Discovery Announces Premiere Date For Naked and Afraid, Season 5

Naked and Afraid Season 5 Kellie Freeze

Naked and Afraid Season 5A new season of Naked and Afraid, Discovery Channel’s top series, premieres Oct. 4 and is returning to the composition that made it the No. 1 unscripted series on cable TV. After a summertime all-star adventure — Naked and Afraid XL — where 12 former contestants tried to survive in Colombia for 40 days, Naked and Afraid has returned to its familiar 2-person, 21-day format.

Each week on Naked and Afraid, a new pair of strangers — one man and one woman — are stranded in a remote and exotic environment. The duo’s members are both survival experts, but they must begin the ordeal without wood, water … or clothes. Each has a primitive survival tool and they must work together to survive for 21 days before completing an extraction challenge that leads to the completion of their challenge and their rescue.

In past seasons, participants have endured monsoons, injuries, illnesses and difficult partners in locations ranging from the Peruvian Amazon, to Brazilian sand dunes to Indian highlands. The press release from Discovery teases, “This season, survivalists will be stranded all over the world, from Panama to Namibia, Belize to Thailand. Add in elephants, venomous snakes, skunks, tarantulas, killer bees, hippos, boa constrictors and mosquitoes that will just not quit … and you’ve got the toughest and most challenging season of Naked and Afraid to date.”

I’m so glad to get back to meeting new participants each week; It’s fun to watch people reinvent the wheel by making fire and building different shelters every week.Which of this season’s perils has you the most concerned? What’s got you excited?

Naked and Afraid > Discovery > Sundays at 10pm ET beginning Oct. 4


  1. What we now know about last season is that none of the participants are really survival experts. Unable to start fires with supplied fire starting tools, to hunt successfully or to fish successfully or even to get along successfully. We can scratch of the first premise “The duo’s members are both survival experts”. We can also forgo the phony, made up Personal Survival Ratings we are asked to accept from the producers as an indicator of, well, anything. The other premise ‘they must work together’, whoa, what a laugh that is. In the 40 day challenge we get the distinct feeling they would as soon rip out each others throats than help each other. So, please, let’s just stop calling these people “survivalists” and call them what they are “amateur, wannabe’s”. None of them, including E.J. who was a particular disappointment in both the areas of ‘survivalist’ (incapable of exhibiting the first concepts of what to do in a survival situation) and in ‘leadership’, something he’s supposed to be both trained in and proud of. Then there’s the “shelter” building, are you kidding me? None of the proved they could build even the most rudimentary shelter for any kind of decent living.
    So “Which of this season’s perils has you the most concerned?” Um, let’s see a lake called Piranha Lake that obviously has no Piranha in it, that’s so close by a farm you could walk into it and get food. ” What’s got you excited?” The remotest possibility that they will cast the first real survivalist and not macho wannabe’s and bored housewives. We’ll see. One thing is it will be entertaining since the production people have all kinds of things up their sleeves.

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