Jane the Virgin Chapter 28 recap: Double the Trouble

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On the last episode of Jane the Virgin, Michael got into it with Rafael. He even pushed Rafael into the table in true WWE fashion. Since then, Jane has been trying to cope with how she’ll survive without Michael in her life.

Remember when we left off with Nadine holding a gun up to Michael’s head? Turns out he was the one that got in contact with her. He wants Nadine’s help with catching Sin Rostro since she’s ruined his life and hers. Looks like it’s a good idea that Jane isn’t including Michael in her life right now.

Jane is thrilled to attend her graduate school orientation, and I think I know why. Professor McDreamy (Adam Rodriguez), I mean Jonathan Chavez, is in charge of this orientation. Take notes universities; he’s no different than any other professor who hates social media and will tell students to shut their phones off while in class. It seems that Professor Rodriguez doesn’t take class lightly. When Jane gets up to answer a call from Mateo’s pediatrician, she ends up getting locked out of class. I guess he won’t laugh at how ridiculous the call was and let her back in.


Mateo has been developing well, especially since the battle between Michael and his father. The only concern the doctor has is that Mateo has a pronounced case of plagiocephaly. Jane feels horrible because she thinks she’s to blame for Mateo’s flat spot that has now developed on his head. The doctor mentioned that the spot could’ve been caused by long duration of time he spends on his back, which Jane thinks is while she does her homework. Mateo would need to wear a helmet for 23 hours a day for three months in order to fix his flat spot. While this is something the parents need to discuss right away, Rafael has to quickly run to his next doctor’s appointment with Peta. Weird, I know.

OMG! Petra is having twin girls. Now Rafael is going to have a total of three kids! I bet he didn’t see this in his future. I know I didn’t see that one coming. Oh boy, how will Jane react to this news?

I guess Jane fell for Petra’s guilt trip and helped get her mother out of jail early. Jane truly is a good person because there is no way I would’ve done something like that for Magda. You do not mess with my family, especially physically harming them, and get away easy. I applaud you for being you, Jane.

JAV206-Alba-Xo-Jane-MateoJane is really trying to stay single and stay that way for Mateo. When one of the moms in mommy class mentions she feels a vibe between her and Rafael, Jane doesn’t flip out on her. She secretly talks about how weird it is to her new friend from grad school but only to vent about it. Rafael is also trying to keep this friendship-only status working with Jane. When he brings up the topic of going out with the mom from Mateo’s class, she doesn’t stop him. I don’t want to see these two apart, but if this is what they feel is best, I’m happy they’re able to still work things out together for Mateo.

Petra wanted her mother out of jail so she could help her dispose of her new husband’s wedding gifts. The only problem was that Milos is a smart man and knew he couldn’t leave Petra and Magda alone while on business, so he left Ivan in charge of babysitting them. The girls get lucky when they’re able to successfully get Milos in trouble, making Ivan his rescue. They go out to sea to discard all of the grenades until Magda discovers one lingering on the boat. Unfortunately, the pin was missing, sending Magda’s arm and eye flying. I could only imagine the amazing grandmother she’ll be with her hook arm.

JAV206-Alba-Rogelio-XoIt’s hard to imagine, but Petra was invited to the Villanueva Thanksgiving dinner. Since she’s carrying Mateo’s sisters, it only makes sense that she be included in the family shindigs.

Rafael’s dating life didn’t work out, so he’s wanting to try again with Jane. When he asks her out on a date after dinner, she surprisingly says yes. Do you hear that? I hear wedding bells! Okay so I might be jumping a bit too far ahead but trust me, I hear them.

Turns out Jane’s new friend from grad school is more interested in the Solano family and the curse that surrounds them. Looks like he could be writing a book about the family’s curse and is undercover to get the inside scoop from everyone involved. I don’t approve of this but I’ll admit that he was smart by going undercover as a grad student in Jane’s class.

Ivan comes back to threaten Magda. He tells her that Milos knows he was set up but he’ll forgive his new wife. He won’t forgive her and doesn’t believe Petra will forgive her if she finds out what else she’s hiding. In order to keep his mouth shut, Magda slices Ivan’s throat with her new hook hand. Yeah, I’m afraid to ask what it is that she’s hiding from Petra. Poor Ivan.

What were your thoughts on this episode of Jane the Virgin? Do you think Nadine will help Michael take down Sin Rostro? She seems pretty strong so I would imagine she’d want to fight Sin Rostro until the end. Would you pay more attention in class if you had Professor Chavez as your teacher? I know I would. Can we talk about how Petra is pregnant with twins and everyone seems pretty calm about it? My mind is going crazy over here. Do you think Petra will be able to have a healthy relationship with Jane once the babies are born? I hope Magda stays out of Mateo’s life. What do you think Jane’s supposedly new friend wants with the Solano family? What do you think Magda is hiding from Petra that is so bad that she had to kill Ivan? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. The Tech that did Petra’s sonogram said, “Wow! You’re having twins. Are there twins in your family?” Petra was probably a twin and the secret that Magda is hiding is that she sold one of the baby girls back when they were in the Czech Republic. They were dirt poor and Magda is total ‘White Trash’.

    Now “The Solano Curse” – OMG!!!! Another murder at the Marbella or attempted murder. This will make four (4). Aaron Zazzo, Disgusting Tom, Emilo Solano and now Ivan. Well Ivan is a tough ole bird, maybe he is not totally dead. Petra will call the ambulance and Ivan will pull through but unable to talk. Just when Petra was beginning to be likeable. Well, this is a telenovela. (lol)

    Rafael now will have 3 kids!!!!! Not bad for someone that could not have kids. (Still hoping the twins Petra is carrying will turn out to be Roman’s kids). What kind of cancer was Rafael suppose to have had anyway? Rafael has really settled down. You go from Playboy, to married to waiting, waiting, waiting on “no sex” but the kids keep coming. (No pun intended)

    • I like your idea of Petra having a twin. Do you think we’ll get to see this twin? I’m not sure what type of cancer Rafael had. All I know is it made him sterile. Looks like that wasn’t a problem. I don’t know if the twins will be Roman’s. I feel like Petra got pregnant too long after he died.

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