Recap: Monica The Medium Episode 8 “Road Trip”

Monica The Medium Episode 8 Kellie Freeze
It's time to forget about the stresses of school and unwind with lake time! ABC Family/Lou Rocco

Tonight on Monica the Medium…Road trip!!

It’s not a reality show if there’s not a road trip; it’s pretty much a TV rite of passage. The roomies are feeling stressed, so they’re heading to the lake for a long weekend of R&R. At the lake, Monica and roomies Ann, Julie and Krista are meeting up with a few others (boys!!!!).

Monica The Medium Episode 8
It’s time to forget about the stresses of school and unwind with lake time!
ABC Family/Lou Rocco

Krista challenges the roommates to have a tech-free weekend without social media (I love this idea, I’m totally stealing it 😜). The only way they can use their phones is to make calls and snap pictures. But when they say “No Snapchat,” Krista backpedals. But eventually, they pinkie promised to stay offline.

On the road, they stop at a charming country store to eat. Charming candies! Candles! Trinkets! Folk Art! Food! It’s like heaven, if heaven sold tchotchkes and fudge.

Monica The Medium Episode 8
Monica shares a message of love from a baby gone too soon.

Once the food arrives, Monica feels a pull to their server. It turns out that the woman had a child die in infancy. OMG, as a parent, this is one of my biggest fears. This poor, sweet woman. Monica tells Christine that the child knows how loved she was and is. It’s comforting for Christine to know that her “sweet miracle” — named Emily Rose — is still with her.

Monica The Medium Episode 8Monica also brings up the name “Sarah,” who is the woman’s other daughter. She’s a child who was adopted after Emily’s death, and because of Emily’s passing. What a remarkable testament to Christine’s strength that she was able to overcome the loss of a child and open her heart to another. Monica noted that Emily asked about a butterfly tattoo on the woman’s chest and another tattoo on the back of Christine’s neck in memory of Emily. After speaking with Monica, Christine’s faith is renewed with the knowledge that she can overcome any obstacle.

After Monica passes along the messages to Christine, the girls get back on the road and arrive at their awesome lakeside cabin. It’s so peaceful on the lake and Krista hopes that Monica is able to remove herself from Spirit for a few days. Silly Krista, has that ever happened? Spirit doesn’t take vacations. Before Monica, Krista, Julie and Ann go out for a night of fun, Krista gives the ladies pointers for picking up guys.

When they get to the restaurant, a group of cute guys are already there. They make plans to go tubing the next day and they order drinks and a bunch of apps. The words “mozzarella sticks” are like verbal foreplay to Krista and she’s vibing on one of the guys.

Monica, however, is getting vibes of another kind. She’s pulled to a table full of women, but Krista begs her to focus on her vacation and friends. But Monica approaches the group of strangers anyway.

Monica The Medium Episode 8
Someone at this table is about to get messages from loved ones. Can you guess who?

One of the women lost both her husband and her young grandson. The young boy assures his grandmother and aunt that there was nothing that the family could have done to save him; it was his time. The woman’s husband also apologized for not quitting smoking when they asked him to. But he tells his wife and adult daughter that he’s at peace and knows that his wife was with him at the very end. The woman and her daughter (who look like twins!) are blown away.

Monica The Medium Episode 8
Silly Krista, Spirit doesn’t take vacations!

When Monica returns to the group, Krista is annoyed. “No matter where we are — we’re in the Poconos — and you’re giving readings to people we’ve never met.” Monica loves her friends, but she loves being able to give messages and comfort to people.

During the commercial break. Monica and her sisters share a story of a family road trip gone wrong. It’s funny how moments that are terrible when they happen, become terrific stories.

Back from the break, Monica reveals they’re on Lake Wallenpaupack. Sound familiar? It should, that’s the lake where the guy from Episode 1 lived! Freaky!! The gals are excited for their cute boating adventure.

Monica The Medium Episode 8
Don’t use potty talk or Spirit will smack ‘ya!

In a not-cute and almost tragic moment, as soon as Monica yells, “We’re on a f@#$ing boat, bitches!” a wakeboard falls off of the overhead rack and slams into Monica and Ann’s faces! Hopefully it wasn’t Spirit telling Monica to watch her mouth, but she and Ann suffer little more than bruised egos, so crisis averted. It’s clearly just an accident, because Spirit is nice. But remind me to watch my mouth okay?

Monica wants to send a picture to her sisters on Snapchat, but if she breaks the “no social media” pact, her roommates remind her that she’ll have to clean the cabin before they leave. She says it’s worth it. Is it, Monica? It’s Snapchat, it’s gone in seconds. Dishpan hands last forever.

Monica the Medium
The hot guys tempt the ladies with a little day drinkin’ and tubing.

The boys arrive on their pontoon boat, and invite the ladies over for tubing fun. Ann is kicking off lots of lake bucket list items on this trip and everyone is having a blast. It’s a wet and wild time for all. And the chemistry between Krista and Rhyne (pronounced like “rainy”) is inTENse.

After fun on the water, the girls satisfy their sweet tooth (sweet teeth?) at the local Dairy Twist and will meet up with the guys at a nighttime BBQ. The girls tease Krista about her possible fling, which Monica calls “a weekend version of a summer love.” And of course, Monica’s gets distracted by two guys sitting nearby. Monica starts coughing and heads over to introduce herself. Krista rolls her eyes.

Monica The Medium Episode 8
Monica assures Jay and his friend Devin that Jay’s family loves and accepts him.
ABC Family/Lou Rocco

Jay and Devin welcome Monica over and it turns over that Jay had several family members die of emphysema, hence Monica’s sudden cough. Monica asks about a “nice cane” that Jay’s family mounted on the wall of the family’s cabin and Jay is thrilled to hear from “my GeeGee” — the owner of the cane. Krista is turned off whenever Monica gives readings to random strangers and shoots dirty looks at Monica’s back. When Monica sees rainbows, Jay admits that he is gay and Monica tells him that his deceased love ones know, love him and accept him. Jay is tearful and grateful that his family accepts him for who he is. While GeeGee was alive, Jay was afraid to tell her that he is gay, and now he has reassurances that his religious grandma knows and loves him.

Monica The Medium Episode 8
It’s just not a party unless Spirit comes too.

That night, Julie asks about the tension between Monica and Krista. Monica doesn’t think it’s a big deal. A few high school friends also join the BBQ and Krista looks forward to spending more time with Rhyne. Monica shares a new messages from Spirit with her high school friend and for Krista, it’s the final straw.

Krista storms away. When Monica notices that her friend is upset, she takes her aside to chat. Monica is upset that Krista is annoyed every time that she gives readings. Krista wants her friend present, instead of ditching her to share her gift with others. Monica explains that when she gives messages from Spirit, she does so to people with she may not see again.

The frustration boils over and Krista stamps over to a group of guys to have fun.  The guys must sense her love fever, because they scatter, leaving her alone with Rhyne. They both work their game on each other, and before long, they kiss. A good snog makes everything better.

The next morning, after pasta salad — the breakfast of champions — Monica has to clean up the cabin’s huge mess. But first, she apologizes to Krista. And they’re cool again. Besties can fight like cats and make up just as quickly. So Julie, Ann and Krista gleefuly watch Monica play Cinderella and tidy up the cabin.

So crisis averted, and Monica and Krista are BFF again. And Krista got a little lovin’! Too bad that Ann and Julie didn’t meet men, but maybe next episode. (or did Julie already have a boyfriend? I forget.)

Next week, it’s finals.

And Monica rides a horse.

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  1. What a relief to find these comments. I’m so annoyed by Krista. I wish Monica would ditch her. Krista is just filled with jealousy and resentment towards Monica. It’s so childish to want to deprive others of such a beautiful, healing, and desperately needed gift just because you’re envious of the attention that’s being focused on Monica. She’s probably only friends with Monica because she hopes to hear from her mom again. Monica is a special woman who deserves to be surrounded by true friends. Sadly, she’ll probably realize that true friends are going to be very hard to find.

    I could also live without seeing Krista’s weird little mouth, but I hate to be that way. She can’t help that she was born looking like that.

  2. I just want to thank Monica for NOT listening to her friend Krista and for going over to that table of women! That woman and daughter she talked to is my sister and niece and she helped them so much and they definitely needed to hear what she had to say. And something Krista needs to know, if she doesn’t, Monica didn’t just touch my sister and niece by what she said but, she also touched me. Being a sister and Aunt and hearing her reading from my point of view, I was so happy for them to get some kind of peace from it. To say my family has been through a lot is putting mildly. She also touched me, hearing that my brother- in-law and nephew are at peace, is a wonderous thing! I’m happy to hear that things worked out between Monica and her friend Krista, but I am so happy and thankful Monica listened to her “gift” that God gave her and helped my sister, my niece and also myself 🙂

    • Wow Melody! That is amazing and while I’m so sorry for your family’s loss, I’m so happy that Monica’s readying was helpful.

  3. shes be taped… by family channel.. of course shes gonna do readings.. get of your high horse & be a friend you selfish cow…

    • Yes! Thank you!

      Jeez, Krista. You need to find friends that are as shallow as you are. I don’t see you and Monica staying close much longer. You try way too hard to drag her down.

  4. I agree… TRUE friends are truly supportive all of the time not just when they feel it’s convenient. This is an amazing gift that can’t always be controlled and these messages are more important in life’s big picture then some of the ridiculous behavior that goes on with these girls. My daughter finds it very difficult to find truly supportive friends who hold some underlining unsaid issue . Always just be your true authentic self and be the best YOU, you can be no matter what people think. At the end of the day, with faith ,God will put the right people and friends in your life .You will find the people that fit your life and it’s path.

  5. Would love for Monica to know I am Jay’s Grandma and thank you for giving this awesome gift to my Grandson! He was very close to his GiGi and helped take care of her until the night she left us!

  6. If I was Krista I’d be a little embarrassed about how I was coming off on TV. I’m sure it’s highly edited to make for great drama, but she seems really passive-aggressive towards Monica even when they’re not fighting. I had a few friends like that in college, where they said mean things but it was always joking, always “in good fun” but every single one of them secretly had some sort of issue with our relationship that they didn’t want to talk about. Our friendships didn’t last too long after we graduated. Life’s too short for friends who say things on purpose to make you feel bad.

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