Face Off Season 9 episode 13 recap: Movie Magic Part 1

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Face Off Season 9 episode 13 begins with the usual reality show “blah, blah, blah I’m stressed out & miss my family so here – talk to them on FaceTime so we can see who is bolstered by this & who cries.” Face Off is one of the nicest reality shows on TV, so the whole “humanize the contestants” seems really unnecessary. These people already seem nice, so I really don’t need to see them getting emotional with their loved ones to let me know that.

Face Off season 9 episode 13 Nora teamBut then again, I never like the “family moment” portion of reality TV even when it does teach me something about the contestants.

So on to the finale!

The three finalists are each going to work on a short film with Patrick Tatopoulos. (Congrats on the wedding!) They get to test their makeups before the final shooting, which they’re all super psyched about. They also get to work with eliminated contestants. Their selections are:

Face Off season 9 episode 13 Evan team

Ben – Jordan, Scott
Evan – Kevon, Stevie
Nora – Jasmine, Meg

Face Off season 9 episode 13 Ben team

The usual hijinks occur – clay gets ripped off; cohesion is questioned; “leadership” and “time management” are mentioned, and of course molds have cracks. And Ben doesn’t get any color on his characters until last looks. And then he realizes that one character has a whole swath unpainted. Yikes.

Face Off season 9 episode 13 Nora test

Each test run goes well for each artist. Even Evan who is given the most elements to tweak got overall pretty good feedback.

Face Off season 9 episode 13 Evan test

It’s time for a twist! Of course the artists don’t actually get 2 days to tweak their 2 designs. That’s way too generous for reality TV. Apparently all of the scripts have changed & now the artists have to design a 3rd character as well.

Face Off season 9 episode 13 Ben test

And that’s what we have in store for part 2 – next week’s final finale!

Who do you think is doing well? Personally, I want Nora to take it, but they seem to be giving Evan more of a “redemption” storyline. We’ll all know soon enough on the season finale of Face Off.