Jane the Virgin Chapter 29 recap: Solano Secrets

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jane-the-virgin-season-2Jane has finally agreed to go on a date with Rafael! Is it sad that I’m almost as excited as they are? The only problem is if they need to hire someone to watch Mateo in order to make some time for themselves — and Jane doesn’t want to. Looks like Jane will have to find a babysitter she trusts in this week’s Jane the Virgin.

Since the Villanueva family just had their traditional family Thanksgiving, they head to Target for their other family tradition — Black Friday shopping. One ghost from the past that Jane didn’t expect to see while shopping is Michael. It’s been six months since she’s seen or heard from him, and when Jane walks over to speak with him, he makes things awkward by quickly leaving once Rafael pops up. Michael tells her that he’s moved on and I know that has to hurt both of them.

For those of you who thought Ivan would survive Magda’s hook to the throat, well, you’re wrong. In fact, Petra is in charge of getting ice to fill the tub that Ivan is using as his final resting place. I guess buying a huge ice chest would have been too obvious. Even though it’s Magda’s fault, she threatens Petra that if she tells anyone about what’s happened, she’ll drag her down with her. What a loving mother.

OMG! Nadine is dead! WHAT?! I could have used a warning before we cut to her burial scene. While Michael is at Nadine’s funeral, he starts having flashbacks about what happened. Looks like Nadine died while saving Michael’s life. The two went to a location in Mexico to meet with Sin Rostro, but she was nowhere to be found when they arrived. Michael starts to think that Nadine set him up, but she soon realizes something isn’t right. And it isn’t. She literally takes a bullet for Michael.

I cannot believe that Nadine is dead!  It’s clear that she truly cared for Michael if she was willing to take a bullet and die for him. You will be missed, Nadine!

jane-the-virgin-season-2-Rogelio-RanchoNow that Rogelio’s telenovela has finished airing, he wanted to take it upon himself to start a new project. He decided to make his own version of Mad Men and call it Hombres Locos, but unfortunately, everyone in Hollywood thought it was a joke — and it caused Rogelio to run into some legal issues.

What’s even worse is that he invested all his money into the show. Now Rogelio is officially broke and will have to learn how to live paycheck to paycheck. I bet that’s going to be quite difficult for him. Welcome to the college-student life, Rogelio.

Remember when Michael was fired? Turns out that was all a big show to make it look like he was fired so he could go undercover and work with Nadine. I don’t like it, but it was smart.

Now that Rogelio is without a job, he revisits past offers on shows in order to hopefully still snag an opening. He’s able to land a position on El Rancho de Mi Corazón but doesn’t exactly like playing the same ranger role. With the support of his family, he makes the courageous decision to walk off set on the first day of shooting. In fact, he rides a horse off set … and into the sunset. He realizes that having the support of his family makes him richer than any amount of money. Way to go, Rogelio!

Jane-the-virgin-season-2-Nanny-JaneAfter finding the perfect nanny, Jane finally hands Mateo off to her to go on her date night with Rafael. Their first stop is in front of a house. Yes, a house — Rafael tells Jane that he’s been thinking about making an offer on it. It’s not a huge mansion like Jane would expect Rafael to pick, but it’s a house that Rafael has been dreaming of since he was little. He’s not asking Jane to live with him right away but does ask for her input. She tells him that she loves the house and that it’s also her dream house. Can he please just tell her he bought the house already and then get down on one knee to propose?

Since this night seems to be magical, it has to be ruined somehow. Just as the two were about to kiss, Jane gets a text from Lina telling her to look at a link. Looks like Wesley didn’t hesitate to post his article about the curse of the Solanos. He even went to talk to Luisa to get more information before posting it. Lucky for him, she’s a psycho and will dish on anything. Way to go, Wesley. You sure know how to ruin an amazing night.

Jane-the-virgin-season-2-Nanny-Jane-RafaelJane went to check the nanny cam to see she missed Mateo’s first wave. What she also wasn’t expecting was to see was incriminating evidence against Rafael. As the camera rolls, she sees Rafael speaking with the friend of Nadine’s that also ratted out Michael. In the video, the friend is telling Rafael that he lied about Michael just like Rafael asked — and paid — him to and now he’s worried about Michael showing up at Nadine’s funeral.

Rafael is right behind Jane while she’s watching and tries to explain himself. He tells her that, through the baby monitor, he heard Michael tell her about letting Nadine go. He was fighting for his family by doing this because it was partially Michael’s fault that Mateo was kidnapped. Jane doesn’t want to hear anything that Rafael has to say. I don’t blame her. I wouldn’t know what to think at this point other than I can only trust my family. Why’d you do this, Rafael?

Luisa mentioned to Wesley that her mother had a closed casket. He immediately found that odd. Could it be possible that Luisa’s mother is still alive? In order to check this theory out, Luisa has her mother’s casket opened. Sure enough, there’s no one inside. The cops come to the conclusion that Luisa’s mother could be another drug lord named Mooter, the possible new rival of Sin Rostro’s that they have been looking at.

Looks like Luisa and Petra have a few things in common.

What were your thoughts on this episode of Jane the Virgin? Do you really think Michael is over Jane? I don’t think she’s exactly over him yet. Can you believe Nadine is dead? It’s going to take me a while to get that through my head. I know she was lying to Michael but she was loyal to him in the end. I vote to bring her back from the dead. What do you think will happen to weasel Wesley? He deserves what’s coming. What is up with that video of Rafael talking to Nadine’s friend? I was so excited when he stopped in front of that house! Then the two were about to kiss and I was waiting to see some snow or fireworks, but no. It was tough to watch but I think I’m still Team Rafael. Where do you think Luisa’s mother is? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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    This is a telenovela: drama, yelling, screaming and double dealing.
    I think it will turn out that Michael & Rafael hatched a plan in order to keep Jane and Mateo safe. Since Michael is a Sin Rostro target, he had to distance himself from Jane; so they staged this brawl. Unfortunately, Mateo got hurt in the process. Nadine is probably stashed somewhere, pregnant with Michael’s kid.

    Whether Rafael’s family was an accident or not, it’s still his kid whether he planted the seed himself or it was AI. This baby was sitting on a shelf (literally) waiting and then along came Jane… with the help of a distracted Luisa (Train Wreck).

    I’m waiting for Petra to have her babies and see the complexion. I’m hoping they will have an nice OLIVE HUE to their skin. I’m still hoping they will be Roman Zazo’s twins. He is Cuban or something, right? And for Mateo, they want the babysitter to speak Spanish and English to him. Why not throw some Italian in there, just to keep it equal and let Rafael speak a little Italian.

  2. And this is where I don’t get the blind allegiance to a character who has pushed for an abortion because it didn’t jive with his future plans, conceal an affair, lie knowledge of said affair, tamper with an ongoing crime scene (HIS CRIME SCENE), obstruct justice, strongarm his partner into quitting her job because of his own insecurities, break and enter a premise in order to gain access to alleged evidence that would further his own ends, jeopardize and bungle his own investigation because he HAD to prove that Rafael was Sin Rostro, lose his suspect when he FINALLY pieced it together and the list goes on. He only felt compassion for Nadine because he was sleeping with her if we want to be honest. Who’s to say that Raf wouldn’t have figured stuff out on his own? Enough already with the baseless hate. Michael was arrested too and he hid that from Jane to the point of keeping her from his brother, who was lauding that over his head. I tried to like Michael and it just didn’t happen because he’s a bully who tries to push and only backs down when Jane pushes back. Jane wanted Raf to tell her the truth when she was debating on giving up writing. Michael would have simply said to do what she wanted. He also thought she started writing 6 months ago. Yes, he knows her so well. And the thing about him doing stuff in his past is weak because he (like everyone else) has things they aren’t proud of but, unlike Michael, he didn’t try to hide them from her. Nor did he try to stop her from suing his sister, even though it would have cost him tremendously. Even Abuela said knows best: that is love.

  3. My apologies in advance for the length of this.

    It boggles the mind that people can still be Team Rafael after that foolishness. He could probably have murdered Michael and some folks would still be like, “Oh, but he’s just fighting for his family!” Michael let Nadine, his long-time partner & former lover, go because he believed her story about her family being threatened. Then he got Mateo back for Jane and Rafael. And Rafael repays his kindness and lack of duplicitousness (when he could easily have undermined Rafael with Jane, but did not) by hiring a person to file a false police report, that could have had Michael fired OR IN JAIL, all because Jane didn’t choose him. Then lied to her face about it. How petulant, selfish, and childish can he get? I’m really in shock because I never thought the show would go there, but this to me is a total disqualifier for Rafael. How could she ever be with him now? How could she ever trust him again?

    BTW, his “family” was an accident. He earned none of it. And continues to act as though he “deserves” special consideration as a partner because his sister was (is?) ridiculously incompetent. I’m consistently surprised that someone so selfish and entitled gets the benefit of the doubt time and time again. Even if Michael never existed, Rafael has shown himself to be a heel and a cad through and through, even as he seemed to grow and become a better person, as soon as he didn’t get his way, he went about ruining the lives of others for his own selfish ends.

    SIDENOTE: I actually feel bad for Petra now. Rafael used her at the start to get at his former best friend, her mom used her with this dead body, Milos used her for the armaments, Rafael (and Louisa…and Jane, surprisingly) used her genuine feelings for Rafael for whatever whims they had at any given time. It’s all around a screwed up situation. She’s been between a rock and hard place since the show began, and at some point it just doesn’t seem fair at all. I want to see her win. Team Petra from here on out (until she does something totally messed up and then I guess it’s a wrap).

  4. I’m still waiting for this episode to air but yes, I am still team Rafael. I have no doubt that he will make a great husband and father who is not afraid to fight for his family, even if it means getting rid of the competition. While Michael is a sweet guy, Rafael is the whole package and not to mention he is Mateo’s father. However, I am not a fan of him lying – if he was partially responsible for turning Michael in, he should have owned up to it from the beginning. I’m surprised to hear that Nadine’s dead, I was hoping that she and Michael would end up together.

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