Face Off Season 9 episode 9 recap: Judgment Day

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Do you ever sit around & think about The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Me neither. But that’s all we think about in Face Off Season 9 episode 9. We’ve got your War. We’ve got your Pestilence. We’ve got your Famine.

We’ve even got the big kahuna: Death.

And, for a limited time, since we’ve got 8 artists left, you’ll get two, Two, TWO of each horseman for the price of one! It’s a steal! Call Now!

So, yeah, four horsemen + eight artists = 2 sets of the horsemen on the Face Off stage. And while there will be two sets grouping the horsemen together, this is still an individual challenge. No team freakouts people.

In group one we get Meg’s Pestilence, Jordan’s War, Stevie’s Famine and Scott’s Death. In group two we get Kevon’s Pestilence, Ben’s War, Nora’s Famine and Evan’s Death. Group one uses timepieces as a unifier, while group 2 goes with collars & being chained to death. I do mean that literally – they are chained to the character, Death. They’re not like “sigh, I am chained to DEATH.”

Let’s look, shall we?

Face Off season 9 episode 9 four horsemen 1

First up are Meg, Jordan, Stevie and Scott.

My favorite of these is Scott’s Death. I’m glad to see Meg paint something differently. Stevie’s gaunt face sculpt is a little weird to me anatomically, but it’s pretty good. While I like Jordan’s War, I have no idea what’s happening. No clue.

Round two of the apocalypse:

Face Off season 9 episode 9 four horsemen 2

Here we’ve got the looks of Kevon, Ben, Nora and Evan.

Of these four, I think Nora’s is my favorite. It’s really creepy, but subtle. Evan’s is good too, although I’m not sure why he reversed the bone & muscle, but it looks cool. Maybe he just wanted it to look cool. Nothing wrong with that. Kevon’s Pestilence is gross, but so is Pestilence, so maybe it’ll work. And who doesn’t feel bad for Ben. He got caught up in the not-great-choices & couldn’t get out of it.

Quickly, Stevie, Jordan, Meg and Scott are sent back to the lounge to chill out. It’s all of team 1 in the mediocre middle!

Everyone in team 2 is either the best or the worst this week. McKenzie’s voice reminds you that you do not want to be one of the worst. (Knowing glance, slight pout. You know what you did wrong, even though we love you & want you to have a great career.)

Obviously, Nora & Evan are the top, leaving Ben & Kevon in the bottom. Ben knew he was going to be there. Kevon had taken a risk with his wacky choices, so he really could’ve gone either way.

What I don’t understand is the judges really dissing his lack of human form, where Jordan got to sail into the lounge. I think Jordan’s looks even less human. I wish we had gotten a little judge time with Jordan so we could get a little more rationale for one being in the bottom over the other. But we don’t, so Kevon ends up going home, and now we’re down to seven.

Oh, yeah, and Evan wins this week.

What did you guys think of the Apocalypse makeups?