Jane the Virgin Chapter 25 recap: Prerequisites and Co-parenting

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Jane-the-virgin-203-Michael-JaneTraditions in the Villanueva family are very important. That’s why, in this week’s episode of Jane the Virgin, everything needs to be in place for Mateo’s baptism.

One small problem is that Rafael hasn’t spoken with Michael about being Mateo’s godfather since Jane revealed that she loved both of them. Rafael still seems okay with the plan, but we’ll have to see what Michael says. I don’t think Rafael heard much of what Jane said over the phone since he was in shock at the doctor revealing that Petra is indeed pregnant. Yikes!

Since there’s no good news developing from Rafael and Petra’s story, we’ll move onto Jane’s story. The reason why she breaks out in a happy dance with Mateo is because she got a letter in the mail letting her know that she’s been accepted into a graduate writing program. I applaud Jane for pursuing her dreams and career right after having a baby. Nothing can stop her.

I told you Rafael wasn’t listening to Jane on the phone. When the family arrives to the church for Mateo’s baptism rehearsal, Rafael is shocked to see Michael. Jane can tell something is bothering Rafael and asks for him to come clean. After Rafael tells Jane about Petra and her turkey baster, I bet she was sorry she asked. I hope they won’t get together for a family Thanksgiving, because ew.

Ah, yes. Prerequisites can be your worst nightmare. Poor Jane now understands the feeling millions of college students suffer through when trying to advance in their college careers.

In order to start her grad school program, she’d have to start taking a summer class the next day in order to fulfill all her prerequisites. She’s worried about starting so soon because Mateo is only 3-weeks-old, but Xo warns her that she’s about to let motherhood hijack her goals. I’m glad that Xo is so supportive of her daughter. You can do it, Jane!

Jane-the-virgin-203-RogelioMeanwhile, Xo helps Rogelio get over his emotional attachment to his ex-wife Luciana. Since Rogelio needs to recast for his show, this might include allowing Luciana to audition.

Petra calls Rafael and Jane to a meeting. She basically gives them the options that she’s come up with on what she can do about the baster baby: have an abortion, find some Russian man and say it’s his so they can run away together and never be in contact with Rafael or Jane again, or co-parent with Rafael and Jane.

Petra’s primary job seems to be to make things more awkward, because she assumes Rafael and Jane are still together by telling them they would help raise her baby together. And now that Petra knows Rafael is single, she sees an opportunity to get with him.

This woman is ridiculous!

Jane-the-virgin-203-Jane-Abuela-XoI don’t believe there was a dry eye anywhere during little Mateo’s baptism. When Jane read the words that Abuela wrote for Xo’s baptism to start a new tradition, I completely lost it. This show is definitely an emotional rollercoaster and I love every second of it.

Jane lets Xo and Abuela know that she called the school to tell them she wouldn’t be able to attend. Of course, Xo and Abuela are shocked by Jane’s decision and convince her that she needs to go back. They tell her the truth in that she’ll miss some of Mateo’s firsts as he grows up, but that’s what they went through as mothers, too. Mateo will be perfectly fine because he has his family looking out for him.

Luisa is still missing because she’s been taken hostage by some German henchmen. Somehow Luisa was able to break free of her ties and tried to escape. Unfortunately, one of the henchmen woke up just as she was passing him. Luisa noticed something odd as the henchman began to tie her up to a chair once again. He didn’t show any aggression towards her and didn’t harm her in any way. That’s when Luisa realized that Rose had to be behind all of this — because she’s the only person that’s a psycho but also cares. In some twisted way, Luisa thinks this is romantic. I don’t see it.

Jane was going to leave the whole Petra decision up to Rafael, but after getting some advice from Michael, she wants to give her input. She tells Rafael that she thinks they should try to make things work out for all of them without Petra moving to Russia. It seems that Rafael wants the same thing, so Jane did a good job with the suggestion. I give Jane a lot of credit for being so civil with Petra and this whole situation. I’m not so sure I’d be able to keep my cool if I were in Jane’s position.

Jane-the-virgin-203-Rogelio-XoXo wasn’t too happy about Rogelio sharing a passionate kiss with Luciana during her audition. Eventually Xo comes clean and admits that she felt threatened by Luciana.

Rogelio tells Xo that she has nothing to worry about because she’s the one he wants to be with. In fact, to show how much he cares for Xo, he decided to not hire Luciana after all. I never thought I’d see the day that Rogelio would sacrifice his show and its success for love. Well, he probably thinks he’ll save the day and get all the ratings.

Michael gets a call from the Swiss vineyard that gave him the visitor log — including Rose’s alias. Back then she was going by the name “Denise.” The Swiss vineyard people tell Michael that Denise brought great suffering on their village and that he needs to be looking for “Heidi Von Ocher.” Now who the heck is this Heidi person?

Luisa thought she was in good hands because Rose asked her henchmen to kidnap her. Well it looks like the plans have changed. The kidnappers mention that Rose hasn’t even noticed that Luisa has gone missing so they need to convince Rose by hurting Luisa.

Jane-the-virgin-203-Rafael-JaneJane is overwhelmed with joy that she was able to get her spot back in grad school. In the heat of the moment, Rafael grabs Jane and kisses her. For whatever reason, Petra walked by just in time to catch the two kissing. What creeps me out is that Petra snapped a photo of the two smooching and proceeded to walk away. Why did she need to take a photo?

It’s clear that Luciana isn’t too thrilled about not getting the role in Rogelio’s telenovela. She shows up during his shoot to warn him that if she doesn’t get the role she’ll have to do things the hard way. We’re left with a cliffhanger of Luciana revealing a video to Rogelio and he seems pretty devastated about the fact that she would do such a thing. Wonder what it could be.

What were your thoughts on this episode of Jane the Virgin? Do you think Petra is really pregnant with Rafael’s child? It’s a telenovela type of show so anything is possible. Do you think Rafael agreeing to co-parent with Petra will bring them closer like she hopes? I know I wouldn’t want to be with a psycho like Petra after that. Who do you think kidnapped Luisa? Who is this Heidi Von Ocher and how is she connected to Rose? I was so happy to see Rafael kiss Jane! What do you think creepy Petra wants with the photo? What do you think is on that video of Rogelio? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Jane the Virgin airs Mondays at 9/8CT on The CW.

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  1. I agree… I heard Jane gets married this season… If its not to Raphael I am done! I also this the container was switched. I’m just waiting for when they say it… And if it was, who knocked her up, the man she cheated with then killed? Or locland… I could totally see it coming out a black baby… I would die laughing but again… I will be done watching if Jane doesn’t marry n loose that vcard to the father of her child… I’m also hoping Raphael gets his sperm sample back (meaning petra isn’t preggo from him) and Jane and Raphael get a chance to “plan” mateos little brother or sister! That’s my view… I can’t deal with Jane and Raphael not being together… They were simply perfect… N how many women can say the first man I kissed is the first man I had a child with and lost my virginity too after getting married… Medical mistake or not, they are meant to be… Not her and mushy micheal… Can’t, I simply cannot see them as more then friends…

  2. I’m hoping that Petra is pregnant by Roman Zazo…. well they did have sex when he kidnapped her. And/Or maybe Rafael’s former Executive Assistant switched the container that stored Rafael’s sperm when he found out Petra had stolen it. Family loyalty, since he did work for Rafael’s dad and then Rafael.

  3. If Jane doesn’t end up with Raphael I am not continuing to watch the show. Petra is just plain evil. Love, love the show just getting tired of the triangle, please make it Raphael.

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