Jane the Virgin Chapter 30 recap: Christmas Miracles

Amanda Watter

Since Christmas is right around the corner, The CW is gifting us with the mid-season finale of Jane the Virgin — finally! If you’ll remember from the last episode, Jane discovered that Rafael hired someone to go to the police to lie about Michael. Just as things were looking magically perfect once again, she had to find something to ruin that plan. Let’s hope the holidays bring them together. That’s what usually happens, right?

Calm Jane has decided that she’s going to try to deal with Rafael for Mateo’s sake since it’s his first Christmas. When Mateo goes to get his picture taken with Santa, the jolly old man even warns the ex-couple about their bickering.


Hey Petra, I’m no baby expert, but I don’t think it’s safe for a lady pregnant with twins to be on her knees scrubbing the floor. But I guess that’s what you have to do when your mother just murdered a man in your room, and you’re the only one who can help her get rid of the evidence. Holidays. Bringing families together each year!

I can relate to Jane, both of us being writers and college students. It’s not easy. So when she goes into the office to find out that she’s not enrolled due to her tuition not being paid, I understand her panic.

Panic turns into frustration because she thought everything was covered by her Elodea Gale Vigor scholarship. No one has ever heard of this scholarship — because it’s fake. Switch the letters around and call the phone number provided, and you get Rogelio De La Vega. The same Rogelio De La Vega who recently just became broke. I feel your pain, Jane.

JAV208-Rogelio-XoSpeaking of Rogelio, his  with Michael is real. In fact, he’s taking Jane and Michael’s breakup harder than either of the two involved in the relationship. He just can’t seem to let go of Michael. Michael wants to say that it would be OK for them to keep their bromance, but he knows it would be best if they stopped seeing each other, give their odd past with Jane.

I feel kind of like these two also dated.

Michael and his partner bring Luisa in to talk about her mother. What they get is a confession that Luisa has been communicating with Rose online for the past six months. She claims they speak about nothing but personal stuff. I kind of believe her, because Luisa doesn’t seem smart enough to handle the criminal business.

Things have really heated up between Jane and Rafael’s co-parenting issues — literally. The two exchange instant messages about who will have Mateo for Christmas. The keys can’t keep up with their typing as each starts to fume. In the end, Rafael tells Jane that he’s going to get his lawyer involved and Jane has no problem with bringing them in. I bet she’ll regret sending that message without thinking about it first.

JAV208-Jane-Rafael-Santa-LineJane knows she’s going to have to play dirty and dig deep in order to make sure Mateo’s safe with Rafael. She learns from Wesley that Scott, Rafael’s ex-assistant, was giving him all his information for the piece he wrote trashing the Solanos. When Jane visited Scott, he was quick to give her the information for a secret bank account that Rafael has. That guy will do anything to save his job. When Jane calls the number connected to the bank account, she finds out it’s a charity for domestic abuse victims. I bet Jane is feeling pretty bad about herself right now.

Listening to the random nosey lady in line for pictures with Santa, Jane asks Rafael to go with her to therapy. Somebody call Dr. Phil! Oprah? Somebody … help!? Luckily the short notice wasn’t a problem. The three-star-rated therapist was able to sit Rafael and Jane down to have them open up about issues they didn’t even realize they had. Someone give the woman two more stars.

Merry Christmas, Luisa — your mother isn’t dead! The bad news is she’s most likely the drug lord Mutter and faked her death this entire time. A quick check at the mental hospital where her mother is supposedly at confirms everything the police have suspected. There’s been an identity swap and Mutter has been out running her drug business for a long time.

JAV2_Petra_I knew all this stress with Ivan’s death wasn’t helping Petra and the babies. The doctor warns Petra that too much stress can cause the babies harm. Since it’s affecting his children, Rafael tells Petra to come clean. Since she can’t hold it in any longer, she tells Rafael about Magda killing Ivan and how she helped her bury the body. She even told Rafael about covering for her mother when she pushed Alba down the stairs, and how she was blackmailed into marrying Milos. It’s like word vomit.

This episode is full of Christmas miracles. The angel tree topper that Xo broke was suddenly missing. Of course it popped up at the Villanueva’s front door all fixed, thanks to Michael. I’ll give you points for that one, Michael. Plus, Rogelio’s intern has an amazing script which sounds like could work as a new project to help Rogelio get back into acting. And, after anxiously waiting, Alba finally received her green card in the mail. The tears that the family share show how truly grateful they are for each other.

Just as Rafael was about to help Petra get rid of her horrible mother, the police show up. Living up to her reputation, Magda tells Petra that she had to tell the cops what she did. Instead of arresting the real killer, the cops arrest Petra for Ivan’s murder. I guess there was a limit on how many Christmas miracles were allowed in this episode. Sorry, Petra.

What were your thoughts on the mid-season finale of Jane the Virgin? It doesn’t look like Jane’s officially picked a guy yet; however, the last couple of minutes makes me think she’s still longing for Michael. Do you think she’s only going to therapy with Rafael for Mateo’s sake? I really hope she tries working things out with him. What do you think Luisa’s mother is up to as the drug lord Mutter? It seems like the Solano kids and Petra have a thing in common- terrible mothers. Do you think Magda will get away with having Petra take the blame for Ivan’s death? Now that Rafael knows the truth, I’m hoping he can help in some way. Petra is carrying his kids and I think he’s made a deeper connection with Petra now that she’s come clean. I actually feel bad for Petra and am starting to like her. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Jane the Virgin returns Monday January 25 at 9/8CT on The CW.

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  1. Hi, all the time i used to check website posts here early in the morning, since
    i love to find out more and more.

  2. I am sick of jane. Life’s not perfect she needs to quit waiting for it. When one relationship goes bad she will just run to the next and back and forth. I am still upset that she didn’t give Mateo the Salano last name. I think she is just selfish and I am starting to hate the show because she is unrealistic.

  3. It was unclear if the end was Christmas day and if so, it’s a shame that Rafael was left out of it, as he’s been present for the past 6 months, despite also trying to win Jane back (who the heck knows why now at this point?). If they were peacefully coparenting, it feels stupid to let her blindness to Michael’s actions affecting everyone get in the way. They also didn’t clarify what them being “good” meant. And how has no review discuss the awesomeness of Gina and Justin’s characters acting out the other’s perspective. Sheer brilliance there! I am truly over the battling in front of/over Mateo because Jane is too immature to make a decision. They also need to retcon the fact that the guy didn’t LIE to the police, he just represented Rafael in disclosing it. Would it have been better if his lawyers did it? I was wondering when they were going to get back to his father’s death. Jane is very fortunate to still have her two parents whereas Raf was abandoned by one and lost the other to his father’s apparent poor choices in women! I really hope we get to seem them all together for the holidays or the entire build up of them being good parents first will have been lost.

  4. I feel bad for Petra but they will find out that it was not Petra that killed Ivan. Ivan died because of a hole in his neck. Compare the hole to the hook at the end of Madga’s arm. Madga will be found out. Now that Rafael knows Petra’s trues, he can find out where they buried Ivan body and alert the police. There should be some repercussions for aiding and abetting for Petra. Madga should definitely return to jail.

    I like the fact that Rafael finally showed a little backbone when it comes to dealing with Jane. She usually make her point known and he just stands there with his hands in his pockets and takes it. Rafael finally let Jane know how Michael letting Nadine go affected, not just for keeping them together as a family but for restitution for his murdered father. OMG!! what is up with those tight booty pants and too small shirt that Rafael showed up wearing at santa’s village. Somebody fire the wardrobe person!!!! (lol) I know the ass is bodacious but…… really.

    I liked when Rogelio told Xiomara that he did not like it when she encourages Jane to keep Matelio away from Rafael. Rogelio was reflecting on the 23 years that he lost with his daughter.

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