The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 7 recap: Glenn’s fate is revealed …

Michael Traynor as Nicholas and Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not watched the most recent episode of The Walking Dead and do not wish to know what happens, stop reading now.

Ah, TWD! This season has been one hell of a ride so far, and now that we’re quickly approaching the dreaded mid-season break, we should expect nothing but more stuff that will leave us in agony until February.

To the conspiracy theorists who believed Glenn survived the dumpster disaster, cheers! If you guessed the bloody innards were being torn from Nicholas and not Glenn, you are correct! For those who were certain Glenn made it under the dumpster to wait for the herd to disburse, that’s exactly what happened!

Michael Traynor as Nicholas and Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee – The Walking Dead  Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Glenn! I am so happy to see you back in the opening credits!

But I’m concerned. The walkers were grabbing at him as he crawled under, and with so much gore, I’m just hoping none of it is coming from a possible bite. I did have images of a Walking Glenn in my head at one point. When he makes it through the night, I’m relieved. Some don’t change as fast as others, but when morning comes and he still seems OK, I’m good.

Once he’s out, he looks around for water and anything else useful. Some yells, “Head’s up!” and a bottle of water is tossed from above. It’s Enid! Unfortunately, the bottle breaks and she runs off. Glenn follows.

He climbs into a window and calls for her. She’s hiding, but tells him where to find more water. She also tells him to leave. He refuses. She stops talking, but when he asks her if she’s going to answer him, she says, “NO!” That’s an answer.

He asks about Alexandria and the herd. She doesn’t know about any herd, but she does know that all the racket coming from Alexandria was people, not walkers.

Back at the ranch, Rick checks the perimeters. Morgan is practicing with that damn stick that I want to shove right up his ass … grrrrr! Rick wants to talk later. Morgan says OK; he looks like he knows what the talk will involve. I hope Morgan brings the staff so Rick can snap it over his knee.

Meanwhile, Maggie remains on the wall. Rick tries to remind her that the group has survived worse and that everyone will be back soon. He’s got a new plan to lead the walkers away. Then, Glenn, Daryl, Sasha and Abraham can just walk right back in instead of having to dodge walkers. He says this plan is solid. Has there been a solid plan, ever???

During his quest for Enid, Glenn comes across the nice guy in the blue shirt. He’s in bad shape: he’s a walker, one eye is stuck to the metal fence he didn’t get over and he looks terribly depressed. He doesn’t even try to bite Glenn. Glenn spots the good-bye note and grabs it.

Back in Alexandria, Father Gabriel is putting up signs for a prayer circle. Rick does not approve. He walks by with Carl and Ron, tears them down and crumples them up. Father Gabriel, determined, replaces them. No matter how much the padre has sucked since we first met him, he seems desperate to change. I can’t believe I’m saying this … I feel sorry for him.

Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel – The Walking Dead Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Rick continues to give Ron empty-gun lessons. Rick explains everything Ron needs to know, but Ron just keeps on drooling for bullets. I’m no gun aficionado, but I do know that shooting with a cocked head and one eye squished shut is a sure way to miss a target. Ron doesn’t care. He just needs bullets!

So, what part of Ron’s over-eagerness doesn’t seem weird, Rick? I mean, up until recently, he couldn’t stand looking at you. Now, he’s intensely interested in self-defense tactics … and bullets … and silencers!!! And he wants YOU to teach him? Are you that daft?

Oh, wait. You just gave him the empty gun so he can get the feel of carrying it. Just because it’s empty now doesn’t mean it’s gonna stay that way … remember the armory? You are that daft! Aw, hell.

Speaking of daft, Morgan pays a visit to Denise. He steps onto her porch and then turns around as she comes out with some oatmeal. I’m not sure if he’s scared off by Denise or her oatmeal. She offers to look at his arm. He says he’s fine … he’s not there for … he doesn’t finish, so I’ll finish for him – himself. Rick comes by and grabs him for their talk.

It’s an Aikido intervention. Carol and Michonne are there, too. Rick asks Morgan about the five Wolves that almost killed him — the ones that Morgan sent running out of Alexandria according to Carol. Morgan admits he did that. Guess why? Because all life is precious!

OK, no it’s not … shut up.

Lennie James as Morgan Jones – The Walking Dead  Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Morgan tries to defend his obnoxiously zen reasoning: Rick didn’t kill him back in Crazyville, but he sure as heck would have killed Rick. And if Rick would have killed him, Daryl and Aaron might be dead, too, but if they were, maybe the Wolves wouldn’t have followed. Dammit, Morgan just doesn’t “know what’s right anymore!” Neither do I after all that babble.

Carol does. People who bust in killing innocent people don’t deserve to live. Case-in-point; when they left with their lives, they tried to take Rick’s. Michonne’s approach is a bit softer. “Things aren’t as simple as four words. Never have been.” There’s some wisdom, Morgan! Do you really think Eastman would have been so serene if he wasn’t so sheltered? I doubt he would have been willing to give up all of his Goo-Goo Clusters to twenty murderous Wolves.

Morgan offers to leave Alexandria. Sounds like a good plan, but just like Morgan, his interventionists believe in change. Why is everyone being so dumb in this episode? Even when Rick asks if Morgan will be able to handle blood on his hands, Morgan says he doesn’t know. I say catapult him over the fence and past the walkers.

Outside, a board falls from the church.

After the intervention (blergh), Rick reveals his new plan, which is getting to the cars left at the quarry to lead the walkers away. But Rick wants to take some time … let everyone catch their breath … and then only include “their” people when the time is right. Michonne looks at him like he’s getting nutty again, which he is. She says they’ve caught their breath, and waiting around is just an excuse. Also, it’s not “them” and the Alexandrians anymore. They’re in it together.

Deanna steps into the conversation with her plans. I think they have other things to worry about, as does Rick, but I get it. She wants hope for the future when all of the bad crap passes. Who doesn’t?

Rosita is giving machete lessons to a group of very awkward looking Alexandrians … and also Eugene. The Alexandrians look determined — and ridiculous — but Eugene is totally spaced out. Rosita gets his attention and he says, “Hey! I’m a weapons novice!” He’s holding a machete, which he doesn’t know how to use, and there are too many people “with open-toed shoes” in his proximity. Ha!

Rosita clarifies the downside of being a chicken. It’s one thing to fear death, but it’s another to watch the people around him die because of that fear. Eugene will find living a harder pill to swallow than seeing people die from his lack of effort.

He can’t deal with any of this and walks off.

Thinking she’s rid of Glenn, Enid writes a “JSS” note. The look on her face makes me wonder if it’s more for her than Glenn. As she begins to walk out, Glenn nabs her and takes her back inside. He wants to take her home, but Enid protests and pulls a gun. He knows she’s not going to use it. He grabs it, explains the herd situation and tells her she’s going to lead the way back.

Walker – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

More of the church falls apart.

Ironically, Rick is reinforcing the wall (that the church is obviously going to knock down). I know everyone is too busy to think about the church, and I have a whole week between episodes to ponder crap while they’re all fighting walkers and such, but the second the semi crashed into it, I saw it coming. It was rickety to begin with! I can’t believe it’s still standing!

Tobin stops to help Rick reinforce the wall that soon won’t matter. It’s a touching moment. Tobin recognizes that Rick, while off-putting and murdery, has actually been really good for Alexandria because none of them know s-t. If not for Rick’s clan, they might all be clueless walkers by now. He says, “Don’t give up on us.” Rick keeps right on hammering nails, but I think he’s got warm fuzzies.

On their way back, Enid finds some green balloons from the failed mission. When she grabs them, to distract the walkers, I know she’s just happy to be a kid for a second. Glenn tells her where to find helium and more balloons. While she’s busy with balloons, Glenn gives her a lecture she doesn’t want: No matter how much she denies it, she’s scared because everyone is scared. There’s no way to avoid it. And giving up isn’t an option. Her parents wouldn’t want that. Conversation over.

Hey, Olivia (I’m sorry I kept calling you Lydia before you followed me on Twitter)! Ron is sneaking into the armory!

Glenn and Enid approach Alexandria. Enid — always a ray of sunshine — sees it and says, “The world is trying to die. We’re supposed to just let it.” I’ll let that slide. She’s irritating, but she is a teenager. Glenn could have slapped her, but he tries to inspire her instead. Stuff is still standing. It ain’t over.

But back to dumb stuff in Alexandria. Spencer’s scooching along a rope secured by a rusty grappling hook to the roof of a building outside the walls. He’s got a pack full of gear, and his butt is just out of walker reach. He’s spotted in time. The grappling hook gives. He falls to the ground, but Tara hangs over the side of the wall to pick off walkers while Rick and Tobin haul him back up. Once he’s safe, he realizes he’s lost a shoe. Pfffft.

Rick gives him a good scolding. Spencer tries to explain he just wanted to help out by getting a car to lead the walkers away. Hey! Isn’t that Rick’s plan? Well, damn you Spencer for trying to execute it first without Rick’s permission! And Tara! Stop risking your life for “these” people!

Rick, it’s not nice to talk crap about people right in front of them. See Tara’s middle finger? You earned it!

Guess where Morgan is while all of this hoopla is going down? In Denise’s office, looking for some antibiotics. Kill me or kill him … this is getting soooo old! He gives Denise some spiel about having faith and then gets her join him in saving his pet Wolf!!! Holy crap! I am so glad Carol spies them sneaking off with antibiotics that would be much better used on Tabitha.

Carol leaves Judith with Jessie but doesn’t get away before Sam asks her about the “monsters.” He’s still hiding upstairs trying to wrap his little brain around everything. Carol, who up until this point, has given him pretty pragmatic advice (in my opinion), says, “The only thing that keeps you from becoming a monster is killing.” HORRIBLE advice for an angry, scared and confused ten-year-old!

Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Meanwhile, his older brother is outside stalking Carl with real bullets.

Michonne looks over Deanna’s plans. The wall reinforcement continues. Rick apologizes to Tara. Deanna thanks him for saving Spencer. It’s all very nice.

Then we see the green balloons floating in the sky. Maggie knows it’s a sign from Glenn! She’s ecstatic! I’m not because …

Yep, there it is. The church falls into the wall. Smash.

So, there ya have it! Another week of WTF?! Comments please! If you feel anything like me, ya gotta vent somewhere! Let’s start with my questions!

  • Will Daryl, Sasha and Abraham make it back in one piece?
  • I didn’t see Glenn use a walkie … so who needs Daryl’s help?
  • Will Ron shoot his eye out … or worse?
  • Does Morgan save his Wolf, or does he let Carol do what should have been done in the first place?
  • Are the balloons floating for a good reason … or a bad one?

Let’s talk about it!

The Walking Dead winter finale premieres Sunday, November 29 at 9/8CT on AMC.

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  1. Wow what a great episode. I heard that Negan will be making an appearance on Sunday which if you read the comics does not come with happy and positive vibes. Sunday is definitely going to be an episode to remember. Great blog by the way. (Dano referred me to it)

    • Thanks for reading! Sorry to reply so late. Dang holidays. It was a great episode! I am NOT looking forward to Negan, and now that the mid-season finale has gone down, I’m extra not happy because of that little blurb with Negan’s posse and Daryl, Sasha and Abraham. I gotta thank Dano! I hope you keep reading. I’m usually quicker to respond, and it’s always fun to talk about the show!

  2. My tv froze too! I was so glad to find this recap because I missed the last 15 mins. Thanks!

    • It was the usual calm and then the following mayhem right before the end…I just love how they do that! I think you can access it on AMC if you want to catch it. I can’t wait to see what they leave us with right before the season break! :p

  3. This recap has become an even greater asset (something I didn’t think was possible) because tonight my cable TV provider provided me with a frozen screen all night. I was so bummed I couldn’t watch TWD but after reading this very detailed blog, I don’t feel like I missed a thing. So I cannot thank Kimberly enough for her hard work, accuracy, and attention to detail. You’re a lifesaver!!

    All I can say about the episode I didn’t see was hooray!! Glenn is alive!! Thank you AMC for not making us wait until February to find that out. Meanwhile I’m going to be watching for a repeat airing of this episode before next Sunday.

    • I hope you get to see it soon! You can watch it online now I think. It’s a whole lot of holy crap! Thanks for reading, even though it’s a spoiler…you really need to see it! There was a lot of unhappiness in the Twittosphere about frozen TV. I feel for all of you! 🙁

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