Total Divas Season 4 Episode 13: Return of the Ex

Scott Fishman

Season four of Total Divas wrapped, but not without leaving us with a cliffhanger to sink our teeth into during the WWE reality show’s season finale.

Nikki reaches a romantic crossroads when a former flame in Nick (superstar Dolph Ziggler) comes back into the picture. It turns out the two were in an on-and-off relationship for five years.

12_TD413_09292015-4218920528Nick runs into Nikki during a Bella family dinner in Arizona. His party joins the table. Bryan gives Nikki dirty looks when he thinks some flirting is going on. Brie becomes more concerned during another hangout where Nick asks Nikki about her wanting to have kids. Knowing how John feels about marriage and being a dad, Nick tells her he wouldn’t compromise his beliefs and what he wants for anyone.

33_TD413_09292015-2166595334Brie asks Nick backstage if he still has feelings for her because she thinks he is flirting and messing with her head. He basically comes off that it’s all in fun. Nick later confesses to Nikki that he really does still have feelings for her and can give her all the things she wants.

57_TD413_09292015-4062602377We are left wondering if Nikki is contemplating the thought of leaving John Super Cena for Nick, the human Ken doll. Find out next season on Days of Our…I mean…. Love Connec….I mean Total Divas.

53_TD413_09292015-639051790Elsewhere Paige tells the ladies in Mexico she said yes to marry Kevin because she was afraid to lose him. The unanimous advice is for Paige to fess up to the man right away. Even the 7-foot Big Show is wondering about her engagement. She starts to feel the heat and pressure to come clean. Paige tries to find the right time to tell Kevin, but it really doesn’t come.

03_TD413_09292015-3535389826Natalya goes to an optometrist to address issues with her left eye. The doctor thinks it might be a chance of a retinal detachment and suggests she see a surgeon. Retinal surgery could be she can never wrestle again.

49_TD413_09292015-1426217313More bad news comes for Nattie when TJ gets a serious neck injury that puts him out of the ring. A specialist calls Natalya with results that surgery is recommended. She doesn’t tell TJ about the impending decision she will have to make because of what he has on his plate.

21_TD413_09292015-2166714662After months of training Eva Marie gears up for her big debut in NXT, but wonders what kind of response she will get from fans. The biggest fear is instead of cheering or booing, they are silent. The crowd ends up giving her a polarizing reaction, which gives her newfound confidence. She believes it’s only the beginning of what’s to come.

We will see the next chapter for the red-headed stunner and the rest of the Total Divas cast in season five of the series.


Photos Courtesy: WWE


  1. I See Not Only A Feud Between Cena & Ziggler Going To Happen On Total Divas But I All See See Cena Breaking Up With Nikki Bella Next Season Of Total Divas

  2. Nikki. Plz stay with John cena!! He loves u so much ! Dolph ziggler just wants to use u for Ur beauty to get more fame and money!! Nikki plz STAY with John I love y’all together!!

  3. Nikki plz stay with John cena he’s a great man who loves u so much!! dolph ziggler just wants to use u to get more fame and money!! Plz stay with John!! U guys have been thru so much together I love y’all together!!

  4. Dolph Ziggler is a real dirt bag, how could he try that shit with nicky bella. hes unprofesional and a back stabbing asshole. people like that should go to hell. john cena is the real deal. hes the champ and ziggler is just jelouse, hes a f_cking snake. but what comes around goes around.

    • Come on Nikki stay with John cena Dolph Ziggler had his chance and he ruined and know it’s johns turn #nena

    • page your 100% correct. and dont get engaged your to young to be tied down live life a little, dont let someone force you into something you do not want to do Especialy something so important like an engagement take your time and decide whats right for you.

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