Face Off Season 9 episode 10 recap: Freak Show

Face Off season 9 episode 10 Meg foundation
Meg's Foundation makeup

Face Off Season 9 episode 10 starts with 7 models with 7 weapons. This Foundation Challenge asks the artists to create tribal makeups and scarification on the model’s face & torso inspired by the model’s weapon. We get a guest judge for this foundation challenge – Oscar-winning makeup artist Robin Mathews.

Meg and Scott are the top 2. Scott smartly thinks of tribes that paint their bodies with mud & recreates that kind of look on his model. Meg gets praise for her detail in her simple design. Robin also says her makeup is camera-ready. But Scott ends up taking the win & immunity for the Spotlight challenge.

The next day the workroom has gone to the Freak Show. The challenge is to create a freak show act that goes with the name of a character. The Wheel of Fate assigns characters thusly:

Nora – Lobster Larry
Meg – Inside-Out Oscar
Evan – Moon Girl
Jordan – Elephant Lady
Stevie – Icicle Irma
Ben – The Human Peacock
Scott – Twisted Tom

Nora rethinks her concept & rips all the clay off her face sculpt to start over. Meg has almost no anatomical knowledge, but she feels like she can accomplish a sculpt that looks like Inside-Out Oscar’s skin has been removed. Good luck with that, Meg.

Scott decides to really push himself, since he’s got immunity. He ends up with face, cowl, arm and chest pieces. Evan comes up with this crazy acne-meets-meteorite story for his Moon Girl. I’m not entirely sure what he’s thinking.

Upon closer review of the makeups, when Glen gets to Meg’s makeup, he makes a telling statement. “That’s some straight up Party City sh*t going on.” Did someone say Party City?

Stevie, Scott and Jordan are sent to the lounge as this week’s mediocre middle. Evan and Meg are in the bottom, unsurprisingly.

Ben is declared the only good makeup this week, even though they also liked Nora’s. And Neville gets to make a grilled lobster joke, in reference to the gold teeth Nora put on her character.

Ben wins the Freak Show. And we’ve come to the end of Meg’s time on Face Off.

Did you think it was Meg’s time, or should Evan have been given the boot?

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  1. Ruthie!!!! My internet was a mess but I got it back in check!

    Party city? If only the model would have responded with tired a$$ show “dude”, that would’ve been TOP LOOKS!

    I felt like Meg was on borrowed time for a few episodes, and her goin home before my girl Jasmine (pours out a little wine for Jazzy) still baffled me, but I did become impressed with what she showed, but compared to what the others are bringing…yeah it was time. Although I DID dig her foundation challenge and how she knew that anyone who just stuck a rock to a stick would have the absolute cleanest lines for war paint, it’d be workin with your fingers. When I saw her Inside out guy I INSTANTLY thought monkey as well, and honestly I didn’t see it when she was sculpting either so I do get her saying she didn’t see it at first but once it was finished it definitely read as cave monkey man because of the pronounced jaw and teeth. She could’ve done better. I liked Evans concept, because the front of her face really did look like craters but all he did was her face, she just wasn’t a complete character. Vee was right, he should’ve taken it down her arms, her legs, and basically her face should been round as a ball and practically no hair. Everyone else did pretty good, not my most favorite of challenges although Ben’s peacock man was genius but we’re getting into the best of the best now so it’s only gonna get better!

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