A win for Abby Lee: Dance Moms Season 6 premieres January 5 on Lifetime

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So much for the theory that her recent spate of legal dramas might keep Abby Lee Miller and Lifetime apart. The network officially announced today that Miller’s reality fiasco Dance Moms will return for Season 6 in its usual Tuesday night time slot beginning Jan. 5, 2016.

According to Lifetime, the new season will focus on Miller’s Los Angeles studio and a new “Mini Elite Competition Team” tutored by the older girls — presumably Kendall, Mackenzie, Maddie, Nia, Kalani and JoJo — who are ordered to focus on nothing but dance.

Which is weird. Because I thought Miller had set her sights on being a talent manager with no equal and wanted “her girls” to become entertainment superstars. Some of them, anyway. If they made her money, too.


Apparently Abby’s real-life dramas (Yeah, I know. Everything is real-life drama in Abby land) will not be swept under the rug — or away from the cameras. The PR also teases this: “With Abby’s legal woes on the horizon, will the Abby Lee Dance Company be able to get back on top?”

And will Kelly and Christi be sitting in the courtroom with some popcorn and a thermos of Cosmos? I may or may not have heard one of them only partially joke that she is giving it some thought. The showing-up part, anyway.

If you’re wondering about Abby’s relationship with the remaining veteran moms, this might be a hint. Prior to the Dance Moms Season 6 premiere, Lifetime will air a new, hourlong No Moms Allowed special hosted by the conspicuously absent Jeff Collins, Executive Producer Superstar Disney’s Veronica Dunne and featuring the girls dancing, talking about the drama from last season and what’s in store for this season, and taking questions from fans. Nia will also perform her song “Slay.”

So then, Dance Moms nation? Are we watching? Are we not watching? If we are watching, should we seek some professional help for our disease? Are you happy to see the girls get another season, no matter what happens with Abby Lee? Should the girls get another season because of what happened with Abby Lee? What of this wee little dance team that made the promo photo over Abby’s longtime dancers? Let’s talk it out in the comments section below.

Dance Moms Season 6 premieres Tuesday, Jan. 5 at 9/8CT on Lifetime.


  1. Loooooooori, where aaaaaaaaare you? LOL

    Do those loyal-to-stupidity mothers seriously think one – that their kids don’t know what’s happening with Abby? Last time I checked, every single one of them was more than capable of reading a magazine, newspaper, online article, etc. Why do they think their kids are so clueless that they can’t understand what’s going on? From where I see it, those young ladies know a hell of a lot more about what’s REALLY going on that any of those adults give them credit for. Two – Hello? Grand Jury? You heard Melissa say that she had all this dirt on Abby, if you want an indictment and conviction, that’s who you need to subpoena!!! If I were Abby, I’d be very VERY careful who she pisses off until this whole legal thing is over, she’s not in any position to make anymore enemies than she already has. Three – It blows my mind that these mothers are STILL willing to defend Abby, and stand by her and be her wolf-pack (mental image of them in a car road-tripping to the court-house with Jill/Zach Galifinackus or however you spell it, singing the “best friends” song from Hangover…..). These wackjobs pay Abby to not only teach their kids to dance, but to manage their singing/acting careers as well???? If she can’t make sound, LEGAL, ethical decisions for herself and her own studios, what makes them think that she would have any clue about their kids’ futures??? Do they not realize that being associated with Abby right now is basically guaranteeing that those kids will never work again, with the exception of Maddie, and that’s only because her side-gigs were pre-lawsuit, so she’s contractually obligated to finish the work anyway?

  2. We need you to recap Lori…I mean who else is gonna help me count how many times Jill screams “this is Kendall’s chance” and act high and mighty when Holly dares tries to do something to elevate Nia? Or watch Melissa forget she has 2 daughter’s? Or watch Jojo and Nia exit stage left while the other girls exit stage right? Or see Maddie basically do the contract minimum appearences cuz she’s practically done with the show? Or find out what else is in the bottom of Abby’s purse…I mean that cookie couldn’t have been it! We need you!

  3. On the blog again
    Just can’t wait to read Lori’s blog again
    The show I hate and making comments with our friends
    And I can’t wait to read Lori’s blog again

  4. looking for my DM recap from Miss Lori for last night, new season etc. I love reading it at lunch.

    • Jill is as clueless and pathetic as Abby is……And yes I know that was a spelling error, or two actually. I’m making a smart-ass reply because I can lol.

  5. I hope you don’t go to jail Abby. I love your show. Don’t give up yet. You are the starring leader. Without you, the show is history! #foreveraldc!

    • Really? Please tell me you were hacked, no one can really be that clueless and brainwashed……

  6. I hope you don’t go to jail Abby. I love your show? Don’t give up yet. You are the starring leader. Without you, the show is history! #foreveraldc!

  7. I like the super tease of dance moms season 6. I just don’t like how Melissa keeps begging for Abby to like Maddie. Are you really kidding me? Maddie has been the favorite for to long. Maddie is like a show. First it is popular for a long time. But then it has its series finale. Her love from Abby is no more. Melissa, STOP BEING GREEDY!!!! Let someone else be the favorite for once.

  8. Abby doesn’t train those original girls. That’s why Maddie’s been doing the same twirls since season 1! And Kendall does the same twirls also. The only reason Kalani and Brynn are beautiful dancers are because they were trained by somebody (Alexa). I hope Maddie won’t be the favorite anymore. She ran her course. It’s time for somebody else to be in the SPOTLIGHT!!!!!!

  9. i was a fan of dance moms,and i love the show but the way abby treated poor chloe was absolutely horrifying,then of course look how she also treed kendal in the beginning,lets face it melissa is a brownoseing —– and jill shes a 2 faced snake jill and melissa are abbys puppets,and i dont think mattie is any better than chloe was actually i think chloe was better.and look how she treated poor little paige ,if i had been kelly i would have wiped the floor up with abby,thats the problem kelly and christy werent abbys puppets ,im glad to see niahs mom finally taking lessons from kelly and christy

  10. I’ve already stuck it out to the bitter end when season 5 finished. I won’t watch more. But i will love, as always, your recaps! But i hate that you may feel the need to watch to do them for us. 🙂

    personally, my opinion is that she is changing to a younger team simply because maddie aged out and can’t compete in the teen division because she doesn’t have the skill. but that is just my opinion 🙂

    • I don’t know about aging out of the category, more than likely she’s too busy with other jobs to put in the time any longer. Either that, or the comps have finally clued in that she, and any of the other girls, are being paid for jobs, hence considered professionals, and disqualified them from competing.

  11. I will watch till the bitter end. Your recaps make it worth it, Lori, even if you aren’t able to catch every single episode!

    • I really love the show. Maddie is the favotite because she follows the rules and doesn’t miss class. Chloe missed class and had an attitude all the time.

  12. I know you will be watching Lori, so I will share in the torture and watch with you. I look forward to more recaps! Yes, more recaps from the marvelously, ever talented Lori!!

    • I’ll do my best, Kerry. Press tour looms right as the show premieres, so I may miss a few here and there. But if enough people still want them, I will slog through them. BUT ONLY FOR YOU GUYS!

  13. I stopped watchin after season 4. Why would this station continue to promote child abuse, lying, cheating is way beyond me. They are setting these kids up to make them look bad, cry and have night mares. They should be ashamed of their selves. The editing is bad, the dances are the same only to different music. I seen no advance in any of their skills. Maddie’s performance in the Sia video was way beyond disgusting and the story over that kept changing, more lies. This whole show should be band.

  14. I stopped watching the show last year, except for occasional “check ins”. I will stop watching altogether this season, no matter how cute the new crew is. I wonder who Abby will promote and who she will seek to destroy, but no matter, I will not witness it. No more Abby Lee for me. Unless they televise her bankruptcy trial.

  15. Nope, I’m out. I watched season 5 on the off chance that Chloe would come back, and she has (of course) gracefully and successfully moved far beyond Dance Moms. The mothers of the original team didn’t know what they were getting into, but the current moms (and I include Holly, Jill, Kira and Jessalyn as well as the moms of the new mini-team) must be out of their freaking minds. And of coures Lifetime willingly signed on for another trainwreck of a season. How far does Abby have to go before someone stops her? Disgusting.

  16. These mothers should be shot for prostituting their kids like this. Disgusting. Let these kids have normal lives like riding bikes and playing games with their friends. Very selfish mothers.

  17. Oh my gosh, how stinkin adorable are those little girls!!! Too bad we all know how it’s going to go down, Abby is going to rip their little hearts out and stomp on them with perfectly turned out feet….poor little peanuts have no clue what they’re in for…..

    • …which includes a crap-ton of recycled Mackenzie dances. I look forward to no end to the adorable bugs, dinosaurs and rollerskatey ’50s thingies, with the occasional dead body and Hollywood serial killer thrown in.

      • Just watch, they’re going to end up doing a satire number of Abby being wrongfully accused of bankruptcy and have to dance with rhinestoned dollar bills as props, and we all know what happens when the girls dance with props…..

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