Preview Clip From Naked And Afraid Season Premiere

Naked And Afraid Season Premiere Kellie Freeze
A woman who despises authority and a former cope and member of the military. A match made in TV casting heaven.

Naked and Afraid returns Sunday at 10pm ET/9pm CT, and in the season premiere “Forsaken,” Panamanian survivalists Gary and Kim have very different beliefs when it comes to cuddle time.

Check out the clip below!

So what do you think? Is Gary a selfish prude who wants to keep his tummy-furnace to himself, or is Kim’s request asking too much of her conservative Christian partner?

I’m totally #teamCuddle, and I hope Kim can win Gary over with a fanny-to-fanny compromise. Kim also should look into heating up rocks into the fire and placing them near her body at night-night time. Can you heat rocks and bury them in the sand and lay atop them like a human clambake? Would it also make the sand too warm for sand fleas?

Who else is amped for the return for N&A?!? Of the clips I’ve seen, Kim and Gary have some very quotable moments in this episode. Among them is the meme-worthy quote of the century, “I’m drank coconut crotch water, and I loved it.”

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