Face Off Season 9 finale recap

Face Off season 9 episode 14 winner

The Face Off Season 9 finale is here! We finally get to see the mini-movies the series has been hyping all season.

The Face Off judges tell us what their favorite challenge was from the first 5 episodes of Season 10!

We left off in part 1 with the artists learning that they needed to create a third character for their movie. Cause, of course they weren’t going to get multiple days to tweak two makeups. But to make it a little less daunting, and to bring back even more eliminated Face Off contestants, each artist gets 1 more person to help them out. Ricky, Libby and Jason are claimed by Nora, Evan and Ben respectively.

Face Off season 9 episode 14 new help

Nora’s got to make an Ally to her Prey character. Ben’s new character is a female that has to seduce his creature character. (Ben’s strong suit isn’t pretty makeups, so we’ll see how that goes.) Evan needs to make a character that is the fully-infected version of his other 2 characters. He also has to re-create his second character, so he’s got the most work to do.

After all the new characters are created & packed up, each team does their final application in a trailer on-set. On day one, Nora gets to shoot during the day while Ben shoots his scenes at night. Nora’s whole experience goes pretty well. Although why did they give her tree-like character a roar like a big cat? It was an odd choice.

Face Off season 9 episode 14 team Nora

As Jason is working on Ben’s new character’s makeup application, the edges of the prosthetic get all wonky. One more time this season, we get to hear Jason talk about how the makeup just isn’t working out & it isn’t going to be as beautiful as it should be. I hope things work out for Jason in his professional life, because they never seem to on Face Off.

I didn’t like how the beauty makeup didn’t seem to work in the world of the priest/resurrected character. And would you really be resurrecting the dead if you were going to be so scared of the resurrected creature if he gave you a dirty look. THAT’s all it takes to send you over the edge? Really? That’s some wussy dead-resurrecting priest.

Face Off season 9 episode 14 Ben edge
That edge, girl, yikes!

The next day it’s Evan’s turn, and he’s made the most changes between the test shoot and this final shoot. The judges seem to like what he’s done & how his team works together. I don’t really understand how a virus can transform a person into a creature so completely in the span of a few years but bah! Scientific details! I mean, if it had been an evolutionary character, that would be one thing…

Face Off season 9 episode 14 Evan's new makeup
Evan’s new makeup is pretty cool.

Time to crown a winner! Apparently it’s cold on set because McKenzie has pants instead of something from her usual soap opera dress collection. Her top is sparkly, though.

Face Off season 9 episode 14 judges
It’s apparently cold. And for them that probably means 50 degrees. Amateurs.

I also see that most of the eliminated contestants are there (where’d Omar go?). Bummer for the folks that didn’t get to come back & help out the finalists.

The other thing about this finale set – what’s with the huge blank space in the very center? I know they’re trying to replicate the whole mainstage look but with the camera angle from up above it’s just boring. Did that bother anyone else?

So who won Face Off Season 9? The winner is:

Face Off season 9 episode 14 winner


Congrats! And congrats to all the contestants this season. Hopefully you’re all gainfully employed in special effects makeup by now.

What did you guys think of the finale to Face Off, and the rest of season 9? Should I recap these again? Let me know below!


  1. From the first episode we were “team Nora”. She has such a great character and was able to show fantastic talent, imagination and fortitude throughout the season. So happy for her!!!!

  2. I was disappointed in the judges for picking Nora. She did great all season
    but the finale should be the major determinate in their choice.

    I though the wood creature was almost a childish looking flat, shiny mask. Both Ben and Jasons creatures were very organic looking.

    Either Ben or Jason should have one. And in my opinion, it should have been Jason. He came the farthest in ability and experience and did an excellant job with his creatures.

  3. I love face off and I choose Nora to be the winner.
    I would really love for you to come out with another CREATURE SHOP they are both very enjoyable to watch how you can design, create and make something so amazing. Thank you for both shows, but I would really love to see CREATURE SHOP.

    Chelle Ishem

  4. I couldn’t think of anyone who better to win. I spent every Tuesday with my eyes glued to the screen cheering for Nora. So happy she won!!

  5. RUTHIE,

    Can I just say YES YES YES and more YES! NORA KICKED SO MUCH ASS!!!!! I’m really happy for her, she completely deserved it! And how wonderful that she had the least experience out of the finalists and rocked it the hardest! Her make-up this time around?? She really knew where she wanted to go with it and executed it perfectly, I mean also great that her assistants had her back and were vibing off her, it was just ridiculously well executed from jump, that’s why she didn’t have to change too much. When it came 2 her adding a character it was just adding in, no big deal, I LOVED IT. But yeah, weird that it had a cat roar, I wish they would’ve came up with an otherworldly creature growl roar instead but still, I was impressed.

    I kinda knew Evan wasn’t going to win and come in 3rd, not just cuz his make-up, but I really didn’t get the story like you said that the virus turns them into…aliens??? I mean it looked cool, far be it for me to knock some amazing make-up but it wasn’t my cup of tea. If this was about 2 out of 3 vote I wouldn’t have voted for him.

    Bens was good, like you said didn’t get the story or RESURRECTING a creature and then being scared when it looks at you funny! Like, “you woke ME up, bitch! Of COURSE I’m upset!” Also the beauty make-up like you said, not his strong suit. But he did good, but considering it was the finale…yeah, not up to par with the newbie Nora!

    I can’t believe they already got the show ready for January, I swear they don’t play about getting their checks! But I’m also guessing is the number of applicants is too much to truly have an off season, so while one is one TV they’re filming another one and so on.

    *Can we get a triple combo of face-off, drag race and project runway? Like the queens from drag race are on face off getting turned into humanoid creatures STYLED by project Runway!” What you think???*

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