Meredith Baxter Stars In Lifetime’s “Becoming Santa”

Becoming Santa Kellie Freeze
Image Credit: Ricardo Hubbs/Lifetime
Becoming Santa
Image Credit: Ricardo Hubbs/Lifetime

In Lifetime’s Becoming Santa, Holly (Laura Bell Bundy) brings her boyfriend (Jesse Hutch) to meet her family and reveals that not only are her parents Santa and Mrs. Claus, but also whoever she marries will become the next Santa.

There’s no one better to play the quintessential holiday couple than Meredith Baxter and Michael Gross, who played TV’s perfect parents on Family Ties. Baxter offers a little secret about portraying Mrs. Claus. “She may be iconic, but no one knows what she really looks like!” The actress figures, “Whoever we say she is — that’s who she is!”

Becoming Santa
Mrs. Claus (Baxter) with daughter Holly (Laura Bell Bundy) in Lifetime’s Becoming Santa.

The actress reveals that she enjoys working on holiday films because of the strong family storylines, but the flick’s biggest draw was the opportunity to work with her good friend. “As soon as I knew he was attached, I didn’t even bother reading the script,” she jokes.

“The interesting thing about this particular script,” muses Baxter, “is the idea that the women of the Claus family are the ones who determine who is the next Santa.” She adds, “As light as this film is, for my character there’s an undercurrent of, ‘OK, this is serious business.’”

Baxter reveals that her favorite off-set activity was reading, while Gross spent his time with his fans. “It was very, very hot where we were shooting and Michael was wearing a big fat suit,” she recalls with a laugh. “We had a huge fan in the green room and while we weren’t working, he would just position himself in front of it. He was this large, lumpy personage, just trying to stay cool.”

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  1. Loved seeing The Family Ties parents back in yet another Christmas movie Becoming Santa. Both Baxter and Gross are so great together.

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