Recap: Monica The Medium, Episode 7, “Missing Person”

Monica The Medium, Episode 7, “Missing Person” Kellie Freeze
image credit: ABC Family/Chris Pettoni
Monica The Medium, Episode 7, “Missing Person”
image credit: ABC Family/Chris Pettoni

Tonight, on Monica the Medium, Episode 7 — Double dates, double psychics, three lives lost and one family’s desperate search for answers.

Kristin has set up a double date with Monica and two guys named Clayton and Zack. They’ve chosen to do some very sporty things at batting cages. Monica is no Sporty Spice, but she and Krista see it an opportunity to buy Krista some new shoes.

Monica is drawn to a poster in town about a missing woman and vows to help the desperate family. But she’s never done this before, so she calls her longtime mentor Maureen Hancock, for help. Monica calls Maureen her “medium Mama.”

At the shoe store, Krista finds the perfect kicks in seconds, but Monica gets drawn to two women. One of the women’s best friend (Hailey) and two young men (Spencer and Johnny) come through. The trio died in a tragic drinking and driving accident. Monica tells the woman shocking things about the accident, including the fact that the accident driver fled the scene. Hailey sends the message that she and the boys forgive the driver and they understand that he reacted in a moment of human panic. They want their families to release the negative emotions and the burden of their deaths. Is this the message that can heal an entire community?

That night, Monica calls the phone number from the missing person poster. Jennifer’s cousin, Amy, is eager to meet with Monica and Maureen in a group setting for other family members.

At what looks like the same place that Monica was supposed to have her terrible mini-golf date (yup, it is), she and Krista meet the cute guys for their double date. Krista rocks short-shorts (and her sweet shoes) and Monica turns out to be Babe Ruth with a bat. Maybe she was channeling the Sultan of Swat! ⚾️

Afterwards, Krista extricates a massive spider in her ‘do and while she nearly busts a guy from fright, I almost have beer shoot out my nose when she says, “Dear Mr. Spider, when you’re on the ground, you’re A-OK, but when you’re on me, you got to pay. Get off!” Bwahaha!

While enjoying a post-at-bat treat, Monica feels a message coming through from loud-shirted Clayton’s deceased mom. Krista isn’t thrilled that Monica is holding hands with her date, but she knows it’s just Monica being Monica. Monica tells Clayton how proud his mom is that he’s excelling in school and working his butt off.

Monica The Medium, Episode 7, “Missing Person”
Monica wows Clayton with the news that his mother has been with him though life’s big moments — even his wild 21st birthday party!

Krista can relate to the loss of a parent; her own mom passed while she was in high school. Poor Clayton was so young when his mom died, but in the 15 years since she died, she’s still been there for his big moments. Sweet Clayton poured her a shot on her 21st birthday, which she enjoyed, and ever the protective mom, she tells her son not to drive too fast in his new car.

After the intense moment, they switch gears, literally and drive go-carts. It’s a fun end to the date.

Then we get to meet Maureen! Maureen has mentored Monica since Monica approached her at an event when Monica was a neophyte medium. One area of Maureen’s gift that she’s worked on has allowed her to work with police departments and teach them how to use their own intuition in investigations. Maureen and Monica go to the place where Jennifer, the missing woman, was last seen. Monica is terrified, but Maureen promises to walk her through the experience and help her grow her skills as a medium.

Monica The Medium, Episode 7, “Missing Person”
Monica and her mentor visit the last place that Jennifer was seen. And Spirit’s messages confuse and frighten Monica.

Monica is overwhelmed and seems to be having a panic attack and doubts the messages she’s getting. Monica senses things related to the event but the emotions are really heavy and hard to understand. I wonder if it’s a challenge since Monica has already seen photos of this woman so if she sees flashes of her, it may be her memory. This would be the part of being a medium that would terrify me. I would be afraid that Jennifer would come through and show horrible images that would be traumatic. Tomorrow, Monica and Maureen will perform a “Double Link” and connect with Spirit at the same time. This will be Monica’s first time and Maureen tells her to get a lot of rest in preparation for what promises to be a very draining day.

That night, Monica gets a text from Zack asking for a second date. She gets texting tips and boy advice from Krista and Monica makes plans to play pool with him a few days later. Um, Monica, do I need to remind you about Mitch and his cute pink rose? It was only last episode, so it’s pretty hard for me to forget.

The next day, Maureen gives Monica advice before the missing person’s meeting. It’s like a coach’s pep talk before an athlete participates in “The big game.” Maybe it’s another Babe Ruth connection and Maureen is playing the legendary Yankee manager, Joe McCarthy! There are so many people attending today’s group session that they’re using a former fire station as the meeting place; a lot of people miss Jennifer and want for her to come home.

Monica The Medium, Episode 7, “Missing Person”
Jennifer Cahill-Shadle’s family is desperate for news of their daughter/ sister/ cousin/ loved one.

We meet Jennifer’s family and it’s crushing to see her mom and dad and the looks on their faces. Jennifer’s dad seems a little skeptical and her mom and sister are so desperate for information that any lead is a good lead. After a year of Jennifer being gone, they’re looking for any new lead that can provide answers and closure.

Monica can’t feel if Jennifer has crossed over or not so Maureen and Monica work in tandem to interpret messages that are coming through.

Monica The Medium, Episode 7, “Missing Person”
Psychic Maureen Hancock and Monica Ten-Kate search for clues into Jennifer’s disappearance.

After talking to the group, Monica and Maureen speak privately with Jennifer’s parents and sister. Maureen sees a dirt road and a wooden sign with the letter “E.” Jennifer’s mother mentions that there is a park with a bike path called “Eagle” It’s a new avenue for the family to investigate and while it’s not a concrete answer to Jennifer’s whereabouts, it is new information. It’s something. And who knows, perhaps it can be the answer to everything. I’m dying to know if this information helps Jennifer’s family find closure.

And then Jennifer’s dear mother shows the missing poster again and pleads for information. Please look at Jennifer’s face and think. Someone has to know where she is. Is it you?

Monica The Medium, Episode 7, “Missing Person”
If you have any information about Jennifer please call 215-915-7400

After she helps Jennifer’s family, Monica is exhausted. She isn’t sure if helping out on missing person’s cases are for her. But Maureen is thrilled with Monica’s ability and thinks that she can be a great help to other families with missing loves ones.

Days later, Monica meets Zack to play pool. He’s friendly and flirty and they’re having lots of fun. Zack asks Monica about being a medium and tells her that he thinks her gift is “super-cool.” He’s also curious and asks lots of questions, which become more and more personal. Then it gets embarrassingly awkward and — it happens. He asks for a reading. Sooooooooooooooooooooo. It’s a moment when I’m sure that Monica would love for Zack to disappear. And clever-Monica invents a fake emergency; telling him that Krista needs her home ASAP. And home she flees to tell her roomies about her dud of a date. But first, gurl finishes her drink, because hey-free beer! 🍺 That’s okay, Monica, I like Mitch better.

Back at home, Monica shares deets of her disaster date with Krista and Julie and Julie says some of the best roomie things ever. Awww, Julie you’re such a good friend.

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