Survivor recap episode 12: Who needed medic help?

Barb Oates

Survivor: Second Chance recap “Tiny Little Shanks to the Heart,” Season 31, Episode 12 (original airdate Dec. 2): Only eight are left. It’s day 30 and it’s time for the tearjerker episode — the one where loved ones visit the island and the castaways crumble. But first let’s refresh on the last Tribal Council, it’s the first time Spencer made a move and got Fishbach out. Now he’s mending fences with Jeremy, as Jeremy lost his main man (Fish) and is a bit unsettled. After finally losing an immunity challenge after four consecutive wins, Joe actually is still around!!! Unbelievable.
Kimmi is working an all-girl alliance. She didn’t come out here to be “somebody’s pawn,” she tells. She’s ready to make her move.  Good to know.

survivor recap episode 11Reward Challenge
Jeff messes with the survivors making them think that he’s changing things up this season and there won’t be a visit from their loved ones. Oh Jeff, that was mean. He was kidding and in comes Val, Jeremy’s love of his life. Jeremy sprints the fastest we’ve seen yet. (I’m crying.) He’s just an all-around good guy. I think Val whispered that they are having a boy? It’s like I know them, I’m so excited for them.

survivor recap episode 11
Spencer, if you remember, has a girlfriend, and she actually shows us — even though he never reciprocated “I love yous” when she professed her love to him. Well, she’s absolutely adorable. Her name is Marsala (sorry if I misspelled that). Now we finally see some emotion from Spence. He’s a puddle when he sees her, and he’s in love. He tells her: “I love you.” They hug, kiss and he’s oh-so happy. We saw it first. Boy, that rips you apart.
Abi’s mom comes and then exchange endearments in Spanish. “She’s my angel,” her mom tells Probst. Jeff nods. Not sure he agrees.

SurvivorKeith is welcomed by Big D, his wife. He’s such a hoot. This guy has got to win!
Sasha’s cousin comes.
Wentworth gets her dad Dale, who was her anchor during her season of Survivor. Dale’s a decent guy, good to see him back.
SurvivorJoe’s dad Pat comes and it’s a pretty big deal. “You made my dream come true,” Joe crumbles. Apparently, Joe dreamt of the day seeing his dad running through the trees to meet him. He never made it during Joe’s first season on Survivor. Pat, we learn, is not someone who shows his feelings. He breaks down and tells Joe that he is the friend he never had growing up. He’s his “hero.” This is killing me, emotionally.
Kimmi’s daddy shows up and she’s like a kid seeing Santa. Actually, I don’t think we’ve ever seen Kimmi try so hard on a challenge either.

Reward Challenge
The castaways have to gather bags of word blocks – one bag requires them to spin around a pull making themselves crazy dizzy. They have to walk across a beam and then spell a word with all the letters from their bags. Wentworth wins the reward by spelling “nourishment.” She gets to pick three tribe members and their loved ones to join them on a barbeque. She picks: Keith, Abi and Kimmi. Then she gets one more pick. Surprisingly, she picks Joe and his dad to join in the party. That leaves Tasha, Spencer and Jeremy with no love. Back at loser camp, Spencer sucks up his heartache and starts to work strategy. He solidifies his alliance with Tasha and Jeremy.

Immunity Challenge
The final eight have to balance a wooden statue on a pole. Every five minutes they need to screw on another section to the end of their poles without dropping the statue. A NEW TWIST in the challenge is that both a female and a male will win immunity.
After 20 minutes elapse they already have that statue 10 feet above their heads. Kimmi drops it first. Abi second, then Tasha, which means Wentworth wins. For the men, Spencer drops first, and Jeremy drops second. It’s down to Keith and Joe and their 14 feet of pole. After 30 minutes they reach for their last section of pole – making it 16 feet of pole. They both do it. Keith is a beast at these challenges – it’s the second one where it’s come down to just him and Joe. One hour and 20 minutes elapse, and out of nowhere Joe collapses.  Like good night – he’s down. Jeff calls for medical, they evaluate him and he’s OK. Keith wins.

Surviro recap episode 12-6
“To see Joe The Amazing lose to a 52-year-old man was awesome,” Abi says, as she compares it to a good soccer match. She’s so nasty.
Joe makes a pitch to get Abi out of the game to Jeremy. Tasha tells Spencer and Jeremy about the girls’ alliance. Going into Tribal you think maybe Joe will be saved.

Tribal Council
As much as Joe’s strategy made sense — if the guys don’t stick together they will be picked off one by one by the final four girls — he ended up going home. Spencer and Jeremy both voted against him. Keith actually voted for Tasha (is he ever in on the majority vote)? Love Keith. I’ll miss Joe, but not that Tarzan hair.

Who went home on Survivor tonight?  Joe

Standings (in season order):
Kelly Wiglesworth (Season 1, Borneo) Voted off 8th
Jeff Varner (Season 2, Australian Outback) Voted off 4th
Kimmi Kappenberg (Season 2, Australian Outback)
Terry Deitz (Season 12, Panama) Left Day 13 for family emergency
Peih-Gee Law (Season 15, China) Voted off 3rd
Stephen Fishbach (Season 18, Tocantins) Voted off 10th
Monica Padilla (Season 19, Samoa) Voted off 5th
Abi-Maria Gomes (Season 25, Philippines)
Vytas Baskauskas (Season 27, Blood vs. Water) Voted off 1st
Ciera Eastin (Season 27, Blood vs. Water) Voted off 9th
Tasha Fox (Season 28, Cagayan)
Kass McQuillen (Season 28, Cagayan) Voted off 7th
Woo Hwang (Season 28, Cagayan) Voted off 6th
Spencer Bledsoe (Season 28, Cagayan)
Kelley Wentworth (Season 29, San Juan del Sur)
Keith Nale (Season 29, San Juan del Sur)
Jeremy Collins (Season 29, San Juan del Sur)
Shirin Oskooi (Season 30, Worlds Apart) Voted off 2nd
Joe Anglim (Season 30, Worlds Apart) Voted off 11th

The Jury
Kass McQuillen
Andrew Savage
Kelly Wiglesworth
Ciera Eastin
Stephen Fishbach
Joe Anglim