Face Off Season 9 episode 11 recap: Beyond the Expanse

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Face Off Season 9 episode 11 is Syfy’s cross-promotion with their new show The Expanse, coming in December. The focus challenge is show a human that has survived a selected catastrophic event & evolved from that. Apparently The Expanse is about humans that have evolved with less gravity, so we’ve elongated & gotten bigger heads or something.

Time to pick our disasters!

Face Off season 9 episode 11 catastrophies

This week it’s Nora’s turn to have a freak out. She has a moment where she just can’t sculpt. Normally in this situation, she’d just rip the clay off her face & start over. For some reason this time she doesn’t feel like she has time to do that. Until she has to do it. So off the clay goes!

Ben’s volcano disaster-evolved survivor has ash as a part of their skin.  He puts some metallic colors in his paint to reflect the light, and because there’s some ore in the ash. It’s been like a couple hundred years since the disaster, so I’m not sure where or why we’d get ash as a protective armor and how that would be a part of our evolution. So many questions.

Scott’s nuclear fallout evolution goes really insect. Cockroaches will survive the nuclear winter.  As the sculpt is supposed to be human, this worries Dad Westmore. It worries him so much that he & McKenzie come back into the workroom to further emphasize that Scott needs to be sculpting a human.

Face Off season 9 episode 11 surprise Scott
Surprise! The Westmores came back Scott!

After the workroom drama, Nora & Scott end up in the mediocre middle, which is just fine with both of them.

This week’s worst are Stevie and Ben. Ve doesn’t get Stevie’s color palette of human skin tones with fishy structure and Neville doesn’t think Ben’s makeup looks like the result of evolution. Plus, Ben, she’s still got hair. We’ve evolved to use ash as an armor but we’ve still got hair?

This week’s best are Jordan and Evan. So much work & details… I’m not entirely sure what Evan’s folds do on his face, but it looks cool. Jordan went with a lot of hair & heat-trapping skin folds.

Evan continues his rise through the ranks as he wins this week’s challenge. And it’s time to say goodbye to Stevie. Not sure if I agree with that – she’s gotten kinda screwed this season (remember the Gauntlet?) Ben’s great, but I think he’s been a little more inconsistent than Stevie.

What did you guys think? Was it Stevie’s time, or was Ben’s too much of a hot mess? We’re getting down to the wire on season 9 of Face Off!


  1. Hey Ruthie!

    I AM upset that Stevie’s gone. Although I agree her tones should have probably been pale since they wanted a more adapt to the environment look, I saw where she was coming from as well in wanting to keep the human tones. But I get where the judges were coming from in that if the face is that evolved the skin would too. I think Ben’s hair faux is much more offensive. I mean like you said, we’re all made of ash but we can still have hair? Plus I felt like Stevie’s been more consistent that Ben, not that Ben hasn’t had his ups, but he’s had really close downs too where Stevie’s either been middle of the road or top. I would have loved to have seen at least one more look from her that she really loved.

    I did love Jordan and Evan’s the best, Evans with the eskimo/caveman esque and the fact that the beard looked a little frosty was genius, and Jordan’s nose guard with the condensation to disperse through-out the face? I think they really thought that through, might be because sci-fi is kind of their thing but they still did wonderful.

    I’m slightly interested in this show The Exapnse, if nothing more than to see the new creatures they try to invent. I have to admit I don’t much watch the syfy original series cuz I’m not CRAZY about that kind of stuff but if they give me really good, diverse creatures or “evolutionized” humans and a REALLY good plot then I’ll check out at least 1 or 2 episodes and see what’s up!

    • The more I think about Evan’s & that nose guard to catch condensation – how is that a part of evolution? Wouldn’t they have to make that?

      • Well if they evolved then maybe they would know that their bodies would have to have that, ya know…like when you discover you need glasses and you just keep getting a better fitted one once you get older. Sounds complicated but it looked cool.

        • I rewatched the episode last night. Apparently I missed the word ‘membrane’ which makes more sense. At least from an evolutionary standpoint.

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