Recap: How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 8 — Hi, I’m Philip

Scott Fishman


That is the million dollar hashtag questionat the cyber water cooler known as Twitter for the next week in anticipation of the How to Get Away with Murder winter finale.

How to Get Away with Murder
(ABC/Tony Rivetti)

Before the big reveal we had one last stop on this crazy train with Bonnie as an obvious suspect. Evidence mounted when she basically wished Annalise was dead. Then during this week’s flashback, Bonnie  looked to have been the one who sent Sinclair to her doom from high above. She was also absent most of the episode.

However, devoted viewers of this steamy drama know better than to take the easy bait.

The matter at hand during present day is the Hapstall sibling’s case. Philip creeps into Oliver’s place after tracking his steps. Connor freaks out when he comes home to find spilled milk — and Oliver missing. It turns out Oliver goes with Philip to chat over some Coke (the soda) at the Soup Palace (I’ll have to check that place out on Yelp.).

Philip says he isn’t related to the Hapstall sibling’s aunt and threatens to go to the police. Oliver scores some DNA for the team to test. Nate follows Philip, but had to deal with his own problems, too.

Sinclair, still out for Annalise, goes after Nate following the death of his wife. Eve comes back to town to take care of things once again. Philip does go to the station for a statement, but Nate puts his name on another record as evidence of mental instability. With Bonnie gone MIA, Annalise refers to Laurel as the “New Bonnie.”

how to get away with murder
(ABC/Tony Rivetti)

It becomes a back-and-forth with Sinclair getting Catherine and Caleb to agree to plea deals at different times. Annalise had Michaela “use her boobs” to help change Caleb’s mind about prison. Asher helps the team discover that sneaky Sinclair bugged the house. They discover the device in a pen and put on a worthy performance, leading Sinclair to believe the murder weapon was found in the basement of the Hapstall’s house. When the basement is clear, the distraction helps the first plea deal to expire.

Catherine decides to accept an offer of 10 years to solely take the heat for her adoptive parent’s murder. With no time to spare, Frank barges into the courtroom with Philip’s DNA results, which matches what was found at the scene. This causes Catherine to decline the deal before it’s too late, and she comes out looking innocent.

Turn out, poor Philip was the product of incest between his mom and Caleb and Catherine’s father (Holy Game of Thrones, Batman!)

A celebratory sex montage bordering late night Skinemax follows with Michaela/Caleb, Annalise/Nate and Laurel/Frank all gettin’ some.

Wes is home doing homework when he has an epiphany that a portrait Catherine gave him was similar to one appearing in the video with Philip. Caleb reveals to Michaela that the murder weapon was found in the air vent. Catherine appears in the car with Philip. There are some serious shenanigans going on here, which will all come to a head next week!

Let the speculation begin!

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