Recap: Monica the Medium, Episode 9 “Finals Week”

Monica the Medium, Episode 9 Kellie Freeze
Yee-Haw, cowgirl!

Sometimes I get so caught up and blown away by the lives that Monica touches, that I forget she’s a college student. It’s hard enough to attend classes and study and have a social life without a constant distraction like Spirit. This week Monica is elbow-deep in finals and is cramming for her last — and toughest — final. Dreaded Psychology. Oh Monica, your life would be much easier if you could get messages from Freud.

Mitch is back in the picture; he’s contacted Monica for a date! Phew, because I was getting worried about the future of Mitchica. Monica isn’t sure perfect-as-pie Mitch is ‘the one,” but let’s be serious girl, you’re 21, he doesn’t have to be the one, but he can suer be one. Prince charMitch has invited Monica to go horseback riding. But first, the final. You can do it!

In a TV second, finals are over, and Monica and roomies Julie and Krista head to a nearby pub to relax. Everyone’s glad that the school year is over, but Monica feats that she’s failed her psych final. She wonders that if she does, maybe it’s a sign that she should take time off from school. Julie smells B.S. and says, “Monica thinks that if she fails this big psych exam that it’s a sign from Spirit that she should just drop out of school, I don’t think that’s true at all. If she failed it, that’s on her, not on Spirit.” Slow clap, sister.

Monica the Medium, Episode 9
One of these diners has a mom who is desperate to connect.

After they eat, Monica feels a mother’s Spirit trying to come through and her focus turns to a nearby table. Paula has passed over, and wants to pass a message to “My one and only,” the nickname she called daughter Kayla. Kayla’s grandmother Rosalie also comes through, and Kayla happens to be wearing her grandmother’s bracelet.

Monica the Medium, Episode 9
Kayla came to get a bite, got her life changed instead.

Kayla regrets that the last time her mother called, she didn’t pick up or return the call. She’s also remorseful that their last conversation didn’t end with their usual, “I love you.” She wishes she’d slowed down and given more weight to the important people in her life. She would have been more present, but her mother understands her daughter’s wish to turn back time, but assures her that even though that final message of love went unsaid, it was still understood. Kayla feels the stress and guilt that she’s carried lifted from her shoulders; and her face is so much brighter at the end of the conversation than it was at the beginning!

On a note of LOL, Krista tells Monica that she dropped her phone in the toilet. Haven’t we all?!?

After a bit of levity, Monica starts to tress. She’s gotten an email from their landlord to re-sign their lease, but Monica is unsure. She doesn’t know if she’s passed her psych class and is feeling the stress of the passage of time. Krista wants her BFF to relax and deal with events one at a time.

Monica the Medium, Episode 9
Monica’s BFF gives advice that proves why she’s the bestie.

Monica’s sisters come for a visit and bring their calm to their sister’s stress storm. Monica hints that school might not be for her, her sisters tell her she’s getting ahead of herself and calm her down. I’m sure they’re envisioning their mom’s head exploding if Monica leaves college without a degree. Monica isn’t a psychic, so she doesn’t know what her future holds, but she needs to accept things as they come and as they are. Thank goodness for sisters, they talk you off of the edge of crazy. Monica tells her sisters that she has an upcoming date with Mitch. “He’s everything I’ve been looking for,” she gushes. I agree, Monica; Mitch is a keeper!

The girls celebrate the end of finals with a fun night out. But it’s dog-sitting duty for under-21, Joanna. Bummer, little sister. Krista’s party plan for the night: “we’re doing to get drunk, we’re going to have fun and we’re going to talk about it in the morning.”

And of course, it’s not a night out for Monica unless Spirit tags along and soon, Monica’s vibing Spirit near a table with a mom and her two adult children. Surprisingly, the roomies encourage Monica to give them a reading, so Monica introduces herself to Lisa, Kylie and Cory. Lisa lost her husband, and Kylie and Cory lost their father. Lisa and Lynn were childhood sweethearts Lynn was killed in a motorcycle accident. He reassures his family that even though he was in intensive care and his body was technically alive in the hospital, his soul had already crossed over, and he was in heaven. He told his son that the difficult decision that he had to make was the right one. Lynn was so glad that his wife wasn’t on the motorcycle, as planned. He also reassures his wife that his wedding ring, that was lost shortly after his death, isn’t needed for him to still be her committed soul mate. Their love will never be taken away, and if she ever finds love again, he give her his blessing. What makes him happy is seeing his family happy.

Monica the Medium, Episode 9
Yee-Haw, cowgirl!

The next day, Monica is channeling a sexy-cowgirl and she and Mitch head horseback riding. Monica freaks out when she sees that they arrive at 4:44pm, her “angel number.” Whenever she sees that number, she knows that everything is all right. And not only has Mitch set up a cute date, he’s brought along a picnic. Awww!!!

Monica the Medium, Episode 9Monica is nervous, but has created an “ Angel Bubble” around her to protect her from injury. (The horse totally gave side-eye when Mon implies that he might toss her). Monica and Mitch attempt to trot and post, “Am I doting it?” Monica asks her instructor … um, no. But Mitch is looking pretty hot on horseback.

It a great date and Monica was having a lot of fun. And Mitch looks really sexy on horseback.

Before they leave, Monica feels energy trying to give a message to two girls who were also horseback riding. One of the women’s grandmother’s passed three weeks ago, and her other grandmother also is deceased and trying to come through with a message. This much-loved woman also gets a message from two male friends, who are victims of a tragic car accident.

Monica the Medium, Episode 9
While Monica passes along messages of love, Mitch pets a random cat.
Which is purrfect.

The other woman’s mother also sends a message of assurance that she’s there and watching over her daughter. Her mother thanks her for giving permission for her to pass away, and she was grateful for the peace of her transition to death. She also tells her daughter that she will be visiting her in an upcoming dream.

While Monica is giving her reading, Mitch pets a barnyard cat. He is so precious, and the picnic is incredible. I wonder if Mitch uses Pinterest.

The next morning, Monica takes her sisters and Krista for breakfast, to spill details of her date. Monica says the only thing that wasn’t perfect about the date was that there was no kiss at the end. Monica worries that Spirit butting into their date was a turn off for Mitch. Krista and Monica’s sisters tell her that Mitch is awesome and that she should text him ASAP!

But before she can, Monica gets notice that her psych grade has been posted. Drumroll please … she passed! There is a saying, Monica: “D’s earn degrees.” It’s not a good saying, but it’s a saying nonetheless. Monica takes her success as a sign that she should continue her studies, much to her family, her roommates and the world’s relief. Spirit will always be with you and wants you to be happy. It (he? she?) isn’t going to force you to give up your education in order to please it. I don’t think Spririt works that way. At least, I hope not.

Next week, Monica tries her first group reading with mothers who have each lost children. From the looks of the preview, it’s going to be a heart-wrenching season finale.