TNT’s Legends Returns Nov. 2

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Photo Credit: Liam Daniel
Photo Credit: Liam Daniel
Photo Credit: Liam Daniel

In Season 2 of TNT’s Legends, Sean Bean returns as Martin Odum, an FBI operative with the chameleonlike ability to transform himself into a different person for each deep-cover job. Last season, Odum’s world was upended when he learned that the life he assumed was his reality was merely another of his assumed identities — one of his “legends.”

Now he is on the run, accused of a murder he didn’t commit, and searching for clues regarding his true identity without knowing who is friend and who is foe. This season, the slick spy series gets a new look as the show travels to London and the European continent, and a new supporting cast including Winter Ave Zoli (Sons of Anarchy), Steve Kazee (Shameless), Aisling Franciosi (The Fall), Kelly Overton (True Blood), Klára Issová (Crossing Lines) and Ralph Brown (Agent Carter). Morris Chestnut (Rosewood, Nurse Jackie) reprises his Season 1 role in a multi-episode story arc.

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  1. Season 2 of Legends has next to zero continuity to Season 1. It’s become a weirdly written show with the numerous flashbacks and the dropping on most of the Season 1 cast. Though the new season is now only starting to make sense one cannot help but think that they were told to change the show or it would be cancelled. They didn’t even recap season 1 and are now treating it like it is a brand new show. It makes me think it won’t make it to a season 3 given the apparent disregard for viewers who stuck with this show from the beginning because it’s obvious they started over and neglected to tell us.

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