Gigi Does It: David Krumholtz is a 76-year-old woman in IFC’s new comedy

IFC Gigi Does It Ryan Berenz

IFC Gigi Does It

Gigi Does It
Premieres: Oct. 1
Airs: Thursdays at 10:30pm ET/PT
Who’s In It? David Krumholtz, Ricky Mabe

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What’s It All About? “The show is about a woman coming into a great deal of money and essentially her new lease on life, making up for lost time,” Krumholtz says. He’s transformed by makeup and prosthetics into a 76-year-old, sharp-tongued Jewish widow who inherits a fortune and starts crossing things off her bucket list. She goes to rock concerts, tries online dating and poses nude for an art class. “Because I have a body of a flat-chested, 75-year-old woman naturally, all we did was paint bigger nipples on me,” Krumholtz says.

Krumholtz loved to prank people while in costume and character (he channeled his own spirited grandmother) on- and off-camera. “I would drive myself to set every day, and we’d mess with people in traffic,” Krumholtz says. “If the driver next to me was biting his nails, I’d roll down the window and say, ‘Stop biting your nails! What are you so nervous for?’”

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