Supergirl Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: Red Faced

Scott Fishman

It’s alien versus android when our Maiden of Might tangles with Red Tornado this week on Supergirl.

The great episode delves into the root of Kara’s personal and professional frustrations. She may be a heroine with extraordinary powers, but there is a vulnerability that allows us to relate to her. Even though Kara doesn’t consider herself “normal,” we see she goes through many of the same things we do.

She has to sit on the sidelines with a supportive smile on her face while her crush Jimmy is with another woman. Cat is a demanding boss who is never satisfied. Supergirl is also constantly under a microscope and compared to her famous cousin. Among her biggest critics is Lucy’s dad, General Sam Lane (Glen Morshower, Bloodline). He comes to town and gets Supergirl to military test a creation by Dr. T.O. Morrow called Red Tornado.

A battle ensues. Supergirl takes all her aggression out on the android. Red Tornado goes rogue after some damage to his arm. Henshaw tells Kara she needs to control her anger. General Lane fires Morrow and shuts down his project. He is out to find the Red Tornado and destroy it.

Back in the office, Cat’s mother pays a visit. We see why Cat invests so much of herself in her work and can come off as abrasive. It runs in the family. Her mother is more concerned with running her down rather than showing any affection. Cat takes her frustrations out on Kara who really isn’t one to mess with at this point. Kara stands up to Cat — and rather than fire her, Cat takes Kara out for martinis. There is some girl bonding here. Cat helps Kara come to the realization that there is anger coming from her anger.

General Lane goes to dinner with Jimmy and Lucy. He doesn’t approve of Jimmy and his association with Superman and Supergirl. Red Tornado emerges and is clearly going after General Lane. Supergirl arrives. Red Tornado appears to have learned from his last encounter with Supergirl, though. He unleashes twisters as a diversion to escape once again.

Photo: Darren Michaels/CBS ©2015 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo: Darren Michaels/CBS ©2015 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Alex goes to Maxwell for help in locating Red Tornado. After initially turning her down, Maxwell eventually tells her — after analyzing the arm — that Red Tornado isn’t acting alone. Morrow is controlling him because he’s angry at General Lane for shutting down his project. Supergirl knows she must control her anger and make it work for her if she is going to defeat her opponent. Using a hologram of General Lane as bait, she lures Red Tornado out of hiding and squares off with the bad guy.

Alex finds Morrow. The android continues to fight with Supergirl. She shoots heat rays out of her eyes with extra intensity to take Red Tornado out. Kara has flashbacks from the last minutes with her parents before Krypton blows up. Supergirl defeats Red Tornado, but the battle takes its toll. Kara finds this out when she cuts herself on a piece of glass in Cat’s office and starts to bleed.

Lucy disobeys her dad and decides to stay in National City with Jimmy. Cat actually stands up for Kara when her mom tries to berate her. Henshaw did the same after General Lane was running down Supergirl. Speaking of Henshaw, Alex is on a mission to see what his connection is to her father’s death.

Kara and Alex enlist Winn hack into the DEO to find some answers. He reveals Jeremiah Danvers went to South America with a colleague to apprehend an alien. Jeremiah disappeared and is presumed dead. The other agent survived and claimed to not remember what happened.

That agent was Henshaw. He was the last person to see Alex’s father alive!

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