Meet TV’s #1 pervert Nikki Glaser

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It’s easy to see how Amy Schumer and Nikki Glaser are best friends. The whip-smart, nothing-is-off-limits comics are brutally honest and brazenly hilarious. Now they’ll both be on Comedy Central with Glaser’s new series Not Safe With Nikki Glaser premiering Tuesday, Feb. 9 at 10:30pm ET/PT. (Inside Amy Schumer returns for a new season in April.)

Not Safe With Nikki GlaserDonning a black leather jacket, black tee and black pants, Glaser sat comfortably on stage at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour in Pasadena and talked to TV critics about sex, which is the focus of Not Safe With Nikki Glaser.

A self-described pervert, Glaser shares that she’s been talking about sex ever since she started in stand-up. “ I’m always thinking about sex and talking about it – it’s always on my mind,” she shares. “I think like a dude.”

The 10-episode first season will feature Glaser and her comedian friends discussing the things people do, the things people think about doing and the things people would never do (but their friends just might).

Nothing is off limits.

“Yes I’ve done anal,” Glaser shouts out during a lull in the room.

OK, good to know. Actually even her parents are fair game in the discussion, who Glaser says have always supported her. “They have always been very encouraging of my stand-up,” she says. “I started stand-up before I was even having sex.“ In one episode of the series she brings her parents in for a lie detector test where she questions them about their sex life, which she admits was a bit uncomfortable – even for her. But people need to know “how big dad’s penis is,” she laughs.

In seriousness, she says: “They are incredibly supportive and the fact that they let me get that kind of information out of them was just insane.”

The show is being described as the place to go to joke, learn and share personal stories about sex and relationships. The press release describes it as: “It’s a destination to discover, ogle and laugh about all things sex through a fun, frank, fast-paced show with panel discussion, field pieces and social experiments that is equal parts hilarious and titillating.”

Glaser ended the press session by encouraging critics to try and have sex sober. It is, after all the only reason she originally ever had sex in the first place — saying she got drunk and had the courage to do it (she was 21 and it was a consensual thing). When she quit drinking at age 27, she was like “how do I have sober sex with someone new?”

I’m sure we’ll get more than enough information on how she’s resolved that and more in Not Safe With Nikki Glaser on Comedy Central beginning Tuesday, Feb. 9 at 10:30pmET on Comedy Central.


Image: Credit: Danielle Levitt