Destination America’s new online store includes Mountain Monsters and Ghost Asylum merch

Jeff Pfeiffer

If you’re a fan of Destination America series like Mountain Monsters (which will return with new episodes in 2016) or Ghost Asylum, and have some disposable income at the ready, now you can buy clothing and other show-related gear via the network’s new e-commerce shop at

The Grass Man’s in town!

Branded merchandise for Ghost Asylum features some of the gear used and worn on the show. You can even pick up some ghost-hunting gadgets (seen on the site were an “Advanced Ghost Hunting Kit” for $259.95; a “Deluxe Ghost Hunting Kit” for $99.95; and a “Ghost Hunting K-2 Deluxe Electro-Magnetic Field Measuring Device,” which kinda sounds like something Wile E. Coyote would order from the Acme Company, for $59.95, among various other gadgets and books).

Destination America’s No. 1 series is also well-represented in the store, with plenty of Mountain Monsters shirts depicting the various creatures that the AIMS team has gone in search of, from Lizard Demon and Mothman to Devil Dog and Grass Man (pictured). The shirt sizes go up to XXXL, so you should be set even if you have a Buck-like physique.

Looks like other Mountain Monsters-themed items at the store include headlamps (ranging between $49.99 and $54.95); mugs ($17.95 for a set of two); Bigfoot bobblehead ($9.97) and various books about monsters.

In its release, Destination America bills itself as the “only TV network dedicated to all-American entertainment.” If nothing else, it certainly appears to have its pulse on the American free market.



  1. Oh man…I’m so glad and excited that a new mountain monster is back for the 2016 year. Although i live in California, we have our own Bigfoots, But no one has a team to look for them. But then again here in California we have alot of weird things that’s going on. I live pretty close to the mountains that i know has Bigfoots as well as the desserts as well. My time in the woods are not happening anymore, just as well as the desserts. Anyways….i am so excited that your show is back on. I have to ask…. why dont the guys from the mountain monster team and the Alaska monster team, team up and investigate as a new team. That goes and prove that Bigfoots are real and prove me and my brother right. Cant wait for you bad ass hillbillies to kick some ass.

  2. Earlier in the spring, Destination America said that after Mountain Monsters Bigfoot edition, their would be 8 new episodes starting in the fall of 2015. Now they say the show wont be back until sometime in 2016. Will there be any more new episodes of Mountain Monsters this year ? Or will we have to wait until 2016 ?

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