Empire Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: You’ve Been Marked

Amanda Watter

EMP205-Jamal-NeYoIf you’ll recall on last week’s episode of Empire, Lucious and his sly dog of an attorney, Thirsty, placed Vernon’s rotting corpse in Roxanne Ford’s car. As horrifying as that may sound, it worked out in Lucious’ favor.

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All the charges against Lucious were dropped and Vernon’s death was made out to be a suicide. I’m beginning to worry about the life lessons that this show is teaching. Be smart, kiddos!

Following through with what he said for once, Lucious has made Andre president of Gutter Life Records. Instead of celebrating with everyone, it appears that Andre has a new outlook on life. The whole stripper scene doesn’t suit him anymore.

Lucious needs to watch for Jamal’s new tour mate, Ne-Yo. Lucious tries warning Jamal that he shouldn’t bring Michael with him on tour because Jamal should be in “full seduction mode” when he steps out on that stage instead of focusing on his boyfriend. Ne-Yo thinks it’s great that Jamal has found someone real to love. He advises Jamal to bring Michael along if he thinks this could be the one for him.

EMP205-TianaTiana thinks she’s being nice by taking a photo with some fans outside of Lyon Dynasty, but things turn ugly pretty quickly when one of the two girls slips a razor blade out of her mouth. The two girls threaten to use the blade on Tiana and eventually get away with her purse.

Soon, a video is posted online of the girls going through Tiana’s purse while wearing masks. A male figure steps forward, also wearing a mask, and he warns Lyon Dynasty that they’ll have to pay for being in their kingdom. Cookie knows that they’ve been marked and that these people are going to continue their shenanigans until they’re satisfied. These people must not realize who they’re messing with!

Cookie meets with promoter Laz Delgado (Adam Rodriguez) to help Lyon Dynasty grow. Delgado is the first promoter that Cookie has met with that hasn’t run away after hearing about Tiana’s altercation with those mysterious girls. My guess is Delgado knows a thing or two about who these online hooligans are and that’s why he isn’t afraid to work for Cookie.

Uh oh, looks like Michael won’t be joining Jamal and Ne-Yo on tour after all. It’s quite ironic that Jamal caught Michael cheating on him with the artist that Michael hated because he thought he was hitting on Jamal. Funny how the world works, isn’t it?

EMP205-Laz-Delgado Cookie may have hired Delgado as a promoter, but turns out he has other talents, too. When some men break into Lyon Dynasty, Cookie and Delgado get out their guns. Cookie don’t play around! She makes one of the guys open up the bag to reveal what he was about to steal. Turns out they work for Thirsty and were about to take all of Lyon Dynasty’s music. At least Andre was smart enough to say no to Thirsty’s offer.

Andre is standing up for his faith and trying to turn his life around. He wants to get baptized, too, but in order to do so, he needs to confess his sins to his family members. Of course, Lucious isn’t too fond of the idea of going to church to watch his son “get dunked in tap water.” Lucious thinks Andre should just “man up,” because that’s the only way he’ll thrive in life.

Hakeem’s new lead singer for his girl group, Laura, isn’t fitting into his world like he thought she would. I really like this girl because she’s standing up for herself and not letting Hakeem take advantage of her like the majority of the other girls do. For once, Hakeem gets to feel what it’s like to be rejected and work towards a normal business relationship with a woman.

Baby steps, Hakeem. All Laura ever wanted was to sing not be another one of your side chicks.

Empire_205-Andre-LuciousEven though it seems that everyone in the Lyon family has been fighting with each other, they all get together to support Andre on the day of his baptism. The only person missing is Lucious, but Cookie thinks it’s probably for the best because if “that devil walked, in the whole place might catch on fire.” It may be a joke, but Cookie does have a point: As Lucious walked through the church doors, I was sort of waiting for either the building or Lucious to start smoking.

Hakeem’s jog through the park comes to an abrupt stop when some men come up from behind him and place a bag over his head. They carry him into a van as one man tells him that he warned him this would happen. I’m wondering how all of this happened in broad daylight, in a populated area and no one saw anything or stopped to help him out.

What were your thoughts on this episode of Empire? Do you think Andre will be able to handle the pressure of running Gutter Life Records? Hopefully this baptism was the answer he needed in order to reset himself. If only Lucious would be on board. What are your thoughts on Laz Delgado? Do you think he’s bad news or is he genuinely trying to help Cookie out? Were you proud of Laura for sticking up for herself? You can see she’s a true artist because she’s only interested in singing and not the fame or money that might come along with this new opportunity. What do you think is going to happen to Hakeem? Who are these people that took him and what do they want? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Photos: Chuck Hodes/FOX