Meet Sherlock’s estranged father in the “Elementary” season premiere

CBS Elementary season premiere Ryan Berenz

CBS Elementary season premiere

The Elementary Season 4 premiere, “The Past Is Parent”  (CBS Thursday, Nov. 5, at 10pm ET/PT) finds Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) facing possible criminal charges in the aftermath of his recent violent behavior. In an effort to get back into the NYPD’s good graces, Holmes concentrates on the case of a missing wife believed to have been killed by her husband. Meanwhile, Holmes’ estranged father Morland (new regular cast member John Noble) arrives in New York to wield his power and influence to make the problem disappear. Lucy Liu returns as Joan Watson.

Then in the Nov. 12 new episode of Elementary, when Morland offers to use his influence to get Sherlock and Joan reinstated as NYPD consultants, Sherlock begins to question his father’s motives. Also, Watson takes a job with the FBI investigating a triple homicide in a top-secret research lab in “Evidence of Things Not Seen.”

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