Recap: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 3 – I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Episode 3: I Hope Josh Comes to My Party! (Photo Credit Lisa Rose/The CW)

Recap: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 3: “I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!” The CW, original airdate Mon. 10/26/15

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The third episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend starts off with Rebecca, in crazy ex fashion, stuffing some chicken bones — or rather, an entire rotisserie chicken — down her garbage disposal. A concerned Josh shows up, in response to her phone call that there’s an emergency, and he’s brought White Josh with as a buffer, so Valencia can’t get mad that he’s with Rebecca. Rebecca is less than thrilled to see White Josh (she wants to be alone with Josh Chan); he’s oblivious to this and gets to work fixing the disposal (“There’s like a crapload of chicken in here. It’s almost like you tried to break it”). Rebecca again tries to reassure Josh that she’s no threat to Valencia; she’s looking for cute single guys, she tells Josh (as White Josh removes his shirt – rawr!) — though as the two are leaving she tells cute, single White Josh to put his shirt back on because “no one wants to see that.” (I do. I do!) Her attempts to get the two to stick around and watch a movie with her, because it’s Weekend Tuesday and she doesn’t have to be at work, are unsuccessful. (Side note: Don’t Josh or White Josh have jobs?)

Apparently she IS supposed to be at work, Weekend Tuesday not withstanding, because she calls in and talks to Daryl, telling him that her “ovaries are eking out into my fallopian tubes,” which gets him off the phone right away, but prompts him to send Paula to check on her. “Daryl said your uterus exploded?” Paula can tell Rebecca is bummed that Valencia barred Josh from seeing her, so she comes up with the perfect idea (something from every teen movie) – throw a huge party. Josh will come, but since it’s a party, he won’t technically be alone with Rebecca and can’t get into trouble. (Plus she can look super-hot in the process.)

Rebecca has a phobia about throwing parties — Paula guesses it has something to do with getting her period all over a white couch at a party when she was young (or something to that effect), but in fact it dates back to an awkward PPV viewing party (for her favorite boy band, “Room Temperature”) when Rebecca was 12. Not only did almost nobody show, but this is where her dad walked out on her and her mom. 😥 (We meet 12-year-old Rebecca here and she makes appearances throughout the episode.) Paula sings a hilarious, inspiring song about facing fears, which surprisingly persuades Rebecca to agree.

The two go back to the office, where Weekend Tuesday is in full force (margaritas and everything!) and begin party planning, despite Daryl’s requests that they actually do some work. (He totally didn’t think this Weekend Tuesday thing through.) That night, Paula is looking for her old tablecloth and we meet her husband, who’s in a barbershop quartet called the West Brovinas (they have a competition coming up against the Glendorables). He threw the tablecloth out, it turns out. We also meet her two boys, one of whom is pretty surly. The younger boy thinks he’s stupid and is going to fail an upcoming test, so she tells him to face his fears — but she’s not quite as inspiring here as she was with Rebecca. (“That’s bad advice, mom,” her eldest boy says.) It’s clear that Paula’s home life is kind of sad, and she needs Rebecca to be that daughter figure.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 3
Will Rebecca’s house literally be burning?
(Photo Credit: Lisa Rose/The CW)

The next day, Rebecca shows Paula her unfortunate invitations (will the housewarming include an actual house fire?) and tries to figure out who she’s going to give the flyers to. She realizes she knows tons of people (except, she doesn’t) — “It’s not like 7th grade at all!” We meet her childhood friends and her adult friends (including the silent Mrs. Hernandez, gesturing that she’s there to raise the roof) in the hilarious song she and 7th-Grade-Rebecca perform: “I have friends! I definitely have friends!”

At Home Base, Rebecca apologizes to Greg for the Club Spiders’ incident — even after he makes a snarky comment about her boobs — and invites him to her party, but he reminds her that both times they’ve hung out have been awful. He’s being pretty condescending (not without good reason, though), and makes it clear he’s not going to show up, though we all know he eventually will because hello, this is a sitcom.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 3
Greg’s totally not coming to the party (or so he says)
(Photo Credit: Lisa Rose/The CW)

Josh walks in and she invites him to the party, pointing out they won’t be alone, and he acquiesces (though he can’t bring Hector & White Josh — they’ll be out of town). Next, Rebecca invites her next door neighbor, Heather, who is, to be frank, a real bitch. Heather says that as a rule, the neighbors in the building don’t talk to each other: “That guy has lived next door to me for like, 11 years, and like, I say guy, but, honestly, it could be like, a stack of cats in a jumpsuit.” However, she agrees to come to the party because she finds Rebecca fascinating (she’s taking abnormal psych at the J.C.).

As Rebecca and Paula prep for the party (complete with Paula’s awkward, childlike party supplies) they go over the guest list: it’s just Josh, Super-cool neighbor Heather and Daryl (though Mrs. Hernandez is trending positive). Some of the randoms she handed flyers to gave her an “Oh, I’m there” look too. Paula has to split — something is going on at her youngest son’s school — but will be back soon.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 3
Paula’s not so happy with how Tommy took her fear-facing advice
(Photo Credit: Patrick Wymore/The CW)

It turns out her son, Tommy, took Paula’s advice to face his fears a bit too seriously, and stole the test (he’s afraid of getting a bad grade and, thanks to her, overcame his fear of getting caught stealing) and, since he’s got such a bad track record, the school is going to transfer him to a different school an hour away. This totally freaks Paula out, but even though she’s mad at Tommy, she’s a total softie (he’s been diagnosed with a lot) and tells him they’ll just have to figure something out. (They do, at the end: with Rebecca’s help she She’s going to take him home, but first they have to stop at Rebecca’s (she is freaking out about her party and left 47 messages). She’s got the same type of scene going as when she was 12, with only 4 people (Daryl, Heather, the grocery guy with the messed-up eyelid, and some other dude) and when Josh comes, he’s going to be disappointed and walk out just like her dad did! She wants to call Josh and cancel the party, but Paula tells her to just act like she’s having a great time — Paula is going to save this party! She’ll be back in 19 minutes — just in time for Josh’s arrival — with tons of guests. She and Tommy find a group of guys: “Oh, something anonymous just got out!” Gamblers.

Just as Rebecca is giving up and leaving Josh a message to tell him she’s canceling the party, he shows up. He sees how bad things are, but doesn’t leave — he’s not sure why she’s so freaked out, since she’s new in town and logically shouldn’t know a ton of people yet. After pointing out how much good stuff she has going on in her life, he rounds up the guests for a party selfie, which he posts online with the hashtag #ThisHouseIsOnFire, to prompt more people to show up. And more do, along with the gamblers! Greg even shows (she took all of his business — he usually gets the gamblers after their meeting). The party’s great! Heather tells Tommy how pointless school is as Paula gets totally wasted, Daryl accidentally does meth, and Josh has saved the day. (This prompts another song — performed by Josh x 4 in an all-Josh boy band.)

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 3
Will a text from Valencia force Josh to flee the party?
(Photo credit: Lisa Rose/The CW)

Josh gets a text from Valencia, asking where he is (she’s home from her yoga retreat). He decides to assert himself, and tells Rebecca that he’ll go home when he wants, and that since he and Rebecca are friends they should hang out whenever they want. Greg, on the stairs with a bottle of whiskey, witnesses the exchange between Rebecca and Josh and tells Rebecca (after Josh leaves) that he gets how she feels about him. He makes fun of how she constantly says that she and Josh are just friends and tells her she’s really starting to fit in there, and “that’s not a compliment.” (Next week’s episode is called “I’m Going on a Date With Josh’s Friend!” Is it Greg?! Is it Greg?! It looks like it’s Greg!)

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend airs Monday nights at 8/7c on The CW.

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