that now but back in the day sneaking in concerts was the big thing in some groups. But I worked my way up to the front row & while I was a crazy excited fan I must have gotten Nikki Sixx attention cause he looks at me & with a wag of a finger saying come on up on stage. So I’m trying to squeeze out of front row onto stage at the same time a bouncer sees me & is pushing me back down into the croud, at that point I’m saying to the bouncer..He said come up there while I’m pointing at Nikki Sixx, bouncer looks at Nikki & Nikki basicaly reaches out his hand to pull me up on stage. So now the bouncer & Nikki are both pulling me from the front row up onto stage. I’m now halfway onstage & My leather jacket is in my right hand that’s still kinda tangled up in the front row of the croud, I wasn’t leaving my jacket behind, as I’m now standing up on stage I pulled my coat out of the croud. I stand up immediately look back at the HUUGE CROUD, & I’m standing there with all 4 members of motley Crue at the end of there show. Nikki Sixx gave me his smashed up bass guitar & tommy lee gave me both his drum sticks, between the time I was pulled up on stage & the items were givin to me it was only maybe a min or two. Here’s where’s things got kinda funny. I’m standing thr up on stage right after Tommy gave me his sticks the room or stadium shall we say starts spinning, I mean bad, I start heaving like I’m going to puke, at the same time a bouncer that I’m almost positive recognize me as part of the crew that had snuke in the concert rushes me off stage, I’m dry heaving trying so bad to hold back a big mess, meanwhile I got a bass guitar that’s broken in 3 pieces & a pair of drum sticks in my arms. & now I see Ted nugent back stage I stopped by him he says..so your the luck one as I’m holding the items. It wasn’t a long meet it was more bouncer rushing me out & by him as I was trying to strike up a conversation. I’m still quite queeezy dizzy & notice an exit door back stage just behind teds shoulder, I’m thinking ..whoooosh I’m outa here as I’m still ready to puke heading for them exit doors, But nope the bouncer had other plans, again I think he recognized me as part of the kids whom snuke in the concert. Now I manage to get on stage. So what’s he do, with all this stuff in my arms, me heaving like I’m gonna puke trying to literally exit stage left, he grabs me & pushes me back out into the croud on main floor side of stage area. I sensed & new immediately all eyes were on me, folks were walking up saying wow your the guy that was just on stage, can I take a pic with you, can I have a piece etc etc. Soon after I ran into a friend that I went to the show with & made it safely outta thr. Well that’s my story!! This was before the days of YouTube etc but this can all be verified & man I’d love to see a video of this..it’s gotta be out there somewhere! Hope you all enjoyed!!

  5. This was definitely a night to remember. Here it goes… So, Kid Cudi was having a concert in Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan and my cousins and I took a road trip from Southern California to see him. Once we checked into our hotel, we got ready, walked to the hotel, and the crazy Kid Cudi fans that we are, we had a small motive of being in the front of the line to see Kid Cudi. I mean, all Cudi fans want to get to the front, but what happens next is what made us the biggest fans!!! We’re waiting in line at 3pm waiting for the doors to open at 9pm, & the hotel, Cosmopolitan was having a conference in the lobby, which was right outside the entrance to the concert. We met a couple of other Cudi fans, got to know them a little bit and that was that. As the time progressed, security kept pushing us further back away from the entrance. As this was accruing, my cousin and I got a bit agrivated and impatient and thought, “Why don’t we just chill on the floor above us since the elevator is closer to the entrance then where we are now and once we know the doors were going to open, we’ll take the elevator going down and be right in the front”, so that was how it all happened. We are chillin’ on the floor above the concert entrance and the other Cudi fans we met when we first got there, would let us know by text when they were going to start forming the official lines. We waiting for about 2 hours on the floor above the entrance & still, no formation being made. So, we got hungry, went to eat some Panda Express & once we went back, we met a couple of other Cudi girl fans. We met them, told them our plan and they wanted to be a part of our same plan. So us, 4 teenage girls, trying to get to the front of the line, continued hanging out on the floor above us. As soon a the other Cudi fans texted me, that they were about to start forming, one of the girls we met, named Martha had this idea to just wait in the stair way to go down. We were hanging out on the stairs at this point which was around 7pm. Time as definitely passed. So, as we’re hanging out in the stairway, we hear a sudden thump & the impulsive girls that we are, we start running to the floor above us. Little did we know, there were cameras in the stair way. So, as we got to the floor above us, being out of breather, as we turn, we seen a couple security guards waiting as we exited the doors to the floor above us and that thump that we heard, was another security guard chasing behind us. We are all dead!!! They begin to question us, ask us why we were in the stairway, why we were running. All the Hotel security guards were formed around us and called they hotel manager to discuss what his decision would be with us. They all assumed we snuck into the hotel to get into the concert and even with proof of our tickets, the hotel manager made his decision and kicked us out of the hotel completely. He told us that that we could never enter the hotel again, and we wouldn’t be able to attend the concert. We were all shocked and disappointed. That was it. They took our pictures, names, took pictures of our id’s and excorted us all out of the hotel. They mentioned that if we attempted to come back or try to get it, we would either get fined or go to jail. So, at this point it’s 8pm and we are on Las Vegas Blvd practically crying and feeling like it was all a horrible nightmare. That didn’t stop us from trying. I seared for the hotel number and spoke with the same hotel manager that kicked us out, and that still didn’t change his decision. Martha, the other girl we were with, called her dad, who can probably pull some lims to get us in & as we are waiting patiently to get a call back from her dad, the hotel security women that we’re apart of escorting us out of the hotel, came looking for us. They told us that they weren’t even supposed to be working that night & after the hotel manager kicked some innocent girls out of the hotel without much explanation, they wanted to call it a night and help us get back in. We were EXSTATIC!!!!! They informed an even higher manger of the hotel and heard our part of the story and by faith, we got escorted back into the hotel. Not only did we get escorted back in, but the friends we met at 3pm in line, the hotel security women escorted right to the front with them. So, it’s 8:45pm the doors are about to open, we get our tickets scaned and we ran straight to the front of the venue. From getting officially kicked out of the hotel to being front row to see Kid Cudi. I will never look at the hotel, Cosplmopolitan the same. I will always think of the pictures that may be hanging in te security office. What an amazing night it was!!!!

  6. Ok, my sis called me freaking out.! U got to get here like now!. Like why? I said. pls. U must come now, mom is sick & I think I should call 911!. I said (wtf) what happen. I don’t know but she is sick. Ok, I’ll be there soon. Jumped in the car. Speeding on the road & hi-way, like I was 911. Got their 20 mins. My sis said how the hell u got here so fast. Told her I’m lucky I’m not in jail, the way I was driving. Ok, what’s happen here?. well, my sis said. Mom and I were taking the kids for a walk. & the next thing I knew she is sick. I go downstairs & I sad holy shit, what happen to u mom, u look like death, she was gray, pale, grunting, saying I hear voices, I feel like the room is spinning. She was saying. I’m dying, please make it stop. I said I’m call 911. Mommy said, pls . Don’t I don’t want too go to jail, Jail for what. Drugs, what drugs. My friend came over & left a cookie for me. A cookie? What kind of cookie.! A chocolate chip cookie. I said that got u sick. Yes, I ate a small peice, & felt fine. Then I ate another peice & that’s when it hit me. What kind of cookie was it mom. She said u know. The ones with drugs. U mean hash cookies. Yes, pls. Don’t call 911, I’ll go to jail. Well, I started laughing uncontrollable. R u for real. My mother was in her bed, blankets up to her eyeballs, staring into space. Pleading for the both of us not to call 911. In fear she might end up on the 6 pm news for drug position. It was a small cookie. She said I left half of the cookie on the counter top. Flush it down the toilet my mother said. I’ll never eat another cookie from my freind again. My mother slept for a few hours got up and was laughing at what had happen. True story my mother was 70 at the time her friend 51 I said what kind of company r u keeping mother. She said not now child don’t u c I’m dying.

  7. Ok so I have a story that I’ve really wanted to share on this show and I feel like this is the closest I’ve come to it. So Italy, summer of 2015 about mid-August was a crazy month for me, but there was one night that really stood out and it was the craziest shit and I seriously don’t know how I remember it but I do. Ok so to understand what the hell was going on that night you need to understand the background of it. So I’ve been going to Italy for years now because I have a big Italian family whatever. So I go to this vacation town and I felt like I had fallen in love with this kid from Rome and I was like wow this is awesome whatever. I go back to Italy and then everything after that was different we like hooked up a few times but then he stopped talking to me and started talking to a slutty little 12 yr old girl….. Keep in mind he’s like 16 I’m like 16 and that’s just not normal…like at all. Also this girl was like in our friend group so that like really pissed me off ya know? Ok so I had found out that this girl and the guy that I “loved” hooked up and I went crazy and I was crying and sad and all this stuff I told my mom I wanted to go home blah blah blah, then she told me to show him what he’s missing so something like just snapped in my head like “Nikki, this is what you were meant to do” lmfao.. So I ended up getting with this really tall hot guy who was a lil older and he was very intimidating but really hot so Leo (the Roman kid) got super jealous, karma, it’s a bitch. But whatever like a day or 2 passes and a really big beach party that our crew has (like just the people in the crew which is like 30 people) was coming up so the whole day everyone is getting firewood, they’re getting tons of alcohol, lots of marijuana and whatever. They call this party/bonfire on the beach thing like “fallo” or something. So that night were kinda bummed because some other group had taken some of our firewood but we obviously didn’t let that stop us bc everyone had paid for some good shit and we were going to drink and/or smoke all of that shit. So Leo had to drop his siblings off at home and while he was gone I was still pissed about the whole situation so I’m taking shot after shot like I’m all over Ricardo (tall, hot Italian) and we were like smoking having fun ya know? So Leo comes back and he’s like telling his friend who’s like my bff that he still likes me and he’s really jealous but he’s scared of Ricardo, honestly didn’t blame him there. So at the time I lost my phone so I was like, to the few people that were there, Leo and I r going to go look for my phone, but we were really gunna go and talk and…other stuff… So we get like far away from the crowd I’m like drunk and high as fuck like it was, a whole new world I don’t even know. So we’re making out doing our thing and my friend just yells out “Mattia is coming” in Italian so I see him coming toward us just tumbling all over the place, falling, idk he might of broken a few bones but whatever so Giorgio, Ricardo’s brother is like with him and they were both shit faced so he was like in Italian “my brother is in love with you go to my brother go to my brother” he just kept repeating go to my brother I was like ight so Ricardo was literally passed out on the beach idk he mumbled a few word and I got up and was like fuck this so all of a sudden my friends Lello, Bruno, Ezra, and Leo were like Nikki we have to get u out of here bc the other guys were acting like animals so I was like ok, all of a sudden I turn around and Mattia just decided to flash me…….. I was like no. I cannot un-see that, no. I was like fuck this so I left with my friends and I’m tumbling all over the place it’s like 4 am and I wasn’t having it. My friends are walking me home and then all of a sudden I just fall, out of nowhere in the middle of the street…. No clue how it happened I think my legs literally fell out from underneath me. So my friend Lello helps me up he’s like “you can’t say goodnight to me from down there” I’m just like trueeee. So they all like walked me home bc they were scared I was going to die or something not even a few streets away from the beach. I went home and my dad who like is a really big pot-head is like asking me all these questions and then all I can remember after he asked me all that was blacking out. The next morning I was so hung over I didn’t even know what to do. I’ve never been hung over…. I was like a lost puppy. My friends still make fun of me today in our huge group chat. Lol they love me

  8. I have a great story that happened recently! Last month, January 2016, my boyfriend and his roommates decided to have a bonfire and invite everyone we know. So we’re drinking, we’re all having a good time. I quickly realize, I am the ONLY girl there. I say to myself “Lord please let a girl walk in here SOON.” Well sure enough, one of the roommates girlfriends walks in…..with her two kids. Ok, weird but whatever. She puts her kids to bed and comes and starts drinking with us. Soon enough we’re all wasted and me and the other girl slip away to the bathroom. We we’re so gone, it was a real struggle to get there. We eventually get in there and she starts to pee. I had no idea what to do, I felt so in the way. So like any drunk person would do, I climb into the bathtub and have a full on conversation with this girl…while she’s peeing. So we sat in there for like 15 minutes just talking. When we finally come out, EVERYONE that was at the party gathered around the bathroom door. I have no idea why they were there, I’m assuming to make sure we were ok. I was so drunk I could barely keep my eyes open. So when someone shoved a graham cracker in my mouth, I didn’t question it. Then out of nowhere the girls grabs my head and starts to FULL ON MAKE OUT WITH ME! She was eating graham crackers too, and surely did NOT swallow it. So basically we were there just swapping chewed up graham crackers. GROSS! But all the guys in the room were digging it. One of them even got it on video! My boyfriend wasn’t digging it though. At that point, he grabbed me and took me to bed. It was a long night and I can barely remember half of it. But I will always remember that as the night I first kissed a girl. In case you were wondering about the aftermath, me and that girl are good friends now.

  9. I have a story not a party related story but still a story I remember when I was young. One day I was at school and I was going about my normal day nothing out of the ordinary but then one of my friends back in the day I dont remember his name but he had one of those cheap cameras you could get at the corner store and he showed me and said it didnt work that we should mess around with it like open it up and see whats on the inside so I was like aright not thinking much of it. So we go up to where the slide was and we manage to open up the camera so we didnt think much just wondering what should we do next. I remembered that when metal touches other metal theres a reaction so we got like this small metal pole like the ones you use to fix those mini skateboards and we were messing around and it got to a point where idk what inside the camera we touched but the flash went off but it wasnt the regular cheese flash and it takes a picture this flash of light was just like when a flashbang goes off we were blind but we were outside so i could only imagine someone who might have saw us say what the hell are those kids doing up there so finally when we are able to see again the bell rings meaning lunch was over time to go back to class. So me and my friend go back into class and idk we just felt so bored with what the teacher was talking about so we decided hey lets mess around with the camera again and we were kids of course we are so we bring it back out and we started messing with the whole metal again and we managed to find out what part of the camera caused the flash and we sat there looking at each other like this camera is busted it wont flash again so we felt we were safe so he tells me to go touch that metal part again that caused the flash outside so me being a little kid Im like easy lol so I go and touch it and sure enough nothing happens so a part of me inside is like thank goodness while the other part of me is like screw this I was to see why because I was so curious so im messing around in this camera like a mad scientist and out of no where bang the flash goes off again but unlike the first time this time its inside the classroom and like I mentioned earlier this flash was like a flashbang so we were blind again then once we are able to see we look at each other in amazement but then look forward and see the whole class including the teacher are just looking straight at us like wtf just happened and all me and my friend can do is smile and hide the camera. After that I dont really quite remember what exactly happened but Im sure they gave us a citation and we had to tell our parents but yeah if you ever want to make a flashbang buy a cheap camera and mess around on the inside till you finally get a reaction 😛

  10. I have an extreme crazy ass story that’s unheard id love to tell it or even be on the show to sum it up with the small window I have here lets fire it up. So their is this short weird guy and it was his birthday and his friends and some of mine make him a cake that says “Nobody likes you when you’re 23” from a blink 182 song and brought it to the party sat it down next thing you know this stoner is next to it and I’m right behind the table talking to people and i see him start to sit whitch i try to stop him and he sits on the cake and smashes it and now it jist says “Nobody likes you” now some girls are freaking out about thw cake while I’m laughing my ass off I take a piece of the ass cake and smash it on my friends face and run away later on that night I go and drink some smoke a bit and went to the store to use the bathroom when I come back I see all my friends sitting on a car because the car is on the railroad tracks so I jump on the back trying to help to get it unstuck and it doesn’t budge so the police gets called to help but while the police are their a train starts coming down the tracks and girls are screaming and lauging and everyone’s running away like hell nah not about to be trampled I walk with some friends thinking it’ll get handled while I see a girl I sometimes hookup with and she is trashed drunk outta her mind falling and puking so her best friend yells at me to come help so I do because she’s just wasted to the point of no return so I help get her to her rides car and their is puke all over her shirt and I have a clean shirt that some random gave me to put it on her so I start undressing her top and its like a war she’s squirming and just non stop moving felt like I was in battle after I got her cleaned up and ready I tell them to take care of her and she pulls me in the car and starts kissing me everywhere she can reach now I smell of sweat puke and booze I get her settled and leave toward my ride and BAM fell straight on my face then went home to crash out in an instant. Hope you liked it byee ^…^

  11. Me and my boys were in the summer of going into our freshman year of high school. Yeah, I know we were pretty young but we were small town kids always looking for new adventures and stuff like that. But me I was especially young because I started school early so I was always a year or two younger than everyone in my grade. Anyway it was a summer night and it was one of my boys birthdays. We heard that some of the older kids from where we grew up were throwing a party in the woods so were talking about it and decided we were gonna show up because we were technically in high school anyway right haha. There was probably like 5 or 6 of us and when we showed up everyone was just kinda looking at us but they didn’t really care because everyone was already drunk and trying to get drunker. I wasn’t really drinking because I was so young I was still at the stage where beer and alcohol weren’t really my thing so I was just chilling with everyone having a good time. Then my friend asked me to go fill his cup up at the keg so in my head I was like “Yeah, no problem, I got this”. So I walked over and when I got there everyone was just staring at me and not saying anything and I said “Uh I’m just tryna fill this cup up for my boy over there” and they were still just staring at me. And then one of the kids that was standing there with the beer tap to the keg looked over at his friend and started smiling. He looked back over to me and started yelling at the top of his lungs “KEG STAND” and then before I knew it a crowd started to form around me and the keg and everyone started yelling keg stand in like a cult kinda chant haha. I really wasn’t tryna do this keg stand so I was looking around for an opening in the crowd and then I found it. I started walking towards it and right when I got there my boy filled the gap, smiling as hard as he could, looked me in my eyes and said “keg stand”. I knew there was no turning back now so I turned around and started walking back over toward the keg and as soon as I got there my feet where in the air. I only lasted about 14 seconds, but it was still one of the most crazy nights of my life without a doubt. And I had some pretty crazy nights throughout my life.

  12. I have one!! My bachelorette party, in Miami, at club set, partying with Justin Bieber on his 21st birthday! Definitely a night to remember !

  13. I have a funny story that involves me and my best friend I would love to be able to share it you guys are interested in hearing it

  14. So my friend used to be “the man” in highschool and threw a bunch of big parties, so he thought that he would have a huge Halloween party for old times sake. A bunch of shitty kids threw his address up on twitter and before you know it the party went out of control, and half the kids in the house I myself could not even recognize ( we are from Rhode Island, so that is saying something). There were a few douchey kids we were all having problems with, and later in the night my friends mom showed up, and attempted and kicking all of these kids out. The party was so out of hand at this point, as there must of been more than 200 kids at his house, that no one was really taking it seriously. At one point, I could see my friends mom getting pushed by one kid who was refusing to leave, so I went over there thinking I would defend her and get these guys to get the hell out. So I walked over alone, which was a terrible idea in retrospect, and screamed at these guys that this was my best friends house, and to just leave, but then before I knew it, I was sucker punched in the face and fell to the ground. Then, I had about six 25 to 30 year old men on top of me beating my ass, probably for about 3 minutes (I was 20 at the time to put this in perspective). I ended up getting them pulled off of me and then they all left, and as you could imagine I was a bit upset, but this isnt the end of the story. At the beginning of the party, my friend was making weed butter in a gigantic pot, and let it cook throughout the party, where in the next morning he stuck in the fridge to cool down. That next morning I was all messed up and basically could not move all day, and around 6 o clock his girlfriend made some weed cookies for us all, using three times the amount of butter the recipe asked for. I was so hungry and delusional at the time I ate about 5 of them, and 30 minutes later I decided it was a good time to go home. I went home, took a shower, and tried to go to sleep, but then about 20 minutes in I started to feel really weird. I essentially had a horrible panic attack, and literally thought I was dying, and then I called for my mom begging for help. I was so messed up that I literally forgot how to speak english properly, and my parents only knew that I had just been jumped, they did not know that I had just consumed 5 of the most potent weed edibles I have ever had. Thinking that I was suffering for brain trauma, they called 911 and had an ambulance come, and I was rushed to the hospital, where there gave me a MRI, and all sorts of tests. They even called the cops and had them come question me about that night, and the whole time I just wanted to explain that I literally just ate too many god damn weed cookies, but I just couldn’t get the words out. There is some more to the story, but I think you got the jist of it. I think it would make a great episode, so I truly believe you should contact me. Thanks.

  15. Oh… Meh.. Gawd… My best friend Heidi and I did some wild shyiat in Alaksa!! I’ve got hella stories and proof!! I would love to tell y’all some funny shit. Contact me!


    Ok see me and my stepsister who i since like 7. We went out to this gay club nowhere bar. She took forever to so im like we got 2 hours before the club close. So we went to the liquor store and got a bottle because im like i need something in me right now. Ok we did that boom then we pulled up to the club and finished our bottle. Then we walked in the club and had a good time. She on the table dancing, fallin out on the floor an whatever. So time for the club to close it takes us like 20min. To get out that mf my sister feeling all on the securitys but we finally made it to the car. Now she asking everyone if she can give them a bj. a couple said she but wasnt really going to let her do it. Some dude came down the street she asked him if she give him a bj. He said sure pulled it out an then put it a way and ran off. I thought he was gone then this little black can came around the corner it was him. Long story short she. Made him get a condom and went to work. I was wtf nooooooo take that shit to his car. Im your sister wtf i wasn’t ready lol. She in the drivers seat and im next to her while she doing what she do. Then the dude had the nerves to keep talking me so i was like f**k it n***a im not mad at you that sime G shit getting head on the street. This just happened this past weekend its alot more to the story. I know we slept in the car. I think that enough if you want more hit me up

  17. PayPal???

    I was bored on a day off from work and got a random message from a girl on Facebook. Idk how we knew each other but I answered because she was cute as fuck. She had asked me to hang out and I was like sure. I walk through a terrible part of the neighborhood next to a community center and wait for her to come out of the house. I got her name and introduced myself. We walk back to my house and she is telling me some bs story of how she was going to juliard for dance or something. During the walk she says she wishes she was staying in town longer but she had to leave later today. She asked if she could borrow 20 bucks. I didn’t mind I had the money I just got paid. We get to my house and watching tv and I got hungry and walked to the corner store and asked did she want something. As I’m walking she sends me nude pictures out of the blue on my couch. Then she says I can’t wait for you to get back. I rushed out the store and sprinted home sweaty as hell. I open the door and she is naked and tells me how bad she wants me. We kiss and fool around. We end up hooking up for a solid 20 minutes. I finished quick it was too good. As soon as I get from behind her she doesn’t even put her clothes on and asks for that 20 dollars. I put my clothes on and she is fully dressed when I go to hand her the money. Her phone “rings” out of no where and then she says I have to go. She left and calls me by someone else’s name and says it was great meeting me. I sit on the couch and think what just happened. I just scroll Facebook and see she blocked me. But her status said that she just got paid and was looking for more tricks. I then realize that I just paid for sex.

  18. I have a good one for ya short version after being at bar for hours a friend called and asked if I wanted to go out of town to a party to celebrate his birthday it was a Wisconsin weather we went to said party well I drank two thirds a bottle of scotch and beers puked in the peoples sink a couple times, who I am not sure who these people were or how we ended up here but anyway I evidently decided I was leaving took the last car out of the driveway drove a quarter mile down the road forced a state trooper to take the ditch he pulled me over billyclubed me I woke up in jail with little knowledge of the nights events. This is the short story. my friends and I still talk about this for laughs and they tell the story in my absence. Good story

      • Yeah pretty much we have a lot of stories from our younger years we were kind of out of hand.another good one me and a buddie left bar with was next to restaurant,there was a big glass door Pepsi fridge back in the alley that I decided I wanted so we tried to carry it, no go so we were end for ending it through the alley down the road and through the bank parking lot at like 2 am,well I got home which was only like three blocks went inside and told my roommate I needed help,he comes to the door”Dan what the fu#! That’s from my work”needless to say he was no help so we finnaly got it in the kitchen and I decide to jump inside. I swing the obviously sprung door shut and it drops and hits the floor shatters everywhere I have know idea how it survived transport. Worst part was figuring out what to do with it the next day.

      • Yeah it kind of was typical,another time we came out of the bar and I see a glass door Pepsi fridge in the alley decide I want it so me and my buddy try to carry it,not happening so we flip it end for end down the alley across the road and slide it through the bank drive through.get to my front steps and go in and tell my friend I need help.he comes to the door and pissed off says what the f Dan and that’s from my work.so without his help we get it into the kitchen I decide to jump in and swing door closed it falls from the hinges hits the floor and bang glass everywhere.worst part was disposing of it after I sobered up.

  19. I would love to have an opportunity to be on y’all’s show…I have a really crazy party story to tell from years ago, that pushed me more in the direction of my choice I made to join the army, and can prove it…Please give me a chance…Thanks…

    • I have such a crazy party story, it involves getting back stage and going into Panic! At The Disco’s green room, drinking with them, Carly Rae Jepson and the dude from Cobra Starship. Insane moment, please contact me and I would love to tell you the full story!

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