The Walking Dead recap Season 6 Episode 6: Always Accountable

the-walkind-dead-season-6-episode-6-daryl-2 Lori Acken

Daryl! I’ve missed you! Super glad you’re OK! Sasha! Abraham! Good to see you guys, too! Look! The turn is just ahead, and the herd is following obediently behind. Nice work. You’re almost there. … Oh, wait. This is The Walking Dead.

Bring on some unexpected a-holes with guns.

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All seems well, and the almost triumphant trio make the turn into a little burg of sorts. As bullets blast through their rear window, Sasha and Abraham duck. A car speeds up behind them, its occupants firing away. Daryl dumps his bike, but quickly recovers, pulling ahead of two other vehicles. The group is separated. Go figure.

With a tire blown out, Sasha and Abraham smash through a fence. Daryl continues to dodge his pursuers, weaving betwixt large dumpsters and random walkers. One vehicle nails a dumpster, but the other maneuvers its way through. Sasha and Abraham emerge with rifles drawn to wipe out their assailants. “”We won, darlin’ ” grins Abraham at a dubious Sasha.

Daryl is still trying to lose the Jeep on his tail. We see it speed down the road, then Daryl cross after they’ve passed. Success! He takes a path into the woods.

When he feels safe, he drops his motorcycle and falls to the ground, exhausted. Wherever he is, the surroundings are soot-covered and charred … including the incapacitated walker beside him. The crispy critter is wearing a helmet — ah, life’s little ironies. Before the opening credits roll, an aerial view shows a drained Daryl and a blackened biker lying on the ground. They are so close, they could hold hands … but stuff like that only happens in my head movies.

We’re not even five minutes in.

After resting long enough for the opening credits and commercials (ugh), Daryl regains the energy to push his bike down the path a spell. At first I think, “Aw hell! Is he out of gas?” Then I remember being quiet is important during a zombie apocalypse. He gets a look at the burned out mess – scorched bodies and trees. He walkies Sasha and Abraham, but gets nothing. Drops of blood fall from his fingertips, and he tears off his leather. Blood! Oh no! Bullet wound? Walker bite? Of course not! It’s Daryl. It’s merely some road rash.

As he removes a satchel from his cycle, he hears a noise that I don’t, because I’m not Daryl. He moves toward the sound, trusty crossbow engaged. He spots two helpless looking ladies. “You found us, ’K? We earned what we took!” Daryl has no idea what the hell they are talking about – and then some blonde guy blindsides him. Lights out.

The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Fading in and out of consciousness, he catches glimpses of the people who nabbed him. They’re chatting around a fire, but their conversation is muffled, so I’m sure it isn’t important. The important thing is Daryl sees them shove his crossbow into a duffle bag.

When he does wake all the way up, his hands are tied (poorly) and there’s a gun pointed at his head. The blonde asshat breaks it all down, “Here’s the deal. You don’t say s-t, I don’t kill you.” I want Daryl to say, “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” Instead he says, “I ain’t who you think.” He’s yanked to his feet and told to follow the girls. His only option is to oblige, but karma’s a beyatch.

As they walk, they’re nice enough to share the little bit of water they have with Daryl. They still think he’s some other guy. They’re reasonable people. Blah, blah, blah, “If they find us, maybe we’ll give you to them.” Blah, “Everybody’s got their code.” Blah, blah, “You feel you gotta kneel, fair enough. We don’t.” What?

I really want to punch these people. I get it. They ran away from some jerks. There are plenty of jerks. I’ve watched six seasons of jerks. These three are flipping jerks. And now they’re on their way to find Patty, who is probably also a jerk.

We find out about the forest fire. When it all started — the apocalypse and whatnot — the walkers showed up, and this group’s group was apparently holed up in the Patrick Fuel Company. Blondie and some others drove one of the trucks into the trees, opened the valve, backed off a bit, dropped a match and ran for the car. Ka-BOOM! The whole crap went up in flames, barbequing the walkers in the woods and attracting the others … sizzle-fry. They figured everyone everywhere was doing the same — fighting the inhumanity that was taking over — and that humankind would win. Blondie admits, “We were stupid.”

Daryl says, “Y’all don’t think you’re being stupid right now?” Gun back in the face and more blah, blah, blah, including, but not limited to, some crap about Daryl killing for food and shelter and being one of “them.” I’m probably wrong, but with all the recent hype, I can’t help but think this paranoid bunch  of post apocalyptic hipsters is trying to ditch Negan and his minions.

When they make it to Patrick Fuel, there’s some chatter about Patty’s whereabouts and whether or not to go back from where they came. Tina (only name I caught) has a fainting spell. During the distraction, Daryl grabs the duffel bag and bolts. Blondie fires into the trees, but Daryl gets away because that’s what Daryl does.

BTW … anyone else wants to snuggle Greg Nicotero so damn hard for this season’s walkers? After a couple seasons of nearly being an afterthought, these things are nothing short of art.

The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

After a successful escape, Daryl yanks the rope from his wrists just in time to wrestle his crossbow from the duffel bag and shoot an approaching walker. He walkies Sasha and Abraham – still no luck. Then he sees it. Insulin. In the damn duffel bag. We all know he’s going back.

Sasha and Abraham look for Daryl. His motorcycle is gone, and they know he got away. He’s Daryl. They figure the ambuscade was looking for someone else (the three stooges that nabbed Daryl). They try him on the walkie to no avail. Note to self : Walkie-talkies are useless in the zombie apocolypse.

Abraham bets “dollars to donuts” that Daryl is headed back to Alexandria; he did try pulling that one before. Sasha reminds him that Daryl came back. Should they look for him or wait? Neither. He’ll find them, because he’s DARYL! And there’s no use taking out lonesome walkers just to leave “breadcrumbs” They take cover in an office building. Sasha writes “Dixon” on the door — brilliant!

Inside, Abraham checks the rooms. One contains the decorated suit of a soldier and a family picture. We all know how military stuff gets to him. When he’s done, he finds Sasha sitting in a chair, intently watching a walker trapped within the glass confines of an office. She reminds me of myself every Sunday night, and the walker reminds to be nice so I don’t end up in hell.

Sasha gives Abraham the choice to sleep or keep watch. Of course he chooses to keep watch, and try as she might, Sasha can’t sleep. They talk instead.

Before this, I see a whiteboard locked in the room with the walker. It reads, proud to have provided value – I pray for the world – keep going – stay cheerful – the bites kill. I notice weird stuff, and I like this, so now it’s in my recap.

Back to the chat, which gets serious after Abraham suggests they name the walker. Sasha wants to know why he chose to join her on the mission. He tells her she’s a tad bats-t. She reminds him that he’s a few cards short, himself. He claims it’s because “the s-t’s been hitting the fan, without respite.”

Then she says something that changes him. I’ll be anxious to see if it sticks. She returns to choices: He’s accountable for the ones he makes – always accountable. Even in an apocalypse, with the mayhem of zombies and a-holes, accountability exists. Most especially without the chaos. If all of this upheaval does go away, will he be at home in his own skin?

Abraham says he’ll stand watch all night, and they’ll reassess why they’re there in the morning. I think this means a thousand different things.

Daryl returns the insulin, his crossbow aimed at Blondie. After taking the gun, he wishes them good luck. He’s about to leave when a truck barrels through the trees. Two men get out. One of them, Wade, wants the escapees to return the stuff they took (earned), and compensation for both the gas and time wasted to find them. “You know the rules.” They say they’re done kneeling.

Daryl, who could have easily ditched the whole situation, helps them get away. They hide behind a deadfall, and he returns the gun to Blondie.

Close by, there’s a walker pinned to a tree by a boulder. When Cam (Wade’s companion) approaches, Daryl rattles some brush as distraction. Cam falls for it and suffers a bite. He hollers for Wade, who comes to his aid and is also nice enough to salvage Cam’s watch from the limb he loses. He tells Cam to “walk it off,” and they leave. It seems the Hershel technique has become commonplace. Going into shock ( or, you know, epic blood loss), not so much.

Blondie is shocked. “We thought you were with them.” He wants to know why Daryl came back after having his life threatened. Daryl says, “Maybe I’m stupid, too.”

Back at the office, Abraham peers out a window and spots something smile-worthy. On a bridge, he approaches a Humvee and an impaled walker. He also finds rockets and cigars. One problem –the rocket launcher is strapped to the walker dangling just out of reach. Determined (and dotty), Abraham sets his gun aside and attempts to retrieve the launcher.

For too long, he wrestles with the walker … two soldiers of unimaginable misfortunate. It’s a breathtaking scene. Can anyone “win” here? I’m waiting for the bite to come to answer that question. Finally, Abraham recoups his wits, bellows into the walker’s face and returns to the Humvee for a cigar. The walker wriggles its way off the fencepost and falls … but the launcher remains. SCORE!

The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

When Abraham returns, he’s a new man. He explains his loot is the “fruit of some off-the-chart stupidity.” He’s certain Rick and the others have the situation handled back in Alexandria, and that he’s been living “check to check” to this point. Now, he wants to live the “long and fruitful” life he sees in front of him. He’s hitting on Sasha! They have everything they need right where they are, and he’s got stuff to do before “the great cosmic Pete” shows up to cut his throat. Even though she plays coy, Sasha doesn’t seem totally opposed to his advances.

Daryl’s captors-turned-companions explain that the group they fled seemed as good as any other at first. More importantly, we find out the group is so large, the trio doesn’t even know everyone — thus the accusations toward Daryl. After some time, “human nature” kicked in, and the group began to trade “anyone and anything” for safety. Daryl says nothing is safe anymore.

They find a burned-out house. Two bodies lay inside. The girls recognize them and realize the fire caused their deaths … and that they started the fire. Tina makes the poor decision to place flowers on the undead. Daryl helps bury three bodies, instead of two.

He then asks The Questions: “How many walkers you kill?” Blondie says several dozen. People? None. Why? Killing people means no going back to how it was. Daryl offers up Alexandria. They thank him by stealing his crossbow and bike. I knew returning the gun was a terrible idea. Daryl eyeballs Blondie. “So you’re going back … you’ll kneel.” He shoots, barely missing Daryl’s head. Daryl doesn’t flinch. They say, “Sorry.” He replies, “You’re gonna be.”

I have a feeling it won’t be long before he reclaims his belongings.

Once the two idiots depart, Daryl finds a fuel truck camouflaged with branches. He rids it of the driver, hops in and speeds off to find Abraham and Sasha. Heading back, Abraham — wearing the soldier’s uniform — observes the road behind him in the side-view mirror. And he smiles.

I love this episode! I love Daryl! What did you think? Tell me! I crave discussion! Let’s start here:

  • Will this new group lead to the introduction of Negan, or are they just another obstacle along the way?
  • Will Sasha and Abraham become Sashraham?
  • Do Daryl’s captors foreshadow more unwelcome visitors to Alexandria?
  • How long before Daryl reunites with his stuff?
  • Where the f–k is Glenn?!

New episodes of The Walking Dead premiere Sunday nightst at 9/8CT on AMC.


  1. Is it just me? Maybe I’m lacking but I didn’t see the Sasha/Abraham connection. To me, I thought he was about to claim her and she was about to attack if he tried…lol

    Also I love Daryl but since WHEN do you turn your back on a “gun” carrying stranger and let your guard down?? He let that recruiting job weaken him.

    That “help” over the radio is Glenn!! Oh please let it be Glenn! I saw Talking Dead and no Pageant, The two idiots who stole Daryl’s bike couldn’t have a radio with them on the same signal that fast and i think Rick is too far away. Aren’t they about 20 miles down now?

    Also i need to go back on Talking Dead a bit. That guest on episode 3 who compared Rick with The Governor. Are you serious? They are in no way alike to me! Yes, you get similar issues from a stressed out zombie life but Rick doesn’t keep heads or zombie loved ones in a closet nor would he ever take it there. You should perhaps, “watch it again”.

    And Daryl’s brother on this episode (5)? “Good save”, after claiming Jefferson or Roosevelt or whatever his name was….wasn’t important enough to care about. I feel ya but you have to be in sync with the “fans”. It was like a moment of silence… but he jumped back in

    And I loved the guy on the couch, with the least fan questions, when he said, ‘oh yeah, makes my ass itch’ ..made you really think romance was in the air” or something like that he said.

    Anyway, I loved that episode! I hope Morgan doesn’t get exiled next Sunday because his beliefs will kill him against a bullet. Wood don’t trump bullets, nor does it block them. I know he has skill but I think it works best with a supporting crowd, who will kill the devils he let go behind his

    I hope you can read my rambling and yes, Badlands is my new addiction.

    • I forget to mention another thing about the Daryl situation. I think he knew that guy wasn’t going to shoot him because he said he never shot anyone before and there wasn’t a reason to. I believe Daryl knew he was still outnumbered and didn’t want a gunshot to alert the truck guys or the zombies. He know he’ll see them soon. Dead or Alive.

      • Thanks for the great commentary! Not rambling at all! Did Daryl put the walkie in the pouch on his bag, I wonder? I kinda thought it might be the bike-jackers because I full on agree with Daryl – they’re gonna be sorry, and probably sooner than later. Like that girl is going to know what to do with a crossbow. Sorry! That takes some practice! Unless she took some lessons prior to the apocalypse, I’m thinking she probably can’t hit the broad side of a barn with an elephant. Even though the blonde guy said he hadn’t killed anyone, I agree Daryl should have been smarter. A season or two back, it would NOT have gone down like that. If he got soft recruiting, then this little hiccup is good for him. Besides, he’s getting his stuff back! If he doesn’t find it, it will find him, somehow. 🙂

        I really, really want the request for help to be from Glenn. I know that we are all being messed with, and while it’s irksome, at least I’m not POSITIVE he’s done for. It’s kind of comforting and irritating all at the same time.

        And yeah, the Guvnah and Rick are NOTHING alike. First of all, what kind of person deems himself Governor in the middle of a zombie apocalypse? A totally corrupt weirdo, that’s who! Damn politicians! Rick may be getting a little bossy, which has bugged me a few times, but you know as well as I do that his threat to take Alexandria was mostly hot air. Rick has yet to keep the walker version of someone important to him in a closet. He hasn’t maliciously killed any one-legged elderly people out of cry-baby spite. He hasn’t molested anyone just to piss off one person he doesn’t like. He hasn’t killed his own just because he’s an a-hole that expects total subservience. Big egos make up for little weenies! And now he’s dead – I think I applauded when Michonne took him out.

        I’m so happy you dig Into the Badlands, too. I don’t care about all the naysayers that need instant gratification. It’s a damn good watch, and what fun would it be to know everything and everyone right off the bat?

        Thanks again for the input! Hope ya stop back! Chatting about TWD is one of my favorite things!

    • Also…I think Sasha’s playing hard to get…she had that little giggle and grin thing going on!

  2. This episode centered around Daryl and it sure was good to see him back again! I would have liked to see a 90 minute Daryl episode instead of Morgan! No offense, Morgan. You are awesome in your own way.

    I too thought Daryl ran out of gas when he was seen pushing his motorcycle. It wasn’t until I read this recap that the idea of him wanting not to make noise to rile the walkers entered my mind. Very astute, Ms. Thies!

    That gun between Daryl and his captors changed hands more times than the Packers had and lost the football during Sunday’s fiasco game. Just when you thought Daryl had the upper hand they turned the gun on him again.

    I couldn’t figure out why Abraham would be so reckless and wrestle with that walker perched on the fence. I too thought a bite to Abe was inevitable. But I loved how he bellowed in the walkers’ face before leaving him to fall from his perch. That cracked me up!

    Yeah I do think Abraham and Sasha are going to become even closer. Sashraham indeed!

    Still waiting on what has become of Glenn. The previous posters’ suggestion that it was his voice heard on the radio is an encouraging possibility. Loose ends do indeed make one’s ass itch! Thanks for another insightful, well written recap!

    • Thank you! Discussion makes this lots more fun!

      I think we just need a series dedicated to Daryl. I had the game on in he background, which I usually do, but I have no idea what happened. I’m such an idiot, I couldn’t figure out how they got those markers on and off the field so quickly … well, it’s because they’re an effect for TV – there is no group of speedy little elves that magically make them disappear as quickly as they appear. So, who won? Seriously. That’s how much attention I pay to football.

      I think Abraham is reckless for a lot of reasons. I think his biggest problem right now is uncertainty. As a soldier, he was accustomed to protecting and serving citizens. Things don’t work that way anymore, and he failed to protect and serve his own family. He saw a glint of hope in Eugene, and when Eugene let him down, he realized he was no different than anyone else – it’s now a world without law and the members of the military are just people trying to survive like everyone else. It messed him up.

      When Sasha reminded him he’s still accountable – that everyone is accountable – it snapped him back. No, he may not protect and serve as he did before, but he still has choices. He can make the choice to survive and protect and serve the people that have become his ‘now’ family. Being reckless is both irresponsible and selfish – Sasha figured that out, and now it appears he did, too. Maybe that’s why the two may hook up – they both kinda figured it out together.

      As far as Glenn goes, we will know nothing until his name shows up in the opening credits again…so annoying! But it makes for fun anticipation!

  3. I mean this with complete sincerity, but are the stories getting harder and harder for dopes like me to follow? I used to know exactly what the cast was doing and thinking,, but I’m just a dingbat waiter, and I really don’t want to end up getting “Losted” again…dicks.

    Thanks in advance.

    A Guy Who Can’t Remember Shit Anymore.

    • I think you are over analyzing, dearest Dano. The season, thus far, is focusing on characters and their individual experiences, so you don’t have the whole story at once…and Sundays come only once a week. It is hard to keep track, but we really haven’t made it past the first episode and the zillion zombie sh-t show march … picture the first six episodes spanning about 24 hours (minus Morgan’s 90 minutes in the spotlight). We now know everyone’s general situation in and outside of Alexandria … except for Glenn’s. Keep it simple, son. The original plan went to hell, and the episodes following show how each coterie manages to make it back – though Patrick, Daryl and Sasha aren’t quite back yet. Keep watching, find balance Daniel-san, and the answers will come. In the meantime, I am here for you. We’ll have lunch and discuss this further! 🙂

    • I am seriously hoping you are right. I can’t even begin to mourn…we can only wait and hope and hate the powers that be for messing with our heads! BS! I foresee more focus elsewhere before we know for sure…this is how the cookie crumbles with TWD. So frustrating, but we’re junkies and they know it. “LOOSE ENDS MAKE MY ASS ITCH!”

    • I worry that he has to be alive so he can meet his comic-book fate. They teased it last season, but I don’t think the tease is enough to fill the bill. And the idea of Glenn just getting munched by the horde? Oh hell no …

      • I don’t know which is worse! I would almost prefer a drooling walker Glenn to his fate in the comic…I got teary eyed during his first “death”. If the other one’s indeed coming, that will lead to a complete mental breakdown from which I may never recover! I wore black for a month after Hershel…okay, I didn’t really do that, but once I quit blubbering, I swore off the show for an entire week. 🙂

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