Total Divas Season 4 Episode 12: Some Like It Hot

Scott Fishman

The ladies of WWE head to Mexico for some fun in the sun away from the ring on “Total Divas” this week.

Nikki wants to embrace the Mexican side of her family background. However, twin sister Brie isn’t feeling it since she has had some issues with their father as of late. The two find out through a photo on Instagram that dad is having a baby boy. Nikki tries to be peacemaker and insists Brie join the girls on a trip to Mayan ruins.


Brie ends up going along. She enjoys herself and starts to realize life is too short to hold grudges. I’m sure the news of Dusty Rhodes passing away helped her realize this.


The “American Dream” had a huge impact on many, which is why the divas broken up about losing the Hall of Famer. In the end, Brie goes as far as to bring Mexican dancers and overall culture to the rented mansion for everyone to enjoy.


Natalya is getting the third treatment when it comes to husband Tyson and his tag team partner Cesaro. She expresses her frustration with the bromance with anyone who will listen. I do think the fact Cesaro and Tyson have each other as their cell phone backgrounds hilarious. Natalya gets the idea to shoot some hot photos on the beach to maybe get Tyson to think about her rather than the “King of Swing.” Paige had enough about Cesaro/Tyson and decides to rile up Nattie by referring to TJ as T-Gay.


This rubs the “Queen of Harts” the wrong way. Nattie calls Tyson up on the phone with words coming out of his mouth not really doing him any favors. The joking around does get her effectively thinking she may need to tone down telling everyone about TJ and Cesaro being so close.


Trinity is really enjoying having the bad girl persona on WWE television, but Jon doesn’t like the ring gear. He has concerns she is showing too much, being a little too risqué. A night outing in Mexico leads to a twerking contest, which Trinity could win easily. Alicia took video of Trinity’s junk in the trunk demonstration and posted it on Instagram.


Needless to say Trinity wasn’t happy and initially gets mad about it thinking about what Jon may think. Foxy didn’t think it was a big deal and Jon needs to stop being so protective. Trinity begins to agree, believing she should have say in what she wears and does in the ring. She believes there can be a compromise.


The trip ends up being an unofficial engagement celebration for Paige. After she reveals the news to the ladies they begin planning every aspect of the wedding in their heads. Nattie even finds Paige a veil to wear around Mexico. She starts to freak out a bit. Paige takes Alicia to the side and confides in her that she said yes to Kevin’s engagement because she didn’t want to lose him. The episode ends with a to be continued tag at the end heading into the season finale of the show next week.

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Photos courtesy: WWE