The Art Of More — Dennis Quaid, Kate Bosworth and Cary Elwes lead Crackle’s art auction drama

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If you were among the legions of The Princess Bride fans crushed when Cary Elwes postponed recent speaking engagements tied to the 1987 film and the book he wrote about his time on the set, take heart. You can spend even more time with the dashing Brit thanks to one reason he was otherwise occupied — the smart and sexy new Crackle original series The Art of More.

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More follows Army vet Graham Connor (Magic City’s Christian Cooke), a go-getter Brooklynite who leverages a lifelong passion for art and connections to smuggling rings forged as he served in Iraq into a job at swanky art auction house Parke-Mason. There, he manages the account of suave eccentric Arthur Davenport (Elwes), a powerhouse client he lured away from Roxanna Whitney (Kate Bosworth), scion of Parke-Mason’s most formidable rival.

Next on Connor’s hit list — ballsy real estate tycoon Sam Brukner (Dennis Quaid, who also executive produces), a guy with few scruples when it comes to amassing rarities and ways to further his political aspirations.

Dennis Quaid, Christian Cooke and Kate Bosworth in The Art of More on Crackle beginning Nov. 19

Elwes says the complex characters drew him to take the job. “All of them are like wonderful pieces of art,” he smiles. “If you look very, very closely at them, you see a crack in the veneer — what my wife likes to call ‘issues in the tissues.’”

“What I really like about Roxanna is that she’s very calculating and she knows how to manipulate,” adds Bosworth. “If I have a scene with Dennis, it will be different than with Cary and it will be different with Christian. She knows this world better than anybody — and she knows that Graham’s insecure that way.”

Still, Connor has powerful mentors in Davenport and Brukner. “Graham sees them both as father figures in a way,” Cooke says. “He lost his dad when he was young, so any older man that is teaching him or guiding him, he’s going to look up to.”

“Davenport and myself represent two sides of him in a way,” Quaid says, grinning at his costar. “We’re fighting over his soul.”

The Art of More streams Nov. 19 on Crackle.


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