Sweat shopping: Jillian Michaels hosts Spike’s “Sweat Inc.”

Sweat Inc. Ryan Berenz


Sweat Inc.

You might laugh at all the dust-collecting ThighMasters, Tae Bo VHS tapes and Shake Weights, but their creators laughed all the way to the bank. Health and wellness expert Jillian Michaels (The Biggest Loser) hosts and judges Spike’s new competition series Sweat Inc. (premiering Tuesday, Oct. 20, at 10pm ET/PT), which aims to find the creator of America’s next big exercise craze. “Fitness is a multibillion dollar industry, and we are looking for the next fitness phenomenon,” Michaels says. Over the series’ 10 episodes, 27 fitness entrepreneurs try to prove they’ve developed the latest groundbreaking physical conditioning program. “It’s a brutal competition. You need a background in fitness with a business mind,” Michaels says. “These entrepreneurs have everything on the line. This is the opportunity of a lifetime.” The winner receives $100,000 and the opportunity to launch their program at a nationwide fitness club. Industry experts Randy Hetrick and Obi Obadike also serve as judges, with celebrity guest judges including Tito Ortiz, Lolo Jones and Terrell Owens.

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  1. I agree with Steve. To me Jillian makes this show so annoying to watch, i was excited to see this show but Jillian is just too much. She does come off as an arrogant brat know it all. people like her are intolerable she needs to tone it down a bit, I feel bad for Randy and Obi for having to work with her

  2. Have to make a correction to my previous post. I mixed up my fitness shows. The part where I said Michaels stood on the leg press, was not accurate. It was from another fitness show that was on several years ago……..Work Out and it was that host/trainer that stood on the leg press machine. I guess I mixed up the shows because they both starred drama queens.
    Everything else I stand by. If she would only come off her high horse and offer constructive criticism to these people who have put a lot of time, effort and money into these products, it would be so much better. Instead she comes off as an arrogant, thinks she is know it all.

  3. Just got done watching the premiere of Sweat Inc and then proceeded to remove it from my DVR. Jillian Michaels was her usual self. So tired of her ” drama” act. First episode and already fighting with her co-hosts, just because they disagreed with her. She is such a hypocrite……bashing the one product ( Core Stix ) because of the price, even though she has endorsed and put her name to many products costing a lot more. I actually have the product in my home gym and although it was somewhat expensive, it is actually very easy to set up and use and offers a complete, total body workout. I, along with my clients, love it. Micheals was acting like a spoiled, whiny, frustrated brat. I remember watching an episode of the Biggest Loser once and saw her put her client on the leg press machine. Instead of putting more weight on it, Michaels climbed on it. How dramatic and just plain dumb. This show looks to be the same. Too bad she is on it, because the concept is good.

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