Jane the Virgin Chapter 24 recap: Poor Sucker

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jane-the-virgin-s2-ep2-lunchThis week on Jane the Virgin, Jane’s family learns about the ugly side of motherhood. Since Jane is so focused on being the perfect mother for her new baby, Mateo, she doesn’t mind skipping a few shower days … or weeks. That has to be one nasty stank! In order to politely suggest that Jane wash away her stench, Xo makes Jane take her two boyfriends out for lunch. Yeah, she’s still sorting out the whole ‘who do I love’ thing.

As Petra is trying to keep calm during her weird fertility acupuncture session, Scott barges in to let her know he won’t allow her to keep stalling. He tells her that she has by the end of the day to make him manager of the lounge or he’ll let Rafael know about her new friend, the turkey baster.

Some more bad news: Rogelio and Xo are being sued for half a million dollars by the producers of their Vegas show. When they left for Mateo’s birth, it violated their contract. Now they must perform on a cruise ship — which Rogelio will not allow because cruise ships are for old people. Let’s just not remind Rogelio that he’s already a grandfather.

Lunch with Rafael and Michael is already off to a bad start. Seems like Mateo can sense the tension, so he saves Mommy by requiring a diaper change. That’s when Jane meets her other self, Bachelorette Jane. I think I’m going to like this version. Bachelorette Jane is trying to help Jane figure out who she wants to be with. It’s clear Xo is Team Michael and Abuela is Team Rafael.

Jane-the-virgin-s2-ep2-keshaJane’s also having issues with the wannabe rock stars next door playing their music too loudly at night. Yes, one of the wannabes is an actual rock star — guest star Kesha (left). It doesn’t seem like anyone is going to get restful sleep now that they’ve moved into the neighborhood. Time to invest in some noise-cancelling headphones.

The fabulously dressed Bachelorette Jane tells Momma Jane that she needs to stop thinking about Michael in the past — she needs to put him to the test to see if he’s able to handle little Mateo. He wasn’t exactly thrilled when he first found out Jane was pregnant, but now things are different. Michael lets Jane know that he’s in for the ride. This tension is killing me!

During a lunch meeting with Petra, Luisa texts Rafael that she thinks Petra might be pregnant. She stopped eating soft cheese and drinking wine and also began her acupuncture therapy again. Luisa might not be the greatest gynecologist but she was Petra’s doctor and knows the signs.

Bachelorette Jane is right. Jane cannot make her final decision between Rafael and Michael until she has her special one-on-one moment with Rafael. Thanks to Rogelio messing up on the times for the cruise meeting, he and Xo are off to Cuba. This allows Jane to have the perfect excuse for her and Mateo to stay at Rafael’s for the night. Boy oh boy, did he do a fantastic job at getting the right things set up for Mateo before Jane arrived.

jane-the-virgin-s2-ep2-rafael-janeA quick run for spicy waffle fries at the drive thru and Jane is already starting to get the feels for Rafael. She asks him what he wants in life and he lets her know that all he wants is his family. He wants to be able to be with Jane and Mateo and call them his family. Rafael tells Jane that he never stopped loving her and leans in for a kiss, but Jane stops him. I agree with Bachelorette Jane, why didn’t she just give Rafael the rose?!

Enduing continuous pressure from Scott, Petra finally managed to have Rafael look at his resume. While the resume Scott submitted was completely fake, it got Rafael thinking about why Petra would keep pushing for him to get this promotion. Rafael’s only conclusion is that Scott is the poor sucker that got Petra pregnant. Being the nice guy that he is, Rafael tells Petra to give Scott the promotion. Oh man, if only Rafael knew that he was the poor sucker.

Jane ends up having to confess that she’s in love with both Rafael and Michael. Ouch! That definitely had to feel like getting stabbed in the heart for both of the men.

You guys! Abuela has made the decision to apply for her green card! After the scary situation involving the cops stopping by when Jane wasn’t home, Abuela knows it’s time. I am so thrilled for Abuela and wish her the best of luck. She is such a strong woman.

jane-the-virgin-s2-ep2-petraMeanwhile, the mystery woman’s henchman made his way to the Marbella. In fact, he’s taken Luisa hostage in order to stop her from ruining his plans with this mystery woman — who appears to be Sin Rostro.

Rafael gets an unusual call from the fertility clinic letting him know that he’ll be getting a rebate. The nice lady over the phone let him know that since Petra took his sperm sample, he won’t be needing to pay for storage. Bam. Rafael immediately realized that he was the poor sucker. And just in time, Petra’s pregnancy test results came in. Needless to say, her vomiting confirms the fact that she is indeed pregnant. Here we go again.

What were your thoughts on this episode of Jane the Virgin? Did you like Bachelorette Jane? I wish she was as successful in helping Jane pick a guy as she was with her style. Wardrobe department, I’m accepting donations. Have you picked a team yet? I think I’m still Team Rafael for now. What do you think will happen to Luisa? Is this a part of Sin Rostro’s work? Now that Rafael knows about Petra’s secret, do you think she’ll come clean? What do you think he’ll do when he finds out she’s pregnant? What about Jane? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Jane the Virgin airs Mondays at 9/8CT on The CW.

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  1. I want Rafael to be the one! They are a family now! But I’m praying that the Petra pregnancy ENDS if it’s Rafael’s!

  2. I hope the Rafael is not the father maybe Scott threw out Rafael’s sperm and replaced it with his. That would be great! Jane should pick Rafael
    there on screen chemistry is great . He is the father. Michael should
    fall for Petra I like them together.

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