Empire Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: Thirsty for freedom

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Oh yes, it’s Wednesday night and the feeling’s right! That could only translate into one thing — it’s Empire night!

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Last week, we left off with Jamal and Lucious making it clear that they weren’t going to let Cookie and her gang take over Empire. Lucious is a powerful man so those bars aren’t going to hold him for long.

I cannot believe my eyes: Cookie Lyon is walking out of Empire with a box full of her things?! Looks like she’s taking Andre and Hakeem with her now that Jamal is in charge. That boy has some nerve by throwing out his momma. Nobody treats Cookie like that!

Episode 202, Without A CountryBut have no fear — Cookie is still the great and powerful woman she was born to be. She wants to get the boys on board with her idea of making their own small record label company. While the name of the company is still in the works, Hakeem mentions that he wants to create a girl’s group like Destiny’s Child.

Poor Hakeem had to run auditions for the spots in his new girl group and let’s just say some could’ve been the next “She Bangs” guy from American Idol. Everything changed once opinionated Latina Valentina (Becky G, left), stepped in. Valentina nails the audition, but isn’t having it once she finds out she’s only a contender for a spot in a group with three girls. She lays it down for Hakeem by teaching him a lesson in Spanish before translating it to English for him so he can  understand: She’s a star — with or without him. You go, mamacita!

Meanwhile, Lucious just can’t seem to avoid trouble while locked up. I thought the whole reason behind incarcerating someone was to keep them away from trouble? Someone seems to have misplaced Lucious’ permission slip for him to receive his medication for his illness.

Empire202-Lucious-McKnightIt might have something to do with the new prison guard Officer McKnight (Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, far right), who has started to harass Lucious. McKnight even mentions that the world would be a better place if Lucious weren’t around. He also hints at federal prosecutor Roxanne Ford, being much nicer than he is. If Lucious were to listen to what she has to say, the medication might show up again.

Tiana is working in the studio for what Cookie hopes will be their record label’s first released single. Hakeem seems more interested in figuring out who is going to be in his girl group but he’s struggling with his vision of the group. He’s really interested in two girls, but since they’re both Latinas, it messes up his idea of “Rainbow Sensation.” This is what he wanted to name the group because he would have one white girl, one black girl and one Latina girl. I’m all for diversity but I’m with my home girl Cookie on this one — that is the dumbest name I’ve ever heard of. What’s wrong with adding another Latina in the group? I think Hakeem could use those smacks across the face that Cookie gave Jamal last week.

During a meeting at the jail with Jamal, Lucious tells him about how he wants to try to record while he’s locked up. A lawyer by the name of Thirsty (Andre Royo) overhears the conversation and offers up his services. He knows Lucious is in trouble, what with Ford taking away his medication. Feeling the extra heat with nowhere to run, Lucious tells Jamal to set up a meeting with Thirsty. I’m not sure if I would trust someone by the name of Thirsty, but whatever.

Episode 202, Without A CountryJamal pulls up to Hakeem on the side of the street in a car all mafia-style. When Hakeem gets inside, Jamal tells him about the discussion he had with their father. Turns out they both want Hakeem to remain with Empire. They would finally release his album and bribe him with whatever he wants. But this doesn’t mean that they will also bring back Andre and Cookie.

Turns out Thirsty has a lot of friends on the inside. He’s able to get Lucious his medication and some time to record a track. Who knew that Lucious’ inmate buddies were so talented to help him come up with a new track in under an hour? Unfortunately, Ford’s buddy McKnight, shows up and ruins everything. Either he has a personal issue with Lucious or he’s extremely jealous of him. McKnight ends up throwing Lucious in the hole but my guess is Lucious knows a way out.

Hakeem’s brain must be turned off in this episode or something. For one, he doesn’t think it would be a smart idea to create an all Latina girl group. Secondly, he took his album that Empire wouldn’t release and decided to leak his album online. He doesn’t care if he’ll lose money or get sued, but his big brother Andre does. After learning what Hakeem did, Andre is out of the business. He doesn’t want to be working for any other company than Empire. I guess you can’t really blame him since that’s all he’s ever known. Plus, who would want to work with Hakeem when he’s acting the way he is?

Episode 202, Without A CountryCookie, meanwhile, was able to find herself a new lion’s den. She also came up with a new name for the company — Lyon Dynasty. As she and Hakeem are cleaning up the place, they hear Lucious’ new track — the one he released from prison — on the radio. Looks like this Thirsty guy is the best lawyer around.

Thirsty calls for a bail hearing for Lucious. Though he’s late, he makes it just in time with a remarkable recovery. When he presents the judge with the new evidence, he includes some S&M photos that just so happen to feature the judge. The judge rules to release Lucious on one million dollars bail. Looks like Cookie and Hakeem need to work a lot faster than they expected.

What were your thoughts on this episode of Empire? Do you think Lyon Dynasty will stand a chance against Empire? Do you think anyone will try to switch back to working for Empire? Even though Hakeem says he wants to be an independent powerful man, I think he would switch back to working for Empire if he needed to. I feel bad for Andre because Lucious made it clear that he would never forgive him. Do you think Jamal will try to help Andre? What do you think Lucious has in store for the future of his company and payback for Cookie? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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