Supergirl Season 1 Episode 4 Recap: Livewire

Scott Fishman

The Thanksgiving episode of “Supergirl” aired a week early after the one originally scheduled this week was pulled out of respect to the victims of the terrorist attack in Paris.

Dr. Eliza Danvers comes to town, and she isn’t happy about Kara coming out in the public eye as Supergirl. The mom blames the older daughter Alex for this. It wouldn’t be a holiday without some family drama, even ones involving a superhero and undercover agent.

107179_WB_0422bA flashback shows Kara as a young girl testing out her flying powers with Alex reluctantly joining her. Later, the parents catch them when they come home and place most of the accountability on Alex. There is a knock at the door.

We flash-forward to present day, where Alex comes clean to her mother that she was recruited by the government and works for the DEO to monitor alien life. She explains this as her way of looking out for Kara. She sees a double standard when it comes to the way her mom treats her compared to her sister. Dr. Danvers explains she was harder on her because she wanted her to be better than her. Then comes the “Full House” moment where she tells her that Alex was always her Supergirl. She tries to tell her something. We find out what that is at the end of the show.

Before getting there, we have to get to our villain, who starts out as radio shock jock named Leslie Willis. The personality isn’t a fan of Supergirl, insulting what she represents and her fashion sense. Cat, who happens to be her boss, wants her to stop attacking Supergirl. Willis talks back and is punished with a reassignment to traffic reporter. Bad weather causes her chopper to go out of control. Supergirl comes to the rescue, but a lightning strike and Kara’s genetic makeup cause Willis to change into a villain known as Livewire. She gets acclimated with her powers, which include shooting electricity and being able to travel through everything from lights to wall outlets.


Cat calls Kara to the office in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner. The power goes out, and Livewire is looking for revenge on Cat. Supergirl goes into action to protect Cat. She tries to use her heat rays, which Livewire absorbs. Supergirl saves Cat from a free-falling elevator.

Kara ends up opening up to Cat about her family history (minus the Kryptonian details) and the relationship she has with her foster mom. The two bond with Cat thinking of her own demanding mother. You kind of see a softer side of the demanding mogul. The two eventually decide to work together to draw out Livewire.


Supergirl proves she needs to up her fight talk, as the best she can muster up is calling Livewire a “mean girl.” Livewire thinks she has Supergirl by absorbing her energy, but Cat distracts her long enough to shoot water from a hose.

Back at the office, Kara tries to make up for Winn having to endure Thanksgiving or “Friendsgiving” (code for Friend Zone) at her house. During the conversation, Winn reveals his dad is in prison (we will be meeting him soon.) and says he was grateful for her. He gives her a kiss on the cheek. The best she can muster up in response is “um you too” (awkward).

107179_WB_0460bBefore Dr. Danvers leaves, she confesses to her children that their dad Jeremiah didn’t die in a plane crash. Another flashback takes us to where the DEO wanted to take Kara away. Dad sacrifices himself for her and says he would work with the organization if they left her stay home. He died working for a man named…Hank Henshaw!!! The plot thickens.

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