Empire Season 2 Episode 9 Recap: The Truth Hurts

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EMP209-Cookie-CandiceLast week’s episode of Empire ended with Cookie and her sister Candice headed to Philly in search for their other sister Carol. Now that Cookie has to worry about her cookout event, she’s not worried about finding her sister Carol; especially if she’s going to have to search high and low.

I guess it’s nice to know that this week’s episode shows Laura safe and practicing for the cookout with Hakeem. I definitely thought she was going to be bait for some twisted plan Anika had. What I will say is I wouldn’t let go of that theory just yet. Anika doesn’t look too good. She has this evil look about her as she’s sitting on the ground with photos of Hakeem that say “lies” on them and has Laura’s address printed out. Yup, Boo Boo Kitty has gone psycho.

I’m shocked. Looks like Laz might be a good guy, when you look past the part that he’s a part of the Longhorns gang. When his fellow Longhorns show up during Hakeem and Laura’s rehearsal session, Laz tells them to leave. In fact, he tells them that the deal is off because that’s not how it was planned to go down. Could it be that he loves the Cookie too much?

EMP209-HouseWait a minute. Did Lucious just buy Andre and Rhonda this gorgeous house for no reason other than the fact that they’re going to have a baby? Lucious, I’m a single mother to my dog, Max. Where’s my house? I’ll let him be your grandson. It’s amazing how soft Lucious has become now that Rhonda is pregnant. Let’s just hope she’s really carrying his grandson to carry on that name.

Cookie’s search for Carol has gone nowhere with Candice. In order to find out what happened to her and why Jermel’s head popped up in that present box, Cookie needs to recruit one of her cellie friends. Pepper (Rosie O’Donnel) found out who Carol is hanging out with. The baker-by-day and knockout-by-night wants to accompany Cookie to meet with the gang because the leader is no one to mess with.

EMP209-Cookie-Candice-PepperPepper was indeed correct. The girls end up finding Carol, looking like a mess on a sofa next to a dumpster behind an abandoned looking building. The only way Carol agrees to go with her sisters is if they take her somewhere to eat. Sounds like me. In the end, they make Carol decide to choose between the both of them in order to get out of Philly. Knowing her children will be okay with Candice, Carol agrees to go with Cookie. What I want to know is what the unsisterly-like thing it was that Carol did while Cookie was in prison. Candice mentioned it for a reason and made sure to do it while Cookie wasn’t present.

Lucious is still pretty upset over the little stunt that Hakeem pulled during the rap battle. In fact, he meets with Hakeem to give him one last chance to sign with Empire and keep the Lyon last name. What he will allow Hakeem to do is post a video saying he’ll keep the last name Lyon. If he agrees to do so, Lucious will keep Hakeem as a full partner with his brothers and Swift Stream. Lucious brags about the six acre house he just bought for Andre which makes Hakeem respond by telling Lucious he’s the one son that can’t be bought. Boom! You know that had to make Lucious livid. Good for you, Hakeem.

EMP209-Alicia-Keys-JamalJamal has the opportunity to work with Skye Summers (Alicia Keys) for one of his first songs on his new album. While the first song Jamal had for Skye wasn’t working, he asked her to dig down deep and play a song that she was working on. He wants to help her break out of all the definitions that the music industry has placed on her in order to make her true self shine through. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Jamal? He’s so genuine.

Leave it to Lucious to run a background check on Laz. He busts into Lyon Dynasty and tells Cookie and Hakeem about Laz being a part of 125th Street Bulls, right in front of Laz. Hakeem immediately tells Cookie to check Laz’s back for the bull mark like the ones on the backs of the guys who took him. Sure enough, Laz’s bull has been exposed along with his secret. Of course he tries to tell her that everything at first was just a gig but then he fell in love with her. The love was real and he was trying to fix things now but needs more time…blah blah blah. Save it, Laz.

Despite being upset over the fact that she let Laz into her life, Cookie still cares about her pain in the butt sister, Carol. She knows Carol needs professional help and tells her that she needs to go to rehab. Carol clearly doesn’t want to go but once Cookie tells her that she doesn’t want to see her die because of this addiction, she agrees to go. I’m glad to see a happy ending. It’s like my other favorite show, Intervention. Cookie truly cares about her family and wants nothing but the best for them.

EMP209_AliciaKeysThe song that Jamal and Skye end up making is pure magic. Just like the title, it is powerful. I’m glad Jamal was able to see Skye for who she is and that she allowed him to see her. There’s no hiding that this was an emotional song because Jamal and Skye end up kissing each other once they’re done performing. I mean, after performing a beautiful song like that in a private setting between the two of them, who wouldn’t be tempted? I ship them the most out of all the couples on Empire.

What were your thoughts on this episode of Empire? What do you think Anika is going to do next? I don’t think anything is going to stop her. She’s going to try and convince Hakeem that he’s the one in love with her versus her being the crazy one in love with him. What do you think this secret is that Candice is talking about? Do you think Hakeem did the right thing by refusing Lucious’ offer? I know I wouldn’t accept it. Would you take Laz back if you were Cookie? Do you think Jamal and Skye are the next hit couple? I sure hope so! Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. i think jamal and skye should have a romance they look great together. so what if hes gay hes human he can have a crush on a girl . it can happen .straight people can fall in love with a gay person i dont see whats the big deal if jamal is attracted to skye shes smart beutiful and a awesome singer. they would make a good couple only if just for alittle while it would be nice.

  2. I think that Jamal and Skye should be together. I also feel that Hakeem did the right thing but not taking luscious offer. Honestly I think that Anika needs to stop but she just won’t stop.

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