How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: She’s Dying

Scott Fishman
(ABC/Mitchell Haaseth) VIOLA DAVIS

Annalise takes the stand and feels the heat on this week’s How to Get Away with Murder.

But first a flashback to two months before, which shows Wes fleeing the shooting while his professor/boss is on death’s door, but he isn’t alone. It turns out Laurel, Michaela and Connor is part of whatever happened.

(ABC/Mitchell Haaseth) VIOLA DAVIS
(ABC/Mitchell Haaseth)

The Hapstall siblings now face not only charges for killing their parents, but aunt as well during an arraignment. They are questioned. Caleb says he was home all night and he was together with his sister the entire time. Despite this being a lie, Catherine goes along with the story. The sealed arrest warrant revealed Caleb’s DNA was at the crime scene. Caleb comes clean that he went for a run, but not in the vicinity of the murder.

He didn’t say because he was afraid it would be incriminating. Oliver hacks into the Philadelphia police department website. This reveals that cops ran two DNA tests within hours of each other. They deleted one and planted the DNA at the scene. This was a needed win for Annalise and her team.

Annalise is trying to concentrate on work while being a target for D.A. Emily Sinclair, the prosecutor on Nate’s case. Sinclair makes it clear with her questioning that she believes Annalise killed her husband. Viola Davis displays her amazing acting chops with an amazing performance during this particular scene. You can see that the experience has taken its toll on her when she breaks down in the women’s bathroom.

(ABC/Mitchell Haaseth)

Bonnie is still trying to get back in Annalise’s good graces after she found out that she killed Rebecca. An interaction between the two shows the mother-daughter type relationship going on here. Bonnie is indebted to Annalise and wanted to take care of her the same way she did for her. I’m sure down the line we will get some more Bonnie back story.

Nate refuses to fib on the stand, which makes Eve go in a different direction to get him off the hook. She uses Sinclair’s focus on Annalise against her by making it seem she also believed the wife committed the crime. Eve tells everything that really happened. The plan worked as the judge found there wasn’t enough evidence for Nate to go to trial for the murder. Annalise was emotionally drained by the proceedings as Eve hit hard. Eve goes to her house to make amends, which leads to a steamy love scene. Nate was creeping out of Annalise’s residence when Eve and herself were saying goodbye.

 (ABC/Mitchell Haaseth) FAMKE JANSSEN
(ABC/Mitchell Haaseth)

Laurel comes to see Frank get her some. However, Frank doesn’t want to be treated like a piece of meat. He is not that type of guy…anymore I guess. Meanwhile Wes goes home to find Rebecca’s stuff outside her apartment. He takes one particular picture for a memento, which includes a new character named Levi. This guy met Michaela and Connor at the courthouse earlier in the day. Of course, Michaela actually goes on a date with him. So now we have a connection.

Asher rubs it in Sinclair’s face that Nate’s trial is over he can move on. Ms. Sinclair reveals she is now the prosecutor for the Hapstall case. We get another flashback that Annalise is clinging to life after being shot…..But Sinclair is dead somewhere else on the property!!

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