The Walking Dead Season 6 episode 3 recap — No “Thank You”


After only three episodes, The Walking Dead Season 6 is killing me. Killing me! Each episode trumps the next in holy s–t! moments.

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Episode 3 is rough … and that’s putting it lightly. You watched it, so you know what I’m talking about. If you didn’t, you’re about to step in a steaming pile of heartbreaking spoilers. You have been warned.

THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 6 — Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee  – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Of course, we knew this episode would focus on Rick and the group dealing with the walker fiasco. While Rick, Michonne, Glenn and a handful of Alexandrians make their way through the woods toward home, Daryl walkies Rick. Despite the annoying horn and the trouble it’s caused, Daryl is resolute about returning to Alexandria. When he informs Rick that he’ll be heading back early, Rick says no way. He is answered with silence. “Daryl?” Daryl, with hard-set jaw, responds, “I heard ya.” He’s totally going back – for Carol, methinks. I guess he missed last week’s episode.

Now Rick must formulate yet another plan, but his train of thought is interrupted by one more aggravating Alexandrian. I’ll call him Blue Shirt – he doesn’t last very long. Once again, it’s all Rick’s fault … all the deaths, all the walkers, the depletion of the rainforest — okay, not the rainforest part. But Rick is the one to blame for all that goes wrong, right?

Now for the plan. Rick will run a mile back to the RV, hop in, circle around and distract the horn-following herd. He calls Glenn and Michonne over for a private powwow. In a nutshell, they are to get home, do what they can to protect the others, kill everything in their path and leave any laggers behind. Heath overhears this and looks displeased. Sucks to be on Team Lagger.

We’ve gone a minute without walkers, so here comes one to kill Blue Shirt. Note to Alexandrians – if you get chesty with Rick, you only get one episode. Rick strips Blue Shirt of supplies, tells the group to “Get home safe,” and heads off on his new mission.

And all this before the opening credits!

Glenn informs the group they are ahead of the herd by ten or twenty minutes. Michonne adds that if they start hoofing it, they’ll be home in no time. Is it just me, or is she becoming more of a cheerleader with each season? Heath can’t help but start in with the snide remarks. He’ll stop those soon enough. Glenn and a nice guy in a tan shirt (hereto forth Tan Shirt because I missed his name, too) have an exchange about their wives. Sturgis, (floppy-hat), whines about what’s ahead. Glenn responds, “Don’t worry about what’s going wrong. Figure out how to make this go right.” Why is everyone still standing around talking???

Enter the walkers. Fracas ensues; no guns unless necessary. Sturgis freaks out and shoots fellow Alexandrian, Scott … Sturgis runs away …. more walkers come … guns become necessary … Tan Shirt is bitten (just a little) … Annie’s ankle is sprained. Gad! Rick hasn’t been gone more than five minutes, and the group already has one defector, one soon-to-be walker, two injured, and four able bodies (though I’m seriously worried about Nicholas’ “nobody’s home” moments).

Tan Shirt, though he’s bitten, wants to make it home to say good-bye to his wife.  He explains his situation to Michonne.  Before being found by Aaron, he was alone for so long, he “gave up on being an actual person.” His wife was his first friend in Alexandria.  Finding her “was everything.” Michonne acknowledges him with somber empathy. She gets it.  She was there.  I mentioned her change in attitude earlier, and as much as I liked her as a badass, I think I like her even more as a badass with a purpose.

Daryl, Sasha and Abraham continue leading the walkers on their twenty-mile trek, but Daryl breaks the news that he’s returning to Alexandria at the five-mile mark. Based on his expression, which can only be deciphered by the intensity of his scowl, they know he’s out. Sasha tries, “You wanna go, we can’t stop you, but if you go, they might stop us.”

Speeding off, he says, “Nah! I got faith in ya!”

As the other group pushes on, it’s common sense that they can’t stay out in the open long enough to fix Scott’s leg. Glenn suggests the group find cover in a nearby town. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure it’s where Aiden (yay) and Noah (sniffle) met their demise last season. They see Sturgis’s hat (and later the “rest” of him).  Nicholas gets that trippy look again, and Glenn snaps him out of it. What the hell would Nicholas do without Glenn? After slipping into a pet store, they assess their situation. I do my own assessment, deduce there is no way they are all getting out alive and start hypothesizing who will be next to go. I have a fairly good idea, but I don’t like it, so I go pour a stiff drink in preparation.

Walkers abound, they’re stuck fast and they haven’t had a solid idea yet. When Glenn suggests burning buildings to distract the walkers long enough for escape, I grab my drink. When Nicholas volunteers to go along — and Glenn agrees — I drain it. Michonne offers to do the job, reminding him of Maggie, but the ever-valiant Glenn is going and Nicholas will lead the way. I stomp to the kitchen and re-fill my drink. I know what’s coming, and I’m already pissed. I often reach points during episodes where I actually believe I can will the script to change. Never works.

Walkers – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Before departing to certain demise, Glenn moves away from the group. With a look of resignation, he rifles through his pack to find Herschel’s watch. Then he contacts Rick on the walkie … at least he tries. He reveals their location, the situation with the herd that’s gone astray, and the plan to use fire as a means of distraction. He warns that if there is no smoke, Rick should still expect the walkers. He and Nicholas set out.

Glenn attempts to contact Rick, but Rick is busy running full-bore toward the RV. He’s ambushed by several walkers and wipes them out in a flurry, but as he continues running, I note an injury to his hand. I assume he cut himself while stabbing walkers, but with all of the sneaky nibbles the walkers have inflicted during the course of the series, I find myself wondering … just a little.

Did Rick hear any of Glenn’s message?

Back at the pet store, Scott is bandaged and Annie is equipped with a cane, yet the tension between Heath and Michonne is growing. Scott and Annie recommend they be left behind, but Michonne refuses. Heath continues with the potshots and Michonne finally snaps. She asks him if he has a problem, and he reveals that he overheard Rick’s directive to leave “them” – the Alexandrians – behind should the need arise. Michonne reminds Heath that both she and Glenn are still with them and “Rick said what he said because sometimes you don’t have a choice.”

Even though Heath has not been through anything close to what Michonne and her group have, he still isn’t getting it … he’s been out there, too. Yeah. Michonne decides it’s time for a reality check and delineates exactly what her group has experienced. “Have you ever done things that make you afraid of yourself afterward?” is just one of many enlightening questions she asks Heath, and his petrified expression ensures we’ve heard the last of his passive-aggressive BS. Good. I was seriously starting to hate him.

On their quest, Nicholas and Glenn come across a walker that was once an Alexandrian – nineteen-year-old Will, another casualty of Alexandrian flight over fight. Nicholas gets that spacy look in his eyes, but Glen reminds him, “You’re not that guy anymore!” Nicholas pulls it together and steps up to put Will out of his misery. Ever since this season began, I’ve argued with myself over being okay with Nicholas … at this point, I think I might be. The sound of gunfire coming from Alexandria increases the urgency to start some fires.

That same gunfire serves to draw a herd further into town and past the pet store. Michonne suggests waiting it out until the walkers pass, but we know that waiting it out is never an option – disruption from within gains attention of some walkers, leaving the group no choice but to fight their way out. They do, but Annie doesn’t get far. Unsure of where to go, they find themselves trapped by a tall gate. With walkers closing in, capitulation within the group is apparent, but Michonne will not go down. She insists, “We’re doing this!” They make it over the gate — except for Tan Shirt, and though he was cool, he was already doomed. In fact, with walkers grabbing at her feet, he probably assisted Michonne to safety. Tan Shirt, I seriously hope you get one hell of a send-off on Talking Dead.

And now … NOW! … we come the worst part of the episode. Surrounded by a herd, Glenn suggests they take to the woods, but Nicholas suggests they don’t. He picks an alleyway instead … so dumb. This particular alleyway is surrounded by chain-link fencing, walkers on all sides, and a lone dumpster. Nicholas and Glenn know they have no chance, but continue to fight their way onto the dumpster. I’m now on my third drink.

Looking down on the mass of walkers, Nicholas becomes completely consumed by the gravity of the situation. He’s so far gone that Glenn’s shouts cannot snap him out of it. He turns to Glenn, says, “Thank you,” and proceeds to blow his own brains out. Glenn stares in terror as Nicholas falls forward, knocking him into the sea of walkers. I start to get teary-eyed and blame it on the drinks, but watching Glenn being torn apart in slow motion for what seems like ten minutes completely sets off the waterworks. Even though Nicholas changed his tune, he still screwed Glenn in the end … okay, not totally … neither one of them was getting out of that alive. I gotta be a realist. And I really need a tissue.

THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 6 — Michael Traynor as Nicholas Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Having escaped, Michonne, Heath, and Scott find themselves at a river. There is no smoke, but Heath tries to be positive, suggesting Glenn and Nicholas made it; looking at Michonne, he knows better. As they support Scott and wade into the river, Heath sees his bloodied reflection in the water, and we know that he finally knows what it’s really like on the outside. When they make it to Alexandria, he will understand that no wall can keep the outside from finding its way in.

As the episode ends, Rick makes it to the RV. He walkies Glenn – nothing. He walkies Tobin – nothing. He walkies Daryl – Daryl answers. Rick, hearing the gunfire from home speaks into the walkie, “We keep going for them. We can’t turn back because we’re afraid.” While Rick nurses his hand, an asshat (stray Wolf?) busts in, firing on Rick. Daryl hears gunshots on the walkie, gets no response from Rick, and speeds up. Instead of continuing to Alexandria, he returns to Sasha and Abraham. What a champ!

One assailant becomes two, and Rick blasts both. He finds a jar of baby food in the pocket of one … from Alexandria? He sees several more scumbags slinking alongside the RV and promptly guns them down before they get in. But then, the RV won’t start … and we hear the walkers. From an aerial view, we see them – and there are more than a few.

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Talking Dead will be all about the “In Memoriam” section this week.

I’m despondent and full of questions. Help me cope in the comment section. I need consoling. Points to ponder:

  • The fate of Nicholas and Glenn is unknown to the group. What will Maggie do? I hope like hell she doesn’t see Glenn amongst the walkers. After all she’s lost and been through, how will she survive this?
  • What happened to Rick’s hand? Knife wound — or worse?
  • Did Nicholas do what he did because he’s a total coward? Because he couldn’t stand to see Glenn die? Would we have felt better if he shot Glenn before shooting himself? Holy crap! Talk to me about this one! I’m really upset.
  • Who else remembers Herschel’s watch?
  • Did this episode make you remember what the show is really about? Talk to me!

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  1. they really screwed up the scene in Glenn’s death. He was wearing a satchel and shirt buttoned up. He never took the satchel off and fighting of walkers never had a chance to ummmm… unbutton his shirt. From the street to the top of the dumpster his shirt satchel disappears. Then from the top of the dumpster his shirt becomes unbuttoned. As the two characters are shown right before they fall you see them both wearing almost identical clothing. Tan button down shirts over grey t-shirts. is this done for an out? As we see a shirt over Glenn being eaten or not eaten. Or, did they screw up and realize they have to open Glenn’s shirt for the special effects to work? Or… does Glenn pull himself under the dumpster and survive and its Nikolas’ body being eaten on top of him???

    • I thought about that after the fact – the Nicholas falling on Glenn guts part. It all just seemed so odd. I can’t believe the editors (or gaffers?) for a series this big could mess up so much, though I usually miss that stuff. My husband (film major) never does…now I want to go back and watch again. You are super astute in noting that in light of the awful crap going down. All I could do is say “NOOOOOOOO!” in slow motion right along with what was ‘happening’ to Glenn. I am going to continue to believe he is alive, but if he comes back with his bag all walker style, I’m going to write nasty notes to Gimple that will never be read! And then I’ll swear off watching TWD, just like I did when Herschel went, but continue to watch it anyway because I’m an addict. 🙂

    • All moot!!!!!!!

      So, if Glenn is dead a Z, if alive also not the same; loses an e.g., hand, but not necessarily losing himself e.g., a belief humans can redeem themselves. Alive or dead changed, and this change came at a price. What’s the price? His own humanity? No. If you are a person of real character, you don’t cave in because of choices you make. There’s always that element of sacrifice. And, because Glenn made that cocky statement to Nicholas in the first place, Glenn was choosing, in a way, who lives and who dies. Sorry, Glenn just got too big for his pizza hat!

      • I have been aggravated with characters and how they behave/act under certain circumstances, but I have to commend Glenn on his tolerance of Nicholas, who was a royal ass pain last season.

  2. “While Rick nurses his hand, an asshat (stray Wolf?) busts in, firing on Rick.” – The asshat is the wolf that Morgan lets go free with the handgun in the previous episode.

    • That’s what I thought, but as I always do…especially with this season…I second guessed myself…and in another response, I said my dog ate my glasses…it wasn’t a joke. My dog really did eat my glasses (No animals were hurt during the eating of the glasses). Let’s talk more. Morgan needs to stop with the beatings and start listening to Carol. Do ya think he killed that other Wolf (who sucked) from the end of season five?

  3. Should have known when the “Dumb Ass” comment was used, Glen was going to leave us. Yes, several tissues and beers were required. The Watch is going to be the symbol that tells Maggie he has met his demise. I am very worried about Maggie now because she has lost everyone in her life. Question, is she pregnant? Is this the part of Glen we will see in the future or is this horrible world going to take over? So many questions, no answers! Excellent read and looking to come back here again! Thanks!

    • YAY! Thanks for commenting! And you brought up Maggie being pregnant, which I forgot about, but that’s the first thing I thought when she said…I don’t remember exactly what she said, but it flew over Glenn’s head and, he kinda dismissed it. Your mention of that being the part of Glenn we will see led me to a silly and inappropriate head movie of a baby with Glenn’s head…it’s early and I haven’t had any coffee yet. I do have hope that the guts he was covered in were Nicholas’, and like they’ve done before, he used the gross to mask his ‘alive guy’ scent and crawled his way out of the mess…anything!!! Now I gotta spend the week in mourning. Thanks again for reading, and I look forward to more chats!

    • Wait – remember Glen’s comment that if he survives he’ll find a way to let them all know he’s OK? The overhead camera angle of him shoving himself under the dumpster? The lack of his eulogy and appearance in the Talking Dead? These are ALL strong indicators that he’s still around and not as a walker or as a flashback. No. Glen lives. Not sure how, but another ‘distraction’ lures the herd away from the dumpster. I have decided that MY weapon of choice int he Z.A. would be something like that shotgun/silencer/air weapon that ‘Anton Churguh’ /used in Cormac McCarthy’s ‘No Country for Old Men’ with a flamethrower for clean up duty. Javier Bardem would be an AWESOME allay on TWD. As for that dopey online FTWD Flight 462 – preposterous. AND Mr. Strand is starring on Steven Soderbergh’s fantastic ‘The Knick’.

      • I love this comment! Especially because Javier Bardem SHOULD be an ally! I am leaning toward Glenn lives. I was initially shocked and whiny, but after I collected myself and wiped my teary eyes, I began thinking on it…bah, they’re messing with us. Just use the flamethrower to take care of it all in one fell swoop, though they’d have to figure out how to deal with fueling them eventually…I had a roommate that lit his farts, but the flame wasn’t enough to do more than possibly burn off a walker eyebrow. Lol! Thanks for the input! Come back for more!

  4. So the going theory is that Nicholas died and Glenn imagined his own death while he hides inside the dumpster. Those saying that have several (good) explanations, including the overhead shot that seemed to have the dumpster more centered than the bodies. The dumpster has to have more significance than just a high up place, right?

    Not wishful thinking. I like the trend that shows are taking by killing off major characters and keeping viewers on their toes (Game of Thrones, anyone?). But I don’t think Glenn is dead.

    Oh, and in the comic books Rick’s hand is cut off. So….

    • You have consoled me. I thank you for that. I like the ‘in the dumpster’ theory. I even thought, “Why are you guys on it and not IN it??? But you can bet we won’t know he’s alive for sure before the season takes that long, agonizing break. I started reading the comics, but stopped because I didn’t want to ruin watching the show – I know they are different and didn’t want that ticking me off either. But Rick’s hand…if it’s coming off, it better be soon! And I hope he does it himself – Dr. Denise has proven herself ineffective. Next episode is 90 minutes long. It better not consist of an extra thirty minutes of Dr. Denise freaking out about cutting off a hand. I’m excited about this season!

  5. This was hard. Very hard to watch. Only 3 episodes in and so many major characters have met their demise. I kinda felt like Sturgess got what he deserved for 1.) shooting one of his own, and 2.) Bailing on the rest. That death I was OK with. Tan Shirt Guy, yeah, he’s as good as dead. And I should’ve known that just because that RV started up right away that wasn’t a sign that everything was going to go smoothly for Rick. How he’s going to make it out alive the next episode after being surrounded by all those walkers is beyond me. He may be the next casualty. That baby food jar he found…there has to be significance there. Where did it come from? But on to the biggest shock of the episode…..Nicholas & Glenn. No, I don’t think Nicholas did what he did because he was a coward. I sensed that something snapped in him when he had to kill Will. He never lost that same spaced out look and I think when surrounded, he just gave up. Mentally checked out and wanted out. But having seen what happened to Glenn I’m inclined to believe his was an accidental death. What I mean is I don’t think Nicholas purposely tried to knock him into the sea of walkers. So I don’t BLAME Glenn’s death on Nicholas. They both were going to die no matter what. I almost wish Nicholas would’ve spared Glenn the violent, vicious end by shooting him first before killing himself. And that pains me to say. Now I need a tissue…

    • I used the whole box, so I can’t help in the tissue department…LOL. It’s been one thing after another. I think if Rick goes right after Glenn, we (fans) will all become walkers. I’m already having a hard time walking to the fridge for a drink without lumbering and groaning!

  6. I need consoling too. And I’m not entirely sure that Rick will keep that hand. I had a few drinks. And shed a few tears. I’m a Rick girl all the way, but Glenn was always up there in a tie for second. It’s a sad night.

    • I am giving you a virtual hug and a virtual toast. What a flaming bummer. And then the crapola with no tribute on The Talking Dead because, well, maybe…if they bring him back as a walker and parade him in front of Maggie, I’ll lose it. Maybe all the guts on Glenn fell outta Nicholas…remember when Carol rubbed walker gross on herself to avoid being eaten? Maybe he crawled out from under all of them…one can only hope/wish.

    • WHAT have I missed about Rick’s hand? I find it bizarre that he left Judith in that town full of warped fools………I loved her in Nurse Jackie, but here ‘Denise’ is a non-entity. Better BECOME the doc, and SOON girl. If Rick’s hand was bitten, he’s a goner because the uptake is very rapid after a bite. Though everyone who dies, ‘turns’ rather promptly. Will the walkers swim/wade/float through the creek? Since they’re dead, and not technically exchanging oxygen, they could theoretically walk on the riverbed and simply surface on the other side. Perhaps that is what will take place en route to Mr. Strand’s yacht next season on FTWD. PS – If I don’t seek the walker changeover on that plan headed to Phoenix SOON – I’m checking out on Flight 462.

      • Well, note that the guy in the tan shirt was bitten and lasted for a while…until the walkers really got him as the rest were going over the fence. I think it may depend on the magnitude of the bite…Rick looked like he only had a nibble (if that is what it was)…and after he was done poking at walkers with that little pocket knife, I noted that he gave up and was using something much larger. Perhaps he will remove his own hand, cauterize it with something that magically appears, and replace it with a chainsaw, Ash style. Okay, getting giddy and silly. Sorry. 🙂

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