Face Off Season 9 episode 12 recap: Death Becomes Them

Face Off season 9 episode 12 Glen Channel Guide Contributor

Face Off Season 9 episode 12 begins with Ben, Nora and Evan rehashing the previous challenge. But it’s not long before we’re on the Universal Studios backlot. We’re standing in front of the Desperate Housewives house & learn that it used to be The Munsters house.

There’s a mini-graveyard in front of the house. The artists have to pick a headstone & create the character who lies there. Nora goes with Black Sheep Cousin; Ben goes Inappropriate Uncle; Evan goes with Bully Older Brother; Jordan selects Spinster Aunt and Scott goes with Stern Father.

After selecting, the artists learn that 2 will be going home this week. It’s the semi-final. Surprise!

Thankfully everyone seems to be having fun with this challenge.

Face Off season 9 episode 12 Nora

Nora’s Black Sheep is from a family of goat & sheep Satanists, but she’s super happy & bubbly.

Face Off season 9 episode 12 Ben

Ben creates gross pustules on the nose of his Inappropriate Uncle.

Face Off season 9 episode 12 Scott

Scott’s doing Walking Dad instead of Walking Dead.

Face Off season 9 episode 12 Evan

Evan gets into the douchey-ness of his Bully Older Brother.

Face Off season 9 episode 12 Jordan

Jordan decides to create a little nephew to terrorize his Spinster Aunt and sew her mouth shut.

Face Off season 9 episode 3 Kevon & EvanAs Evan is painting his bull, he realizes that the paint job looks almost exactly like his paint job in the wedding episode. Whoops. Thankfully he realizes this before last looks & makes some adjustments.

This challenge makes me so glad Ben got through last week. When he’s on, he’s really on. He’s created such an Inappropriate Uncle. Creepy. And hilarious. It made Glenn look like this:

Face Off season 9 episode 12 Glen

Time for the judging! Really, there’s only one makeup to look at multiple times.

Face Off season 9 episode 12 Ben
Hey, Ve Neill. I see you girl.
Face Off season 9 episode 12 Ben
You wanna hang out with me & the missus?

First person going to the finale is Ben. Inappropriate Uncle has put him over the edge. He needs to take his model out to dinner or something for being so committed. Oh, let’s see him again.

Face Off season 9 episode 12 Ben & Inaproppriate Uncle
Ben’s actor is way, way into being the Inappropriate Uncle.

Nora’s the next artist in to the finale. Her makeup wasn’t inappropriate, but it was good.

For the 3 guys lefts, they are given 1 hour of last looks to improve their paint jobs based on the judges feedback. Kinda like Skin Wars re-paint or Project Runway‘s tear a dress apart & remake it challenges.

Face Off season 9 episode 12 Scott comparison

Scott gets rattled & starts second guessing himself.

Face Off season 9 episode 12 Jordan comparison

Jordan changes the proportions of his model.

Face Off season 9 episode 12 Evan comparison

Evan completely redoes the paint job & removes the wig.

It’s pretty clear from the judge’s discussion that Jordan is out. So will it be Evan or Scott?

In the end, it’s Evan. Although Scott’s makeup was good, Evan made the most of the extra hour and is rewarded for that.

We’ve got Nora, Ben and Evan in the Face Off Season 9 finale. Who’s your pick to take it all? Who should’ve been here? Sound off below!


  1. My favorites this season are Nora, Scott, Jordan and Stevie.

    I agree that Jordan could have done better, but he is really talented. So is Scott. I really think Scott should have gotten into the finals instead of Evan. His work was consistently better.

    I would love to see a redemption season with these guys in it!

    • I’d be surprised if Evan took it all, with the judges saying that he was the ‘least consistent’ of the finalists.

      But then again, I’m horrible at predicting these things, so who knows what they’re thinking!

    • I am NOT happy Scott did not make finals, he has been SOLID all season… I dont get the “added time” …. they had their chance…

  2. Hey Ruthie!!!

    Now this is those mixture of crazy creative make-ups I normally like.

    First things first, Ben and Nora ABSOLUTELY deserved to be in the top 2, the creepy uncle made me uncomfortable from own ROOM, hahaha. The Hawaiian shirt, the above the knee shorts, the sandals with socks? GENIUS! TOTALLY CREEPY! I loved Nora’s concept that it looked like her goat cut up her mouth a bit so she COULD smile becase she was happy-go-lucky, very smart to paint the hooves, she definitely looked like “i come from an evil family but I SWEAR I’m not evil!”

    I felt bad for Scott, the idea was smart, but if it was a lobotomized zombie it should have been a bit more rotted or had a lobotomy scar ya know? And considering what he did in last looks, which was nothing really at all I totally agreed with the judges decision on this one.

    When it came down to Jordan and Evan, I must admit, I am happy Evan got to be in the finale, his work is really good, but I felt like with this last challenge, Jordan should have won. His concept was a little bit better, and she felt like a character that you seen on that Disney original movie “Halloweentown” Not to mention he made a “not necessarily best made” but very cute companion to show HOW she got tied up. And with his last looks, with changing the proportion and making her skinnier which is what I think of when I think of spinster, was smart. Although I did love that Evan made the color more natural and took off the wig, if it was just off of this particular challenge I think Jordan should have gone to the finale. But I’m happy Evan did, I think he’ll be a good competitor against Ben and Nora, so I’m happy with the top 3, but I feel like it’s cuz they WANTED Evan in the top 3. But still, happy with them.

    Who do I want to win….Nora. I think she’s done the best out of the 3, I really can’t wait to see what she does in the finale. But then again Ben is the sneak attack master, just when you count him out, he comes back with some AMAZING stuff, and Evan because he kinda knows how the others are, is gonna bring some serious A game, so it’s gona be a fight, but I’d love to see Nora win.

    Who SHOULD have been in the finale?….I really think Jasmine and Stevie got the short end of the stick! Jasmine got beaten by that STUPID gauntlet rule where I STILL want to see the scores, and Stevie goin home last week shocked me. Should they do the Redemption season, I think those 2 from this season should be on it.

    • I kinda knew Jordan was out once they showed the comparison between this week’s makeup & his wedding challenge makeup. The sculpt & the paint were SOOO close. After that, there was little chance Jordan was going to the finals.

      I would’ve liked Scott to have made it, since I think he was more consistent than Evan, but Scott did second-guess himself with the extra hour of last looks. It’s too bad. He would also be a good one to go to a redemption season.

      And I’m with you – I’m totally rooting for Nora. Go girl!

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