Alaskan Bush People are back Nov. 11! Season 3 preview

Do the Alaskan Bush People get paid? We asked! Read our interview with the Brown family.

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Alaskan Bush People

Discovery Channel confirmed today that Alaskan Bush People Season 3 premieres Wednesday, Nov. 11. Here’s a promo video:

From the Discovery Channel press release:

The Browns are back when Alaskan Bush People returns to Discovery Channel on November 11th at 9PM ET/PT. With close to 5 million viewers an episode last season, Alaskan Bush People was the #1 original series on all of television – including broadcast – on Friday nights across P25-54, M25-54, P18-49, and M18-49.

Last Season, Billy Brown, his wife Ami and their seven grown children – five boys and two girls – finally settled down, having built their dream home on the remote Chichagof Island, Alaska. Making their house a home, the Browns worked to source consistent food staples along with “bush comfort” – a homemade clothes dryer constructed from an oil drum, old metal fencing, and heated by an open fire.

With shelter in place, it’s time for the Browns to look towards the future and take life in the bush to the next level. Billy realizes that in order for Browntown to thrive, he must give his kids more responsibility maintaining life at home and stocking up for winter. It’s time for Brown town to grow and grow up.

I’m excited to say that our ABP recaps will be back, and I expect the live Bush Bash Twitter Room to be in full effect once again.

I also predict this season that we’ll see:
– A boat fails to start. Then commercial. Then the boat starts.
– Dental problems.
– Matt builds something stupid/useless.
– An important hunt.
– Magically Disappearing Inclement Weather.
– Someone who is not actually missing goes missing.
– “Grandbabies! Grandbabies! Grandbabies!”
– Howling. Always with the f!@#ing howling.
– The Skiff kicking all sorts of ass.


    • I cannot believe that as long as Billy and Ami have been married, they still do not have a house! I’m surprised they all don’t have high blood pressure the way Billy is always pushing and rushing them, saying, “we have to get this done now our future depends on it or we’re not going to have nothing What kind of life is that?? This show is so full of it that it is ridiculous! But, it’s like a car wreck you can’t stop watching!But, I have never seen grown men act so Childish And geeky in my entire life. They are more interested in digging dirt And eating bugs Then they are finding a girlfriend or a wife. I wonder where they go to when they are Feel those sexual urges?I wish I could have a pair of scissors to cut off those long nasty stringy moustache whiskers from Billy’s face! Just once, I would like to see one whole show that Billy isn’t saying, “our future depends on what happens if we don’t get something done right now!” I haven’t seen Ami do anything but pick a couple of berries, or Noah make silly things out of plastic, and all Billy does is order the boys around threatening them that if they don’t get this job done, its their last chance and their future is in jeopardy! Come on boys! Wake up! Get a job, buy a house, buy a car and quit lyin about not havin cell phones! Why would Billy and Amy move to such a secluded location when both of them have health problems? They also have Their children’s Help to worry about to the way they work them to death. What if one of them fell from a tree and broke their back? How in the heck would they get him to the hospital? Come on people we’re not this stupid!Lol What a stupid ass show!

  1. I had intended to watch the your program, but the backround so called music(noise)was so load and obnoxious,it was hard to understand what the were saying. Try dropping the volumne a bit, and i might try it again.

  2. I tried to watch this season’s first episode last night but all I found was the rerun for Ami’s surgery. So disappointing!

  3. I only began watching towards the end of season 2. I will say the show is enjoyable to watch but the parents here have truly handicapped these “kids”. They are all lacking social skills and maturity for the most part. If Billy (God forbid) were to be seriously injured or worse, these people would not be able to live on their own. He has really handicapped his kids. The youngest girl has a chance along with her sister and probably Bam also, just because of his intolerant attitude. I think Gabe is by far the best of them all but he “needs” his siblings and I think he would be held back feeling responsible for many of the others. This is a prime example of how NOT to raise children. I don’t mean living off the land, etc.. That part is fine. They just have not allowed their offspring to mature. Matt is in for serious trouble unless he really does a 180. Good luck to the Browns and God bless them all. Looking forward to this season.

  4. Wow!
    Haters exist here too, so what if it’s staged n ya da ya da .
    Notice they are living in the bush,while everyone complains as they got it on their tube.
    The Brown family seems to be carefree and livin life as they see fit and not how all the cloans expect them to.
    Good entertainment hospitable family and no haters in that group.

  5. Rainy sometimes looks less like a 12 year old girl and more like a 40 year old alcoholic barfly from Lindenwold.

    • I agree.. Rainy was heavy on the eyeliner on the “previews” show the other night. They actually kind of “spotlighted” what an idiot Matt is. And promised us he would be more “adult” this season. Even Noah-it-all said, “Matt is old, but not an adult”. Smartest thing Noah has ever said.

      They even showed us in the previews: Ami is at deaths door again, not wanting to leave her kids. Which actually, only one “kid” is under 18, so she didn’t want to leave her adult offspring to go get this medical attention that she apparently desperately needs. Billy, big shocker, is also at deaths door again, so they seek him STAT medical attention. Then it shows Matt falling down a roof, leaving us “hanging” (pun intended) to see what happens to him. It also shows Bam almost being decapitated, and if you look closely at his face he is really p!ssed off.

      The Skiff has it’s own preview actually, Sh!t-for-brains Matt forgets to tie The Skiff to the Integrity. Everyone is panic stricken for the poor skiff. But Billy admits he feels “sorry” for Matt for the way the others “dog” him or something for being a screw up.

      Anyway, just my two cents on this coming season. I will watch because I guess I have no life. I am also intrigued to see if that Bear breaking into that cabin eats Matt’s little voo doo totem head.

  6. Somebody said “awesome sauce” in the preview like they say on the tv ads…

    Totally wild family alright.

  7. I luv the comment,s as much as the show. Wish them all the best too. I’ve also watch other mountain men programs, so log cabins are pretty basic, what is going on with all the plastic tents?

  8. I look forward to all the new Bush inventions that Noah will create.
    Instead of Bear being be the source of energy for the generator I am sure that Noah can build a mill and harness the constant stream that flows on their property.
    I would like to see Bear and Bam Bam and the other sons and daughters be given tasks that will require them develop social skills.

    I truly enjoy watching the Browns solve the myriad number of problems that seem to endlessly come their way.

    I wish them all of the best.

  9. I’ve missed ABP and your recaps mostly! It’s kinda bad, but I’ve been checking Bing every couple weeks to see when it’s coming back on…I think I need a life lol…But we can all band together again and commiserate about the ridiculousness!

  10. Hey Ryan I did not forget about you because I got your e-mail updates. However, nothing you write is as funny as ABP. Could that be because ABP is not an outdoor adventure program but has been a comedy all along? Everything you write about I can see in the two seconds I surf past the show. That speaks to how predictable, intellectually bereft, & ridiculous ABP is. It amazes me how people see this show and defend this pile of crap. It is a show about chronically homeless scammers who made good. Ironically people will see the same type of family living in a tent on the sidewalk and act as if there are not homeless pooping nearby. Dicscovery Channel should give all the homeless a camera and get real again.That footage might just learn America a thing or two. As Trump has risen in the polls using low information voters, ABP has prospered using the same low info viewers. The Skiff is the only family member with integrity. Hail mighty Skiff.

  11. Yay! I’ve missed your recaps and the comedy hour that is Alaakan Bush People. Can’t wait to see them fake live in the bush while all kinds of made up drama swirls about them.

  12. I never knew about the bush in Alaska, the scenery is stunningly BEAUTIFUL..the westward movement in the lower forty-eight was very, very difficult, but not like living in the bush in Alaska. I applaud the Brown family, I have learned so much about how to survive like our forefathers did. However, I do feel that the Brown children have missed many great things, socially and educationally. Knowledge is valuable in real time and out of books, through directed study. The brothers seem very unequipped to meet and build a relationship with females, Ami’s dream for Brown Town and grand babies seem not likely.
    What young woman wants to be in such a difficult situation, even very dangerous much of the time? Even the young women they have encountered in some of the towns they are near do not live like the Browns do. The one brother was so devastated because the girl he was interested in chose to go to college. The Browns always express they want to do whatever they want, that they cannot get that living outside of the bush lifestyle, I am almost 70 and have lived ” free, the way I want”. What’s the problem?? Medical issues are very serious, this family is aging and as far as I have seen have little to none health care, medicine used appropriately can give a good quality of life as we age, I am into holistic medicine, tempered with modern science that has benefited mankind.I will continue to watch this program and wish the best for this family as they carry on with their story..the scenery of Alaska is just a gift from God!!! I hope there are many more seasons for this program.

    • Hi, Twin A, this is just to say that actually I and other women I know live the real bush Alaskan life. I won’t say it isn’t tough and yes, it is dangerous, but if you’ve always got that awareness at the back of your mind, you can do perfectly well. I built my own floathouse and have lived way out, without access to hospitals or other kuxuries for most of my life very happily, never considering it a matter of deprivation.

      On the other hand, you’re right about not developing all the social skills that would be useful in Town situations! Oh, well, I’ll just muddle through and continue to soak up the breathtaking scenery. You were very right about that, too.

  13. To the salty jaded folks above: I’m sorry you can’t watch a show and enjoy it for what it’s worth without chewing it apart for it’s lack of what you perceive as authenticity. I suggest you stop stop tuning in and maybe instead watch the Real Housewives of Whatever. I will personally continue to watch and root for the Browns without judging and nitpicking every single thing they do.

    On a side note: This show has infinite possibilities for spin-offs. Aside from the obvious Bush Dating possibilities, I’d love to see a bush cooking show starring bear. He catches the fish, punches the crap out of it, then shows you how to dress and cook it… in a tree. I mainly just want to watch him punch fishes forever.

  14. Maybe you can compile a Brown-to-English dictionary too…
    Storm – light breeze
    Dangerous seas – choppy water
    In the bush – just outside of town

    • no kidding! kind of like when Billy says “boys, we have a lot of work to do” and Billy never actually does anything and talks to the “boys” like they are eight years old… is more of a comedy than reality and you know they aren’t broke or strapped for cash…..I enjoy it just for the “Three Stooges” theme

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