So long, Wicked City: ABC has slashed the show.

Wicked City Pilot
Kent Grainger, A.K.A. Brent, John (Ed Westwick)

In last week’s recap of Wicked City, I noted that the nobody seems to be canceling anything this season, including Wicked City … but the show’s abymsally-low ratings have caught up to it. No more killing for Kent Grainger … that character is dead, along with his show, after just 3 episodes. Wicked City‘s timeslot has, for the time being, been filled with Shark Tank reruns.

Bye, Felicia.



  1. Best new show in a long time. ABC is always canceling their shows. Makes you not want to start watching because you get hooked and they cut it like so many they have done already. Give it a chance to succeed…3 shows is not enough to see what ratings will be especially since a lot of people dvr their shows.

  2. wicked city must come back!! I have so many friends who are in agreement with it. It must come back for those who love or !!!

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