Survivor recap Episode 3: It’s time to change buffs but who falls short?

survivor recap episode 3 Barb Oates

Survivor: Second Chance recap Season 31, Episode 3 (original airdate Oct. 5): Coming back from Tribal Council Spencer is extremely grateful to have survived, and is thrilled to be given another three days to play the game. Terry is on top of the world claiming victory for getting his social game on (the befriending of Abi) that took him from the bottom to the top. As both tribes meet for the next immunity challenge, Jeff Probst gives the word to drop their buffs they are switching tribes. This time, however, there are going to be three tribes of six. One tribe will go to Bayon, one to Ta Keo but the new tribe has to start a new camp.

survivor recap episode 3Here’s how the new tribes ended up:

They go four original Bayon members.
Kelly Wigglesworth
Fishbach finds it completely liberating to be on a non-macho tribe. Spencer is trying something new on this group — “I’m trying to have feelings” he shares. Just like the last time he played, Spencer is void of emotion. He starts to make his change by engaging Jeremy for his opinion on a personal matter involving his girlfriend, and how he never reciprocated “I love yous” after she did. Jeremy’s got a big heart and takes the kid under his wing, giving him endearing advice. Later, Jeremy finds a clue for an idol. It’s the same deal as what Kelley Wentworth had to do (where the idol is hidden within the immunity challenge course). He’s able to pull it off and grab the idol during the challenge.

Ta Keo
Four original members from the Bayon tribe are on Ta Keo.
Terry Dietz
Kelley Wentworth
Dietz thinks they got the best of the draft. Joe believes they are in a better spot as the girls and guys are both stronger in this mix.

The new tribe is made up of four people from the original Ta Keo tribe (that includes enemies Abi and Peih-Gee).
Savage finds the mix up devastating — as he and Sasha are clearly outnumbered. They have no food, no wood – they really are starting from ground zero. Savage is already stressed and starts to work. Varner immediately assesses that Savage is going to get on his nerves. Woo makes a plea to his original four Ta Keo tribe members to stick together and not do anything crazy and just vote those two out. It’s that simple. But it wasn’t.

Immunity Challenge
The challenge is a repeat of the first challenge used in Brains Vs. Brawn Vs. Beauty, which Spencer, Cass and Tasha all participated in (on the same tribe) AND lost horribly. This time around they are on different tribes.

Who rocked it: Cass and Joe on the puzzle give them a huge lead and Ta Keo finishes first. Spencer and Jeremy take second, sending Angkor to Tribal Council. At the end of the challenge Varner starts mouthing something to I think Wigglesworth and Tasha busts him calling him out as a rat. That move gets Woo on edge, not understanding why Varner wouldn’t just keep his yapper closed and stay to their solid four.

The Aftermath: After the immunity challenge it was a scramble. Savage makes a good case to Peih-Gee and Woo — he and Tasha want to vote off Varner because he was a “rat.” But Abi comes along and ticks off Peih-Gee and Peih-Gee changes her mind wanting Abi out instead. Woo and Peih-Gee are solid. It appears as if the majority is going to vote out Varner, then Abi. But Savage updates Abi and tells her that it may be her instead, so the vote switches again this time to Peih-Gee. Abi gets Varner to go Pei-Gee, too. Savage going with Abi over Peih-Gee could be a huge mistake. Woo is blindsided on this one, and Abi lets him know — she knows — he voted for her twice now. Woo should be scared.

Who was voted off of Survivor episode 3?
Peih-Gee (4 votes Peih-Gee, 2 votes Abi) Pei-Gee goes home.

Kelly Wiglesworth (Season 1, Borneo)
Jeff Varner (Season 2, Australian Outback)
Kimmi Kappenberg (Season 2, Australian Outback)
Andrew Savage (Season 7, Pearl Islands)
Terry Deitz (Season 12, Panama)
Peih-Gee Law (Season 15,China) Voted off Week 3
Stephen Fishbach (Season 18, Tocantins)
Monica Padilla (Season 19, Samoa)
Abi-Maria Gomes (Season 25, Philippines)
Vytas Baskauskas (Season 27, Blood vs. Water) Voted off Week 1
Ciera Eastin (Season 27, Blood vs. Water)
Tasha Fox (Season 28, Cagayan)
Kass McQuillen (Season 28, Cagayan)
Woo Hwang (Season 28, Cagayan)
Spencer Bledsoe (Season 28, Cagayan)
Kelley Wentworth (Season 29, San Juan del Sur)
Keith Nale (Season 29, San Juan del Sur)
Jeremy Collins (Season 29, San Juan del Sur)
Shirin Oskooi (Season 30, Worlds Apart) Voted off Week 2
Joe Anglim (Season 30, Worlds Apart)