Recap: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 4 – I’m Going on a Date With Josh’s Friend!

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Will Greg sweep her Rebecca off her feet if she settles for him? (Photo credit: Greg Gayne/The CW)

Recap: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 4: “I’m Going on a Date With Josh’s Friend!” The CW, original airdate Mon. 11/2/15

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 4
Spoiler alert: Greg’s the friend she’s going out with (hooray!).
(Photo Credit: Greg Gayne/The CW)

In every episode, Rebecca finds an even odder way to try to wedge herself further into Josh’s life; this one is no exception as she and Paula are trying out their skateboarding skills at a skate park (they watched some skating tutorials on YouTube, but I’m not sure where they got the idea for their clothes, because they — especially Paula — look ridiculous). Not only does Josh take his nephew to the skate park ever week, but Rebecca thinks this will be a good “chill and skate and hang out” activity she and Josh can do together, because Valencia has apparently granted permission for the two to hang out.

Josh doesn’t show up to the skate park, however; he’s in Wine Country with Valencia and their Instagram feed looks like something out of a travel magazine. (Valencia has never had an awkward phase; Rebecca has checked all 180 of her Facebook albums to verify this fact.) Just when she’s at peak jealousy, her crazy mom calls (mid-pap) to, uh, smear it in that one Audra Levine of NYC not only married a hedge fund manager, but also took Rebecca’s promotion — something she’d have if not for her ridiculous choices.

Paula suggests a cheer-up activity (Dress Barn, anyone?) but Rebecca skates away, and runs into her neighbor Heather on the way home, who has been continuing her abnormal psych work  (declaring Rebecca “bonker balls” in front of her classmates). At first, Heather goes full-on analyst, but something softens after Rebecca tells her she’s going full-on Cathy cartoon and planning on eating her feelings. They head to Rebecca’s house to check out Tinder (when Rebecca says she’s had shady Tinder dates in NYC, Heather reminders her Tinder is just to find someone to “pound the bad feelings out of you”). Rebecca and Heather head to a bar together so Rebecca can meet Jason, a guy who has agreed to meet her in 20 minutes.

He’s playing with his balls. (That happens a lot on Tinder dates, or so I’ve heard.) Er, they’re balls for Carpal Tunnel (he’s been playing a lot of Call of Duty Black Ops 3). Without so much as a beer, Rebecca (demonstrating, as Heather points out, lack of judgment and poor impulse control), kisses him and pulls him home to her bedroom.

They make out, and she pushes him onto the bed with a song: “Hey sexy stranger, come back to my place. I hope you’re not a murderer.” She’s uneasy with the scenario, and runs downstairs where yet another butter commercial drives right into her psyche as she panics. “Do you feel disgusted and uneasy with your current butter? Ask yourself, are you making healthy choices …” She asks nicely — then, when he doesn’t get the hint — forces Jason to leave. She resolves to, from here on out, make healthier choices.

Over a green smoothie the next day, she tells Paula all of her healthy choice plans, including veganism (that’s a tough one to just convert to after one evening of thinking — and she wouldn’t even be able to eat that butter!). She angrily refuses a delicious s’mores doughnut, telling Paula she made a deal with herself. Speaking of deals, Greg has made one with Chris, a regular at the bar (who happens to be in grade school). Greg agreed to ask Rebecca out if the boy asked out a girl in his grade, and so far, Greg’s the only one who hasn’t lived up to his end of the deal. See, he’s attracted to Rebecca, but sometimes he wants to punch her in the arm (just like 5th grade, Chris retorts).

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 4
Josh and Chris discuss girls.
(Photo credit: Greg Gayne/The CW)

Josh comes in — he maxed out his credit card on his getaway with Valencia, and he needs a job ASAP, or he’ll have to work at his dad’s radiology lab (which is like, “all cancer, all the time). Rebecca comes in and, after she tells the trio about her healthier choices (“you sound like that weird butter commercial,” notes Greg), Greg works up the nerve to ask her to go out with — or, actually settle for — him. (This was the first musical number in this episode, and it was fantastic.) “Why not, settle for me?” Greg sings. “Darling just settle for me. I think you’ll have to agree, we make quite a pair. I know I’m only second place in this game. But like 2% milk or seitan beef, I almost taste the same.” It makes a certain sense to her; still, she’s not sure.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 4
Will Greg eventually sweep Rebecca off her feet if she settles for him?
(Photo credit: Greg Gayne/The CW)

Josh goes to his happy place, the Aloha Tech Center (an odd conglomeration of Hawaiian stuff and electronics), and is psyched, because they’re hiring for an assistant manager position. He grabs an application and heads to Rebecca’s office, where she jumps off of her treadmill desk (which she bought but can’t realistically use and also hates walking — the desk was a bad idea, points out Paula, just like going out with Greg would be). She writes the essay part of Josh’s application (and it takes roughly, oh, 10 seconds) as Josh encourages her to go out with Greg. She tries to sway Josh toward realizing it wouldn’t be a good idea (because, duh, HE, and not his friend, should be the one to love her), but he is unfazed. He runs back over to Aloha with his application. He’s so disappointed when the manager turns him down and refuses to hire him based on Rebecca’s essay, which is so intellectual and overthought (it mentions Kafka but no electronics) that it makes Josh seem very overqualified. Maybe, the manager notes, Josh should work at a library (especially considering how worked up he got about Harper Lee in his essay).

Rebecca agrees to the date, and she and Greg go to the West Covina Taco Festival (“the second best place to do in this town besides leave”), where she’s bad at making small talk (“Who is your favorite president? Mine is Rutherford B. Hayes for obvious reasons.”) and is even worse at keeping her eyes off of the pork tacos — but she’s bound and determined to be a vegan, so she resists. The two eventually start to connect (they bond over being obsessed with the same historical fire, and Rebecca tells him about her terrible dad). They drink, they dance, and, though Greg wants to go somewhere to be alone, Rebecca wants to wait until after the guacamole contest.

At said contest, Rebecca meets a vegan dude (who admits he could go for some BK) and she and Greg argue as they taste test the guacamole. It starts out playful (he says the vegan stuff tastes like “soy candles and indie bands”) but when she starts talking about the authenticity (or lack thereof) of the guacamole he’s leaning toward voting for, the refried beans hit the fan. Greg calls her out on her so-called food expertise, as well as her sudden conversion to Buddhism and veganism. She’s hurt, and he tries to make up for it but still tells her she’s a hypocrite, and she tells him the “settle for me” vibe he gives off is weird and sad. They seem to work through it like normal, healthy adults until she has a change of heart and winds up ditching Greg (via a text, on a bathroom break). She finds those pork tacos and stuffs some in her face — and heads home with the vegan guy, who, uh, gives her some more meat. (I’m SORRY. I HAD to go there.)

As the vegan leaves her apartment (and she wallows in her bad decision making), Greg shows up, and he’s pissed. “You took some guy home from our date and slept with him?!” A crying scene ensues, where she tearfully admits that she’s not good at being an adult — after all, she takes advice from butter commercials. He leaves, disappointed, and Heather shows up. When Rebecca asks if she’s looking for more material for her psych paper, we can see how bad Heather feels for how she’s been acting, and this is where it’s obvious they’re going to be friends after all.

The next day, Rebecca finds out through Instagram that Josh is working in the lab, and when she finds out why Aloha Tech wouldn’t hire him, she’s furious. She marches him into the manager’s office, and goes off on a lengthy diatribe, which manages to convince him to hire Josh.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 4
Maybe in this case the doughnuts *are* the healthier choice.
(Photo credit: Eddy Chen/The CW)

Aw, it’s almost a happy ending here. Josh has a new and awesome job, Rebecca’s back to eating doughnuts, and Heather defends her in front of the abnormal psych class and then quits said class. But not all is right. There’s still that rift between her and Greg. Oh, and the copywriter for the butter campaign just left his wife for a prostitute. That explains the weird commercials — but I hope they keep him on staff, for Rebecca’s sake!

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