Survivor recap episode 13: What survivor nearly drowns?

Survivor episode 13 recap Barb Oates

Survivor: Second Chance recap “Villains Have More Fun,” Season 31, Episode 13 (original airdate Dec. 9): It’s day 33 and only seven are left. Jeremy and Spencer voted with the gals last Tribal Council and took out Joe. While Joe warned them of a potentially all-girl alliance (Tasha, Abi, Kelley and Kimmi), they opted to get rid of the person who they thought was their biggest threat, Joe. Now, Spencer and Jeremy are second guessing that move. Abi sees Joe’s departure as “good riddance.” Kelley thinks it evens the playing field, believing they now all have an equal shot at winning challenges. Tasha’s a bit chapped about Keith voting for her (Keith was completely out of the loop on the last vote) and warns that Keith just put a target on his back.

Survivor episode 13 recapReward Challenge
Attached to a rope survivors have to race to unspool themselves. They have to assemble a bridge and hope they have enough rope to get across it. Once across they use sandbags to knock over a bunch of blocks. First person who clears all of the blocks off the table wins. They are playing for a once-in-a-lifetime experience to go to the Cambodian temples, where they will blessed by monks, enjoy a bountiful of food and sleep in the temple. Keith won this challenge back when it first was introduced, and he ends up winning it again. He gets to choose one person. He repays Kelley (she picked him on the loved-one episode). Oh, and he gets another pick. Keith can’t even look at the others — their longing eyes begging to be selected. He chooses Spencer. When Jeff asks him what the logic on picking those two were, Keith bumbles forgetting Tasha’s name and ultimately rationalizing that Jeremy and Tasha are older and have spent more time with their loved ones, where Spencer has spent less time with his new love and he felt bad about that when she came to the island. That’s Keith talk, sometimes you don’t quite get it but you love him anyways.

Back at camp, the losing group believe Keith is the new golden boy. Abi loves watching people scramble and admits “villains have more fun.” They all agree that Keith should be next. But then Tasha starts thinking on how volatile Abi is and suggests to Jeremy that maybe she should be next. Jeremy seems on board with the idea.

The reward is visibly moving for Keith, Kelley and Spencer. The cultural beauty of Cambodian customs rejuvenates them. They took the opportunity to talk strategy and agree that maybe they would make a more ideal final three.

Immunity Challenge
The survivors have to race out to the water and get through an exhausting water obstacle course to get to a buoy to retrieve a key. Once they get the key they need to race back, use the key to unlock a box of five puzzle pieces and complete the puzzle. Spencer and Jeremy complete the course and start to work on their puzzles. Spencer gets it done in 15 seconds and wins.




But back in the water Tasha struggles to stay afloat and starts to take in water. She calls for help. “Safety” is there in seconds and pulls her out of the water. Tasha is shaken by her water scare. She’s exhausted mentally and physically. It’s actually surprising you don’t see this more often. Jeff did warn prior to the challenge that this one was going to take everything them had.

SurvivorTribal Council
Going into Tribal Council Spencer not only has immunity, he’s also in control. He can either go with Keith, Kelley and Abi and vote out Tasha; OR Jeremy, Tasha and Kimmi and vote out Keith. Lots of “we” talk. In the end Abi is sent home.

Who went home on Survivor tonight?  Abi-Maria

Standings (in season order):
Kelly Wiglesworth (Season 1, Borneo) Voted off 8th
Jeff Varner (Season 2, Australian Outback) Voted off 4th
Kimmi Kappenberg (Season 2, Australian Outback)
Terry Deitz (Season 12, Panama) Left Day 13 for family emergency
Peih-Gee Law (Season 15, China) Voted off 3rd
Stephen Fishbach (Season 18, Tocantins) Voted off 10th
Monica Padilla (Season 19, Samoa) Voted off 5th
Abi-Maria Gomes (Season 25, Philippines) Voted off 12th
Vytas Baskauskas (Season 27, Blood vs. Water) Voted off 1st
Ciera Eastin (Season 27, Blood vs. Water) Voted off 9th
Tasha Fox (Season 28, Cagayan)
Kass McQuillen (Season 28, Cagayan) Voted off 7th
Woo Hwang (Season 28, Cagayan) Voted off 6th
Spencer Bledsoe (Season 28, Cagayan)
Kelley Wentworth (Season 29, San Juan del Sur)
Keith Nale (Season 29, San Juan del Sur)
Jeremy Collins (Season 29, San Juan del Sur)
Shirin Oskooi (Season 30, Worlds Apart) Voted off 2nd
Joe Anglim (Season 30, Worlds Apart) Voted off 11th

The Jury
Kass McQuillen
Andrew Savage
Kelly Wiglesworth
Ciera Eastin
Stephen Fishbach
Joe Anglim
Abi-Maria Gomes