How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: It’s Time to Move On

Scott Fishman
(ABC/Mitchell Haaseth) VIOLA DAVIS

Class is in session for another killer semester with professor Annalise Keating on How to Get Away with Murder.

Viola Davis returns to the role that won her the Emmy, as the mystery of who killed Rebecca is answered within the very first episode of Season 2. However, with every answer comes a ton more questions and a cliffhanger setting the tone for another crazy rollercoaster ride.

(ABC/Mitchell Haaseth) VIOLA DAVIS
(ABC/Mitchell Haaseth)

We begin at the scene of the crime as a tied-up Rebecca is suffocated to death with a plastic bag. The identity of the killer is not revealed just yet. Annalise has Frank get rid of the body which is put in one of Sam’s suitcases. Frank thinks Wes may have done the deed and then gets suspicious it was Laurel. The students are under the impression Rebecca is still missing.

Annalise wants to get the kids’ minds off of everything with a new case. It’s an adopted brother and sister accused of killing their parents, who got rich from a pharmaceutical business. The thing is there is someone else representing the two. This doesn’t stop Annalise from pursuing them and she puts a plan in place to get them to drop their current representation. Laurel and Bonnie doctor footage of surveillance video showing the siblings’ aunt at a spa before the murder. It turns out it was from a different year, which makes the brother and sister’s attorneys look bad and further convinces them to retain the services of Annalise.

We are introduced to Eve, played by Famke Janssen (What’s up, Jean Grey?!). The death row defense attorney goes way back with Annalise during their days at Harvard.

Although they haven’t spoken for years, Annalise contacted her in hopes she will represent Nate (Billy Brown) in the murder of Sam. When Eve finds out Nate was framed by Annalise, she doesn’t take the case. That is until Annalise makes a house call. These two appear to not only be old friends or classmates, but LOVERS! They reignite the flame and eventually Eve changes her mind. Annalise knows how to get what she wants.

(ABC/Mitchell Haaseth) AJA NAOMI KING
(ABC/Mitchell Haaseth)

Michaela (Aja Naomi King) fights the urge not to text Egg 911 back. She hits on a guy — who turns out to be gay — at a bar. Feeling low, she sends the proverbial Hi to the mysterious Egg, and someone responds back with a shocked-face emoticon. Michaela forgives Laurel (Karla Souza) for taking her wedding ring.

Meanwhile, Connor moves in with Oliver to prove he is committed to him, even though he was tested HIV-positive.

(ABC/Mitchell Haaseth) LIZA WEIL
(ABC/Mitchell Haaseth)

When Frank brings up his idea of suspects for Rebecca’s killer to Annalise she has an epiphany of who it might be. Cut to Annalise at the door of…Bonnie!

Turns out, the loyal employee did it thinking Rebecca would talk and was under the thinking she was helping by eliminating a potential problem. Annalise calls her a monster and leaves in disbelief. While this is going on, Bonnie’s fun buddy Asher is still getting questioned regarding Sam’s murder investigation.

The final minutes of the show see Annalise partying with her students (You know what every professor you had in college does, right?). We then go to a seen two months later where a gunshot is heard from the brother and sister’s family mansion. Wes is fleeing from the residence and Annalise is in the house bleeding! Is it next Thursday yet?

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