Recap: Monica the Medium Season Finale, “Stay or Go”

Monica the Medium Season Finale

Monica the Medium Season FinaleTonight’s episode started with a notice that the episode would deal with the topic of suicide and included both a phone number and website for those considering suicide. Please, if you or someone you know has considered suicide, please call the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or if you can’t remember that phone number in your moment of need, please call 9-1-1.

On a hike (wow, State College is SO beautiful!) Monica confides in her sisters that she’s considering taking time away from college. They remind her that education is important. “If you left, you would never go back,” they tell her. Get your degree my friend, it is an accomplishment that you will have for the rest of your life. Monica also tells her sister that she’s nervous about an upcoming reading that she’ll be doing — all of the group members are mothers who have lost a child/ grandchild. That’s a club that no parent wants to join, and I feel dread in the pit of my stomach.

Before the group reading, Monica meets with Sarah and her boyfriend Brandon on her home office. Sarah’s brother Gary is coming through and he makes his presence known by calling out “Yo girl!” to his sister. Monica is able to pick up his mannerisms and he shares with his sister that still in love with his girlfriend and his young daughter, Mariah. Sarah is a doting aunt and showers Gary’s daughter with love and affection. Gary is so grateful that his family is keeping his memory alive and sharing stories of him with his daughter.

Then, Gary calls his death by suicide “a mistake” that he takes responsibility for. And it’s hard for Monica, she’s given messages from people who have committed suicide before, but It must be a very different and difficult kind of energy when someone has chosen to end their life. Gary says that he is at peace, but over an over he tells his sister, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” I’m so sad for his family who obviously loves him and has to live without him. And I’m sad for the young man who made the choice to end his life and leave behind people who love and miss him very much. After the reading, Sarah is so relieved to know that her brother is okay, what a relief she must have been given to know that his Earthly pain is gone.

But I’m sure if anyone can take anything away from Gary’s reading it is his message of regret. “I’m sorry” could be for causing pain, for leaving loved ones behind, for leaving a daughter without a parent and a lover without a partner, so many people suffer with suicide. Again, there are people who love you, and will listen nad will help. All you have to do is call: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

After the stressful reading, Monica and her roomies head out for pitchers of drinks. And when I write “pitchers,” I mean massive quantities of alcohol served in an honest-to-goodness pitcher! One for each woman!

Do you remember Episode 1 when new roomie Ann was skeptical? By now, Ann has witnessed Monica give readings to, and help, a lot of people and says, “You’re a cool chick with a cool job.” That sounds like belief to me! The ladies decide to throw one last, end-of-year BBQ. And Monica wants to invite Mitch, who Julie says is “out of the bachelor!”

Monica skypes with her mom and tells Mama that she’s considering leaving school. Mom tells her that she should finish her degree because then she’ll have two careers. Wait, Did Momma just call Monica’s gift “a career”!?! That sounds like even more acceptance for MTK!!

The next day, Monica prepares for her group meeting and she’s already hearing from the excited voices in her head. She’s so empathic and moans, “No mother should have to lose a child.” She can’t understand the profound sense of loss that the women must feel.

Monica the Medium Season Finale
Right now, I’m humming the”Golden Girls” theme song for Monica’s roommates.

The roomies close ranks and support their friend. Julie reassures Monica, “These kids get to be reunited for a moment — that’s beautiful.”

Monica the Medium Season FinaleAs soon as I see the six women who have lost children, I start crying. The mere thought of losing a a child brings me to tears and I am so sorry for the grief that these women have felt. The first spirit to come through is of a young child; the granddaughter of one of the women. Braelyn was only three when she died from a rare cancer. Nanna still has her hospital gown and the sweet little girl still sings with her in the car.

Another woman’s son Tyler was killed in a motorcycle accident when he was 19. Mom still mourns the things that he’ll never get to experience, like going to college and getting married. Mom still rides her own motorcycle, which shocks some people, but her son is glad that she still experiences something that he loved.

Robin and her mother Sue are able to connect with Robin’s daughter, Mandy. Robin drove 5 hours for the opportunity to connect with her beloved child and on the drive, tokd her daughter to have Monica ask abut her perfume. Robin mindfully wore it as a test of Monica’s legitimacy. Once again, Monica shows that she’s the real deal. Mandy’s fatal car crash involved her boyfriend and her young daughter and Mandy doesn’t want her boyfriend to feel guilty for the accident. He was driving and survived and Mandy used her body to shield her daughter. Mandy says that her family blames him for her death and Robin promises to work on forgiveness.

After the reading, the women all feel grateful that Monica was able to connect them to their children. What an exhausting whirlwind!

That night, Monica needs a well-earned night in. She’s so pleased with how the day went and validates to Monica that she’s meant to connect people to their loved ones.

Monica the Medium Season Finale
I mean seriously, Mitch. Your news feels like a dagger in my heart. Congrats.

The next day, Monica and Mitch meet up for a walk and talk about their relationship. Monica really likes Mitch, and is looking forward to a summer of romance. Mitch really likes Monica, but reveals that now that he’s graduated, he’s accepted a job in Washington, D.C. So wait, no Mitchica? I feel almost as blindsided as Monica looks and my heart is breaking. And then they kiss and go eat ice cream, I’m really confused.

That night, Monica goes out to dinner with Krista and her sisters and tells them that she’s going to stay in school. Phew! Collective breath released. You’ve made the right decision Monica, you can make your Mom happy while making Spirit happy!

Just when I thought that Monica was going to enjoy a meal without Spirit (The drinks earlier this episode don’t count,) Monica notices a guy with a piece of tape covering his short’s logo. (TV trick). The couple’s name is Kelly and Scott (Shut the front door!!! My husband and I are Kellie and Scott!) Scott’s dad (Who he’s named after) comes through and tells his son that he’s happy that his mom is starting to date again. He tells his son to remember the good times they shared and is thrilled for his son that he’s fond a woman as wonderful as Kelly. What a nice thing to say!

The next day, the girls get ready for an end-of-year bash. Good friends, good food, A hot grill and hotter guys! Ann reveals that she’s seen enough of Monica’s awesome reading to believe in her gift. Krista is so glad that she lives wither BFF and Monica is glad that she’s opened herself up to love.

ABC Family has announced that Monica the Medium has been picked up for a second season (yay!) and I wonder what new adventures await our favorite young medium. Whose lives will he change next? Now that she’s a TV star, will Monica still be the medium next-door? Will there be new roomies? Will they stay in their amazing house? Can we get Monica’s LOL sisters to move in too? Will Luna become a diva? Can Monica and Mitch make it work long-distance? I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

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