Survivor recap episode 7: Kass and Ciera create some chaos, play to win

Survivor Barb Oates

Survivor: Second Chance recap “Play to Win,” Season 31, Episode 7 (original airdate Nov. 4): It’s day 17 and we’re already down to 13. Savage is unsettled over the last Tribal Council for not being included in his tribe’s voting strategy. Hey, they blindsided Woo, not him. He needs to get over it. But he can’t, he feels betrayed by Kass, and he’s pissed and his tribe mates know, but don’t really care. He’s praying for a merge to bring him back to his Bayon brothers. His wish comes true– and a whole new game begins at the new named Orkun tribe.

Survivor recap episode 7Savage almost immediately reunites with Jeremy to share secrets. Savage believes the original Bayon can go to day 30 if they stick together. He’s an old-school dreamer, but that’s what I like about him – he’s playing a respectable game. Savage thinks they got Jeremy, Tasha, Kimmie, Stephen, Wiglesworth and Joe on their side. Kelley and Kass are solid, they think they have Ciera, Keith and Abi. The wildcards are Spencer and Joe who are power players and could go either way.survivor

Tasha unleashes the beast in Kass by not being up front with her and it’s full on Kass vs. Tasha. Kass has the upper hand and really messes with Tasha’s mind by playing with her words and creating some doubt amongst Tasha’s alliance. Ciera picks up on the Chaos Kass and starts adding some more falsities to the conversation, mainly casting doubts around Savage. Just what he needs in his already heightened state of annoyance.


Immunity Challenge
Balancing on a beam while balancing a ball on a paddle is the challenge. It’s the same game that was played during Brawn Vs. Brains Vs. Beauty, so Spencer, Kass and Tasha already played this. Tasha actually won. Jeff Probst barely said go and Stephen already lost. Keith, Ciera and Kimmi dropped out after about nine minutes. Abi dropped out one second after the start of the second round. Kass, Wiglesworth and Kelley followed. After 20 minutes everyone moved to the third round, Savage was first out, followed by Tasha and Jeremy. It came down to Joe and Spencer. No surprise. While Spencer did some pretty impressive dancing to keep that ball on the paddle it wasn’t enough, and Joe wins the first individual immunity.

SurvivorBack at camp Savage thinks Ciera is public enemy No. 1 with her almost believable lies. But it looks like the majority are voting against Kass. Even Keith is with them, which leaves just Kelley, Ciera, Abi and Kass. But Kass goes to Spencer and asks him to vote for Tasha so they will have five votes, which would beat the Kass/Ciera split vote. Spencer says he’s going to do it., as Kass recently saved him but he doesn’t.

Tribal Council: It’s the biggest Tribal Council Survivor has ever had. Ciera is steamed she wants everyone to play to win (but who isn’t?). She’s thinking to play as a solo player, not as team, not as #6, #7, #8.But that’s because she’s in the minority.  The votes go: Kass 6, Ciera 4, Tasha 2 Savage 1 (Ciera voted for Savage).

Who went home on Survivor tonight? Kass

Kelly Wiglesworth (Season 1, Borneo)
Jeff Varner (Season 2, Australian Outback) Voted off 4th
Kimmi Kappenberg (Season 2, Australian Outback)
Andrew Savage (Season 7, Pearl Islands)
Terry Deitz (Season 12, Panama) Left Day 13 for family emergency
Peih-Gee Law (Season 15,China) Voted off 3rd
Stephen Fishbach (Season 18, Tocantins)
Monica Padilla (Season 19, Samoa) Voted off 5th
Abi-Maria Gomes (Season 25, Philippines)
Vytas Baskauskas (Season 27, Blood vs. Water) Voted off 1st
Ciera Eastin (Season 27, Blood vs. Water)
Tasha Fox (Season 28, Cagayan)
Kass McQuillen (Season 28, Cagayan) Voted off 7th
Woo Hwang (Season 28, Cagayan) Voted off 6th
Spencer Bledsoe (Season 28, Cagayan)
Kelley Wentworth (Season 29, San Juan del Sur)
Keith Nale (Season 29, San Juan del Sur)
Jeremy Collins (Season 29, San Juan del Sur)
Shirin Oskooi (Season 30, Worlds Apart) Voted off 2nd
Joe Anglim (Season 30, Worlds Apart)

Who do you think is next to go and why?