The reindeer just peed …

reindeer cam on Animal Planet Barb Oates

Well, I shouldn’t say “just” but when I finally spotted the gal that’s what I was treated to. Not exactly the welcome shot I was looking for but, hey, we are talking live Reindeer Cam here. Let’s back this up a bit … so Animal Planet sends out a press release on their Reindeer Cam that’s live from the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory in St. Paul, Minnesota. Check it out at The cam is following two female reindeer named Abby and June Bug, and you can check in and see what they are up to anytime on just about any device that has internet access — computer, smartphone, tablet.

reindeer cam on Animal PlanetNot having anything better to do (yeah, right) I click on the link and observe what looks like a nicely stoned house and two little white dogs in a fenced-in area in the back. I guess those are wolves (not dogs)? Yet to confirm, but wolves make sense they just look so small from the camera angle. I wait and wait, and then two reindeer come out of this side door. (Personally, I think someone gave them a little boot after I turned to Twitter complaining that I’ve wasted way too much time waiting for their arrival). Anyways, the first thing Santa’s little helper does is relieves herself. Thank you for that. In all seriousness, it’s a fun site to visit – especially for kids — that includes you Paul Hall — complete with holiday music playing along.

Apparently Kris Kringle will also be making a scheduled visit to check in on the reindeer and feed them on Friday, December 18; Tuesday, December 22 and Wednesday, December 23 at 1 PM (CT).

From Animal Planet … REINDEER CAM joins more than 20 other live animal cams hosted on Animal Planet L!VE, which grants viewers access to the animal kingdom from sites around the globe while also providing opportunities to engage in real-time discussions with fellow animal lovers via message boards and scheduled chats with animal experts.

Now, I have to shut this thing off. Actually, I think I might warm up watching the yule log …